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Title: Forever Changed

Author: Ennix Sun (Ennixsun@hotmail.com)

Summary: A poem written after Infinite Poss. Pt2. Aeryn's POV. Spoilers (if there are any) anything up to there.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, situations mentioned, just the poem.

This is my first Farscape poem and is probably rubbish. Not really a poet, however it just sort of fell out of my pen one afternoon. Feedback would be much appreciated.


Forever Changed

Before my life was empty,

Before my eyes were blind.

A book of empty pages

No feelings there inscribed.

Emotions were a mystery.

A treasure buried deep.

My heart (if indeed I had one)

Was stone.

But I did not weep.

Tears and such were alien.

Fears were never shown.

Then finally it exposed itself,

You tore me from my home.

I loathed you in my fury

With a passion of burning ice

I blamed you for the flying

Of my simple military life.

And then one day my strength it failed,

My body refused to stand.

You found me there in forced defeat,

And you reached out your hand.

And from that touch, that finger kiss

There sparked a tiny flame.

A veil was lifted from my eyes

I'd never be the same.

Did you feel it too I wondered?

As you searched for planets far.

Each day became a struggle

But your smile did not mar.

As a teacher to a student,

You taught me how to feel.

The flame became a fire

As my heart began to yield.

Then finally it happened

Whilst in peril once again

You told me death was imminent

I nodded, resigned, and then....

Eyes close

Breathing shallow.

Cheeks brush warm and soft.

I steal a glance.

And I know.

A moment.

Lips meet.

An ethereal kiss.

Energy fills the freezing air.

Your strong arms enclose me.

Hold me to you

Making me yours.

I relent.

Two bodies. Two minds in a microt




Irreversibly contaminated.

The fire spread in earnest.

Lives mingled in the smoke.

Could we survive the trails we faced?

Neither dared to hope.

Still you were always there for me,

To hold me tight to care.

And then one day you promised me.

You'd always be there.

But you broke that fragile promise,

Not meaning to, but still,

My life was empty once again

The fire had been killed.

And all I have is pages,

In a book of memories.

A window to remind me

Of how it could have been.



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