Submitting Fan Fiction
Updated June 15, 2003

By submitting your story to Farscape Fantasy you are:

1. Acknowledging that all Farscape characters are copyright ©1999 The Jim Henson Company.

2. Granting Dallascaper non-exclusive right to post your fiction to this site. As you retain all ownership rights allowed by copyright law, you are free to grant similar rights to any site you wish. The fiction may be withdrawn from this site at anytime by either the author or Dallascaper.

3. The original story you submit is written by you and not someone else.


Unless editing or beta-reading is requested, Dallascaper will post the fiction exactly as presented by the author. The only changes may involve posting the story on multiple pages or required formatting changes. My HTML editor includes an automatic Spellchecker. I will use it only if you request me to do so.

You can submit your fiction by attaching it to an e-mail sent to

If possible, please send the story in MS Word format, Appleworks, HTML or plain text. You can send the story in the body of an email if you wish.

Please include the following information with your story:

A brief summary of your story.
An excerpt from your story, preferably one that will give the reader an idea of what your writing style is.
The email address you want scapers to use for feedback.
If you wish, include a link to your site.

Sorry for sounding like a lawyer, but I find good communication is the best way to avoid misunderstandings. I look forward to reading your story!

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Most types of Farscape related fan fiction can be posted here. However, stories that include extreme violence or explicit sexuality will not be posted to this site. Fics rated PG-13 can be posted here. The Farscape Fan Fiction Links page includes links to sites better suited for this type of fiction.
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