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Alright, here's part 3 as promised. This is going back and forth between Sargas's and Crichton's viewpoint. What will happen now that the Peacekeepers have captured the unlikely duo? What is Sargas looking for? Well, read ahead and find out. Once again, here's the customary warning:


'Stupid human. How could such a being have accomplished even half of what he's been credited with?' thought Sargas.

He had awoken only moments earlier from the pulse blasts suffered on board the cargo ship. Captain Coron hadn't realized about the Schaa's ability to regenerate quickly. The shots hadn't killed him, but it was close and the wounds were still more than a little sore. Sargas had survived the attack and was merely bandaged up before he was left in the cell. Crichton was apparently thrown in another.

'Well, at least I'm in the Gammack Base. Now to figure out a way out of here and get what I came for.'

Sargas gets to his feet and begins to look around the cell. Almost nothing that could be manipulated into a way of escape. He tried ramming the door a few times with his shoulder. Unfortunately for him, nothing more than a slight dent formed.

'Frell! If it weren't for these damn wounds I would be able to break it. Think man, think.'

As Sargas leans against a wall, two armed PK Guards enter.

"What the frell are you doing in here?" one shouted.

"Ahhhh...my wounds." Sargas says quickly. "They're in pain. Help."

Sargas falls to the ground and one of the Peacekeepers steps forward and jabs Sargas with his pulse rifle. Sargas doesn't move. He gets in closer to check and suddenly he chokes the guard. The other shoots and Sargas uses the first as a shield and fires back using the one's weapon. Both fall down dead. Sargas slings the rifle over his shoulder and takes the key pass of the one guard. He walks over and takes the pass from the other as well. Sargas closes the door behind him and walks over to the other cell. He looks in through the door and sees Crichton.

'...Not that he deserves it, but I'll leave the other pass for him.' Thinks Sargas.

He tosses the card in and continues down the hall. He pulls open a grating along the wall and climbs into the duck system to keep from being discovered.

Moments later, Crichton's eyes flutter open. As he fully opens his eyes, he becomes aware of a painful throbbing on the side of his head. He feels a bandage covering the wound from the earlier. He slowly gets onto his hands and knees and spots the key pass lying by the door.

"Wha...What's that doing here? Hey Harv, you see what happened?" stammers Crichton.

Harvey appears next to Crichton.

"I think you forget that while I may have my own personality, I am still very much part of your mind. While you were unconscious, my senses were also disabled. I must assume though, that one of the guards dropped it by accident. I suggest you use it to get out of here."

Harvey fades away as Crichton crawls over to the pass and picks it up. As he does, he murmurs to himself: "Why is it that with all the blows to the head I get, I can't lose the brain cells with you in it."

Harvey's voice echoes through his head, "I heard that!"

Crichton activates the door with the pass and stumbles out of the cell, still not quite recovered. He looks around and goes over to the cell that Sargas was in thinking it was a door. He is surprised to see the two fallen Peacekeeper Commandos. He is about to leave when Harvey once again appears.

"Obviously I'm the only one here that can think straight." The neuro-clone snipes. "Take one of their uniforms, it will take longer for you to be discovered then. Besides, they'll be busy tracking down the other escaped prisoner. Perhaps it was that Sargas fellow, that would provide quite a distraction."

"Nah, couldn't be him. He was shot. But ok, I'll steal the uniform."

After pulling the PK uniform on over his other clothes, Crichton sets off down the hallway on his own quest to escape.

Meanwhile, Sargas is slowly crawling through the duct system towards his target, the primary data system of the experimental hangars.

'Finally, what I've been searching for during the five cycles will be mine.' Sargas thinks with a smirk. 'Once I get the necessary data from the Gammack Base's network, a simple virus will erase the data, making them start from square one. I'll have to eliminate a few others before I leave to ensure that nobody, not the Peacekeepers, not the Scarrans, not even my fellow Schaa have it, only me. It will make me the most feared Hunter to have ever lived. So close now, I won't be denied.'

He stops at an intersection.

'If I recall, it should be left from here.'

Crichton walks the corridors of the Gammack Base under the safety of the commando's helmet. Still, he is careful not to attract any attention that may lead an officer to question him. As he walks down the hallway, he spots Captain Coron heading in his direction talking to two other beings. One was a Sebacean in PK garb. The other was a dark green color. He was tall and rather lanky with a second pair of tiny arms extending from the center of his chest. Crichton stops and stands at attention against a wall to listen in.

"...and I want security stepped up in Hangar 4." Coron stated forcefully. "With those two prisoners on the base for another two solar days, I don't want any mishaps with the project, understand gentlemen?"

"Yes Captain." The other PK responded. "I understand perfectly. The project is at a very advanced state now. Luckily the electro-magnetic fields that Fo'Lau has activated have been able to control it so far, but they can't hold back an assault from an actual intruder."

The Captain stops and turns to the green alien.

"Tell me Fo'Lau, how has the project advanced?" asked Coron.

The being's eyes begin to glow a bright red as a booming voice is heard almost everywhere around them.

"It has been two weekens since the success with Sample 1329a, destroying it and yielding Sample 1329b in the process." states Fo'Lau. "Preliminary analysis shows that it is exactly as we had planned it to be. Of course, Sample 1329b will be completely destroyed in the testing to ensure that all of our modifications off the base were successful. If they were, then we will use Sample 1330a to attempt to create a Sample 1330b."

"Very good." Says the Captain with a nod and brief smile. "Do whatever you deem necessary to ensure the project's success. Both our careers are riding on it. Lieutenant Grom."

The other PK speaks up. "Yes sir?"

"Send as many men as you can to Hangar 4 to protect Sample 1329b. I have a feeling that we'll need the reinforcements."

"Of course sir."

Captain Coron walks away. As soon as his is a sufficient distance away. Fo'Lau turns to Grom.

"Send as many as you can, but make sure that they stay out of my way. After all, I am too valuable to the project as is Sample 1329b. You and your men are replaceable."

Fo'Lau turns and walks in the same direction as Coron then turns walks down a dimly lit hallway. Grom is obviously holding in his anger. He is about to leave when he sees the disguised Crichton.

"You there! What's your duty right now?!"

Crichton quickly responds. "I have none at the moment sir."

"Then follow that green son of a tralk and guard Hangar 4! I don't need this."

Grom walks away muttering under his breathe as Crichton begins to follow Fo'Lau down the dark hall.

From above the same room, Sargas had been listening in.

'Could it be? I thought that they hadn't been able to get it right yet. Last time I trust that source. Either way, if there is already one made, then I can just take that instead of making my own. Hangar 4, I know where that is."

Crichton enters Hangar 4 a few microts after Fo'Lau. The being turns to face Crichton.

"Are one of the soldiers sent by Grom to guard my work?"

"Yes" Crichton responded nervously. He had a feeling that this being might be trouble. Fo'Lau looked Crichton up and down then turned back to a screen showing something that Crichton couldn't get a good look at.

"Very well then. Go through that door to get to the main hangar. Don't touch anything, just stand there and watch over it. I don't want some Peacekeeper grunt ruining my hard work."

Crichton breathed a sigh of relieve. If the being had sensed something different about Crichton, then it didn't care. Harvey appeared next to Crichton with a look on his face that was both surprised and grim at the same time.

"John...I think you may want to see what the project is."

Crichton followed him through the doors that Fo'Lau had pointed to. As he went through, all that was before him was the wing of rather large ship of some kind. The wing and some of the main body was blue, but the majority seemed to be black.

"Harv, I don't see what the big deal is. Sure it's big, but Command Carriers are a lot bigger and more heavily armed."

"John, take a closer look. Don't you recognize its design?"

Crichton looked at the ship again. After taking off the helmet, it had been obstructing his vision a bit, and looking at it longer. His jaw dropped when he realized what it was.

"Harv, is this what I think it is?"

"Yes, a-"

'Leviathan Gunship!' Sargas thought to himself. 'It's bigger than I thought it would be for two weekens, but I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. All I have to do is kill Fo'Lau and corrupt his data and all knowledge of how to make this kind is gone for good.'

"But it's so much bigger than Talyn was." Crichton said as he arched his neck upwards.

"Yes it is." Fo'Lau stated from behind.

Crichton wheeled around and saw the being standing there. Somehow, he knew he had been tricked.

"You see, Sample 1329b and the one known as Talyn are merely distant cousins. Born off the same principle but off different genetic alterations. Alterations that only I was able to complete successfully. Before I arrived, there were five other project heads that failed to achieve anything even remotely like this. It is bigger and stronger Leviathan Gunship than Talyn could have ever been. When fully grown, it will be t least 1.5 times larger than a standard Leviathan. It is armed with two Sonic Cannons similar to those found on Talyn, but as it grows, it should develop more weapons. Impressive, isn't it Crichton?"

"You knew who I was and let me through?"

"I knew that John Crichton had knowledge of the Gunship Talyn and would appreciate the ferocity of this new and better version. I see by the look on your face you are indeed impressed. Now, I will inform Captain Coron of your escape."

"Wait, one question about this thing." Crichton said, he could tell that Fo'Lau was easily distracted by his own ego concerning the gunship.

"Of course, I think such a being as yourself deserves one question about this vessel as a final request."

"Why are you going to destroy it if you have already bred it?"

"We have already performed a number of tests on Sample 1329b. We have learned that it still has the ability to support a pilot, something we don't want. Also, it appears to lack a few of the weapons I had programmed into its genetic code. Although some of the tests were quite painful, it was needed to make further progress to final completion of the Leviathan Gunship dreamed of by Peacekeeper High Command. Now-"

Those were the final words that Fo'Lau spoke as he was lifted up from behind. A sickening ripping sound was heard from behind and the creatures glowing eyes dimmed then went dark. He was dropped to the ground and Sargas stands behind him, both of his hands covered in Fo'Lau's dark blue blood. He calmly reaches down and wipes his hands off on Fo'Lau's clothes as Crichton looks on with shock. Sargas hurries over to a console and begins to bring up some files.

"I thought you were dead." Crichton manages to get out.

"Some thanks for saving your life. Either way, it takes more than a few pulse shots to kill a Schaa Hunter, much less someone like me." Sargas states without looking up.

"This is what you were after, isn't it? You wanted this Leviathan Gunship."

"No, I wanted the data to make one. You see, five cycles ago, I began to hear unconfirmed reports of Peacekeeper attempts to breed a Leviathan Gunship. I didn't take them seriously, but I did search nonetheless. Then I heard about Talyn and knew that it was possible. Since then, I have begun to seek out the Gammack Base that is charged with development. The original was shut down and this new one was made. Up to now, I heard they weren't successful, but I guess I was wrong."

"I guess you were. What are you doing there?"

"Setting the electro-magnetic to shut down."

"Whoa, stop there." Crichton says as he tries to step in front of Sargas. "You shut it down and this thing's going to blast us all to bits."

"I'm going to set it on a timer so we can board the Leviathan and escape. I'm setting it to around 300 microts."

"OK, I'm ready when you are."

"Alright, ready...and...GO!"

Crichton and Sargas both begin to sprint towards a side hatch on the Leviathan. Sargas reaches it first and manages to get it open. He slides in as Crichton follows him. As this happens, Lieutenant Grom arrives with guards.

"What the frell?!" he shouts.

"Sir, should we open fire?" one guard asks.

"At what? They're inside and I doubt that we'll get that hatch open. Try to override the shut down."

One guard walks over to the console and tries to access.

"Sir, it looks like some kind of program was run that is deleting the data. The override system is already gone."

"Frell...get out of the hangar, NOW!"

The PKs flee as Sargas and Crichton land inside of the cold blue interior of the Leviathan. Sargas stays on his feet and Crichton falls flat on his back.

"Ah man, how much longer do we have until the field shuts down?"

"270 microts" Sargas quickly answers. "Which way is command?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"You've been on Leviathan Gunships before."

"I think it's that way." Crichton points behind Sargas and he takes off in that direction. Crichton gets to his feet and follows in pursuit. He catches up to Sargas in command. He looks around frantically.

"How do you communicate with these things?"

"It can hear you, just address it."

"Right, Leviathan, can you hear me?"

The lights and sensors in command flash in response.

"Good. I am Sargas, I want to help you get out of captivity and escape the Peacekeepers. Will you allow me to help you?"

Once again there are flashes in response.

"I'll take that as yes. Alright, listen, in about 20 microts, the electro-magnetic fields keeping your weapons disabled will be dissolved. Fire up and you will be able to enter free flight. Are you prepared for that?"

There is a pause, then flashes in agreement.

"Alright, here we go. Wait for my signal. 5...4...3...2...1...fire!"

The Gunship charges up its weapon and aims directly above it. It fires two shots and creates a hole large enough to get through. The ship directs itself upwards and through the hole. The Gammack Base's defense systems begin to fire at the Leviathan. Inside Crichton and Sargas look at the controls for some kind of defense.

"Leviathan, do you have any form of defense?" Sargas asks forcefully. A hum is heard from the ship and defense screen appears around the Leviathan, protecting it from the blasts.

"Man," Crichton says with a sign of relief. "This thing's decked out with all kinds of gadgets. I guess it really is an upgraded version of Talyn."

The Leviathan breaks through the atmosphere and Sargas begins to look around on the front viewing screen. He spots the planet's moon.

"There, hide behind that moon."

The Leviathan follows the order and enters a stealth orbit around the moon. Now Sargas begins to calmly inspect the control panels in command.

"Incredible, this ship is simply amazing." Sargas says with a kind of awe.

"What now though?" Crichton says as he looks at the controls on the opposite side.

"Leviathan, do you want revenge against the Peacekeepers for what they did to you and your mother?"

Hums and flashes immediately begin in the cockpit signifying an emphatic yes.

"Very good. Leviathan, I have a request of you. I will help you to get revenge not only on the Peacekeepers on that Gammack Base, but also help you in your development as you grow. You realize that you are different from other Leviathans. You are a warrior, like me and I understand what must be done for you grow properly as a warrior. Let me become your captain."

The Leviathan begins to hum as it considers the proposal of the Schaa Hunter. Crichton pulls Sargas aside.

"Hey, no offense, but these Leviathan Gunships are hard to control." Crichton whispered. "A former PK Captain, Bailar Crais was captain of Talyn and he had lots of problems."

"I am aware of Crais and am not concerned." Sargas said with calmness. "Schaa are raised to have maximum control over both themselves and everything around them. If this vessel accepts my offer, I do not aim to control it, but to guide it on a path to its fullest potential. I-"

Before he can say anything more, Sargas falls forward, screaming in pain while holding the back of his neck. Crichton looks behind Sargas and sees a snake-like chord extending from the Gunship's floor. Crichton turns to Sargas and sees that a neuro-transponder has placed on the back of Sargas's neck. Sargas is breathing heavily as he gets back to his feet.

"Yo, Sargas, you alright? Looks like you got tagged by this thing."

"I am...I'm fine. Actually, better than fine. It's so hard to explain, but I can sense everything in and around this ship. Tell me Leviathan, do you have a proper name?"

A series of hums and flashes occur in command.

"Sample 1329b. That's not a name, that's a brand that was given to you by Peacekeepers. I'll give you a real name later, for now, let's deal with that Gammack Base. Defense screen up and arm your primary cannons."

"Sargas, are you sure that you're in control?"

"I'm not in control of this ship, I'm working with it. We both want revenge on these Peacekeepers and from there, I will help in development."

The Leviathan comes out from around the moon and reenters the atmosphere. On the base, Lieutenant Grom is caught off-guard.

"What, they're coming back? Where are the Prowlers?" Grom yells.

"They're out with Captain Coron on the Command Carrier searching for the Leviathan." A PK Tech answers.

"Frell! Send a signal telling them it's here! Open fire on it, destroy it if you must but try to capture it."

The defense guns open fire, but the defense screen absorbs the shots. As they charge for a second round, the Gunship's weapons begin to gather energy. It releases to large blasts on the Gammack Base. The blasts send plumes of smoke and dust shooting up from the ground. As the smoke clears out of the way, only a crater and scattered remains of the Gammack Base are left. On the Leviathan, Sargas smirks as he surveys the destruction.

"Such power, you and I will make a truly formidable duo." He says with a hint of pride.

"OK, you got what you wanted. Now help me find my Leviathan, Moya." Crichton says a bit impatiently.

"Ah yes, that's right. Very well." Sargas says coolly.

"Great, I'm going to look for some quarters while we get out of here."

Crichton turns to walk away, then hears whirring behind him. He turns back around and sees that Sargas has directed the command's defense guns at him.

"At this stage, I'm afraid that I am quite preoccupied with aiding my ship to become both more adept at using his current weapons and becoming stronger completely. I have a feeling that you'd object to this so I must insist that you take your leave. Don't worry too much though, the guns are set to stun."

Crichton takes a step back before the guns fire and he blacks out. Sargas turns back to face the viewing screen.

"Finally, some quiet. Alright, you know the planet I want to go to, let's get there fast, Starburst."

The Leviathan responds and Starbursts away from the crumbled Gammack Base. Half an arn later, Coron's Command Carrier arrives. He as well surveys the damage from his personal quarters while drinking a light blue liquid from a glass.

"Well, it appears as though I'm going to be reassigned." He states dryly. He takes a drink then enters a few keystrokes onto a console in front of him. He smirks as an incomplete copy of the Gunship's genome comes up. "While it may be incomplete, at least it's something that I can use to get a superior assignment than some far-flung Gammack Base."

Crichton awakes the next solar day, not quite sure where he is. He hears some ruckus on the floor below him and heads downstairs groggily. He freezes as he sees that he is back in the bar, the same one that he had fled from days earlier and Ken'nold stood behind the bar. He tried to sneak out, but the being spotted him.

"You don't have to sneak. Sargas paid your bills." Ken'nold said as he turned back to other customers.

"Where's Sargas now?" Crichton asked.

"Not sure, he left after leaving you here."

Crichton left the bar and made his way back towards where his module had been, and luckily, still was.

"Great, here I am, days and bruises later and still stuck on the same commerce planet." Crichton said as he slumped down next to the module. Strangely, he was still tired and drifted off to sleep without thinking of anything.

At the same time that Crichton was falling asleep, Sargas stood on the command of the Leviathan, his Leviathan.

"Now, what to call you. Something strong and worthy of a Schaa warrior. I know, I will deem you after the ultimate creation of the ancient Schaa weapon smith, Nosthas. You shall be from henceforth known as Junras. How do like that name?"

A low hum can be heard from the Leviathan.

"Very good, Junras it is. Now, for the moment we should lay low, at least until I can assess what you maximum capabilities are."

Junras slowly glides through space, heading to its next destination.


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