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By demand, here's part 2, it's a little shorter than part 1, but I could only do some much for this part. Part 3 will be longer. I'm at work on part 3 as you read this. Depending on how that goes, I'm not sure if I'll be able to wrap it up then, there may be a part 4.


The morning sun starts to shed its light at the edge of the city. It strikes the Farscape 1 module and its sole inhabitant, John Crichton. He squints at the rays of light shining in his eyes.

'Man, I didn't get that much sleep.' Crichton thought. 'That Sargas guy kind of left me hanging there by not telling me about the mission. No time to waste now, if I wait any longer, he might take off without me then I'd really be frelled.'

Crichton hops out of the module and falls to the ground, it seems his legs fell asleep. After pulling himself up on the module and stomping his feet a few times, he leaves the module and begins to make his way into the city. The streets were empty save a few drunks collapsed against the buildings. Crichton navigated around until he stumbled upon Bay 17 at the transport docks. There he caught the first glimpse of what he assumed to be Sargas's craft. It wasn't that large, no too much bigger than a PK Marauder. It was made of some kind of bluish metal than seemed to glisten in the morning sun. Although there weren't any visible weapons on the smooth surface, Crichton had to assume that somewhere on board there was some form of defense. Crichton looked around for a moment and saw no sign of Sargas.

"Hey Sargas, you here?!" shouted Crichton. He waited for a response then said to himself: "Alright, one arn, if he doesn't show, then I'm gone."

And so Crichton took a seat on a step and waited. To pass the time he started to mumble 100 Bottles of Beer of the Wall. Soon, an arn had passed and Harvey appeared wearing a fighter pilot's jacket and goggles.

"Well, John, I don't think that Sargas is going to show. Stop singing that annoying song, I've got a plan."

"Alright, what's your plan?"

"Simple, we take this ship here and start searching for Aeryn or Moya or something. Come on, we can fly the friendly skies."

"Not a chance Harv. First of all, we don't have any idea how this ship works. Secondly, if Sargas finds out I took his ship, he'll probably hunt me down and I don't need someone else looking to kill me. Thirdly..."

Crichton is interrupted by a hand coming down hard on his shoulder. His knee buckles slightly. He turns around to see Sargas standing behind him with a pompous smirk on his face.

"Good to see you arrived." Sargas said dryly. "Now, let's be on our way."

"Hey, you said to be here at dawn. I was here, where were you?"

"It was a test. If you really wanted my help, you'd wait here until I arrived. I was planning to make you wait longer, but I got bored and decided to arrive now."

"Alright, you're here now. Now, about the mission..."

"Not here," Sargas quickly snapped. "We board the ship and enter orbit first."

Crichton was about to protest, but thought better. He then remembered his module.

"Hey Sargas, what about my ship? I don't think it'll fit on your transport here, what's it called anyway?"

"The ship is called an Imperator, they're known for their ability to perform quick attacks against large targets. They work well in groups, but even alone they are a force. Standard issue for Hunters of high rank. As for your ship, leave it here, we'll be back sooner or later."

Once again, Crichton decided it was best not to protest, at least not until he was sure if the rumors he heard about Sargas's short temper were true. Crichton followed Sargas into the Imperator. He looked around and saw that it was designed to hold about four people, two in each of two decent sized quarters in the rear of the ship. In the front was a cockpit large enough to house three. Across one wall were various pulse weapons and on the other, what appeared to be a viewing screen of some kind. Sargas quickly went to the controls and activated the ship. He shouted behind to Crichton.

"Brace yourself!"

Before he could act, Crichton fell to the floor as the ship shot upwards. He finally came to rest and sat up on the wall below the weapons. The ship leveled off after about thirty microts as it reached orbit around the planet. Sargas checked a few readings that Crichton couldn't quite see then stood up. Sargas extended his hand and helped Crichton up.

"OK, now we're in orbit, what's this mysterious job?" Crichton asked.

"I suppose I can tell you know," Sargas said as he turned to the viewing screen. "This mission isn't one I am being paid to do, it is one I am doing of my own accord. It holds...deep personal meaning for me."

"Fine, a personal mission. What is it though?"

"We're going to raid a Gammack Base."

"Whoa, hang on one minute. Let me get this straight, you want me to help you infiltrate a PK Gammack Base!?"

"I would have thought you would have no problem. As I understand, you have before and destroyed one as well. Either way, it's too late now, I'm not landing this craft until we get to the rendezvous point."

"Rende...alright once again you've got me. But promise me this, from here on out, you tell me everything you have planned for me so that I know what to expect."

"I don't see what the fun of that would be, but alright. Let me explain a little more about what we're going to do. Our ship will meet with a supply transport heading for the Gammack Base in just under three arns. I've...persuaded the captain to allow us to board. There, we lay low in the supply depot until I can crack into the security network and get clearance for us. Once the data I'm looking for has been obtained, we stowaway on board a leaving PK ship and escape."

"Good, now we're getting somewhere. What kind of data are you looking to get anyway?"

"Can't tell you, you'll have to accept that part of it. Until the time comes to meet the cargo ship, familiarize yourself with the layout of the Gammack Base."

Sargas punches something up on the viewing screen. A blueprint for the Gammack Base comes up. Sargas leaves Crichton to study it as he returns to the cockpit. After looking over the plans for about a half an arn, he notices that Sargas has closed his eyes at the command.

"Hey," Crichton began. "Shouldn't you be watching where we're going?"

No response.


Still no response from Sargas. Crichton starts for command, but Harvey stands in his path.

"You need not worry John," Harvey stated sharply. "The ship is on autopilot and he is merely mediating. The Schaa often do so prior to battle focus their minds. I'm more concerned however at what Sargas wants at the Gammack Base."

"Why do you say that Harv?"

"I've been looking at the designs for a time as well. Right here. (Harvey taps a section of the blueprint) And here. (He taps another section) And also here. Those docks are not a standard part of Peacekeeper design for Gammack Bases. They have one main hanger and that is it. There must be some...thing housed there. I doubt that Sargas is after data more than what is in the hangers."

"What do you want me to do? Turn Sargas into the Peacekeepers? They'd arrest me before they arrest him."

"I'm only giving you fair warning. I can't control what you do, anymore. It's your decision as to what you do with Sargas. Speaking of which, he's waking up."

Crichton turns to see Sargas's eyes open in the cockpit. He checks the readings then looks up.



I'm picking up the homing beacon of the cargo ship we're boarding. It shouldn't be here so soon."

"Maybe it got here early."

"Perhaps, it's extending a docking web. Be on your guard, I sense something."

The Imperator slowly is pulled into the cargo ship. It locks into position and Crichton turns to exit.

"You know, you're being a little paranoid about this."

He looks ahead to find a row of Peacekeeper commandos standing before him, pulse rifles pointed at him.

"We order you to disarm yourself this instant!" shouts someone from behind the line.

"Hang on, Sargas is in the ship," Crichton says. "Let me go get him for you..."

A PK Officer steps forward. He stands eye to eye with Crichton. An emotionless expression is held on his face. He has short, dusty blonde hair and appeared to be rather lanky under his PK uniform. "Coron, Captain Coron. And you don't move a muscle, I'm aware of who you are John Crichton and after all the problems you've caused for High Command, your capture will help my career tremendously. As for Sargas-"

Before Coron finishes, Sargas comes flying out from behind Crichton and drives his shoulder into Coron's midsection. Sargas rolls out and draw his pulse pistol. He fires a couple quick shots and injures two of the commandos. As they open fire on Sargas, he dives behind a crate to shield himself. Crichton goes to take down one of the commandos, but gets knocked to the ground with the butt of the rifle to his temple. Sargas rushes forward. Crichton holds the side of his head and his palm becomes covered with blood. He looks forward and he sees Sargas getting hit by several pulse shots. Sargas falls to the ground in front of Crichton. Captain Coron gets back to his feet and dusts himself off. He kicks Sargas's ribs then walks over to Crichton. He pushes Crichton onto his back with his foot then places his foot on his throat.

"Be happy you're more valuable alive." the Captain stated. "Now get some sleep."

Crichton looks up as a rifle is once again slammed against his face. He blacks out as Coron laughs in the background.

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