Farscape starts out as a lighthearted show about a guy lost in space. At the request of the Sci-Fi Channel**, about halfway through the first season, the show turned dark and more adult oriented.
1.01 The Premiere
Astronaut is lost in space; the journey begins
1.02 I, ET
John-the alien-befriends a kid and his mom
1.03 Exodus From Genesis
Moya has a roach problem; Aeryn gets hot; John loses his head
  1.04 Throne For A Loss
Rygel is kidnapped; Crichtonisms abound
  1.05 Back and Back and Back To The Future
John sees bad futures; almost gets raped by Matala
  1.06 TGIF, Again
D'Argo & Zhaan seduced by flower power
  1.07 PK Tech Girl
John kisses girl; is attacked by fire-breathing frog
  1.08 That Old Black Magic
John & Crais duel for sorcerer; Zhaan hurts bird thing
  1.09 DNA Mad Scientist
Aeryn is turned into a muppet; Crew fights over crystal
  1.10 They've Got A Secret
Moya tries to kill crew; D'Argo kisses Zhaan
  1.11Till The Blood Runs Clear
John poses as a bounty hunter - tortures D'Argo
  1.12 Rhapsody In Blue
Delvians trick Zhaan; John confused
  1.13 The Flax
John & Aeryn lost in space/each other
  1.14 Jeremiah Crichton
John marooned in paradise, screws up
  1.15 Durka Returns
Rygel's old enemy shows; Chiana tags along
  1.16 A Human Reaction
John goes home and gets lucky
  1.17 Thorough The Looking Glass
John barfs three times, doesn't go back to Kansas
  1.18 A Bug's Life
Peacekeepers meet Captain Crichton
  1.19 Nerve
Aeryn dying; John poses as Larraq; enter Scorpius
  1.20 The Hidden Memory
John captured; Aeryn to the rescue; Stark is bright
  1.21 Bone To Be Wild
Crew meets Ben's wife; Zhaan tells a secret
  1.22 Family Ties
John & D'Argo make ultimate sacrifice; Crais helps crew
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  **January 8, 2002 - I've gotten a number of emails from scapers wondering what I meant by saying Sci-Fi requested the darker tone. I base this statement on two things: An interview given by a Farscape higher-up a long time ago. I believe the topic involved the reasons for bringing in David Kemper as the executive producer. Unfortunately, I can't remember who said it or where I read it. Second, a message that was posted to the Sci-Fi board on November 7, 2001. Click Here for the article. I can't independently verify that what is said in the article is true, but it makes sense to me.

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