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Shelley Robinson

<<Continued from chapter 3

Chapter 4--Awakening

Jool was there when John began to awaken. She went over to the tableside.

Jool: "John, are you all right?"

John: (weakened voice) "I am fine. How long was I out?"

Jool: "Only about 300 microts."

John looked over at Aeryn.

John: "How is she?"

Jool: "No change."

John sat up slowly with Jool's help.

Jool: "You should take it easy Crichton."

John: "I am okay Jool. (Staring at Aeryn) Just give me a microt."

She let his hand go. She looked over at Aeryn.

Jool: "Did it work? Were you able to reach her?"

John: "I don't know. Only time will tell. It is up to Aeryn now."

John slipped off the table slowly. He weakly walked over to the table where Aeryn's body was lying. He reached out and touched her silky raven hair. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. He whispered in her ear.

John: "Fight Aeryn. I love you. Fight for me. Fight for us."

He walked toward the door holding the mask. He looked back over his shoulder.

John: "Stay with her Let me know if there is any change."

Jool: (confused) "I will."

John walked out of the med bay looking defeated.


D'Argo stopped by John's chambers after Jool told him he had left the med bay over an arn earlier. John wasn't there but Stark's mask was sitting on the bed.

D'Argo: "Pilot, where is Crichton?"

Pilot: "He is on the terrace."

D'Argo went to find him.

John was standing in the middle of the terrace staring out at the stars. He heard the door open but did not acknowledge it.

D'Argo: "John, I have been looking for you."

John: "I know. I heard you talking to Pilot."

D'Argo: "Are you all right?"

D'Argo walked up and stood beside him.

D'Argo: "What did you see when you went inside Aeryn's mind?"

John: "Nirvana."

D'Argo: (looking confused) "What is that?"

John: "She has designed this perfect world with the dead John back on Earth. A world with no critters, no Scorpius, no peacekeepers..."

D'Argo: "A world without you."

John looked at him with such hurt in his eyes.

John: "I tried to convince her to come back. I told her I loved her and I needed her in this world with me but I don't know if I reached her."

D'Argo: "Sometimes the best thing we can do for those we love is to let them go."

John: "This is not the same as your situation with Jothee, D'Argo. Jothee left Moya but he is alive. If Aeryn just wanted to leave Moya, it would hurt like hell but I could do it if it meant she could heal but we are talking about letting her die. I don't know if I can do that D'."

D'Argo laid his hand on John's shoulder.

D'Argo: "You might not have a choice, my friend."


John (T) was sitting on the rickety dock by the lake with his fishing pole dangling in the water. His bare feet were skimming across the top of the chilly lake. He heard Aeryn's footsteps behind him. It was a heavy sound. He turned when they stopped and saw her peacekeeper boots. He followed the length of her body with his eyes up to her face. He smiled at her.

John (T): "You looked beautiful in that dress but I have always thought that black leather was made for you."

She smiled slightly.

John (T): "You have decided?"

Aeryn: (softly) "Yes. (Playful tone) You know how much trouble he gets into when I am not around to help him."

John smiled. He stood up slowly. He stared at Aeryn. Their smiles faded away replaced with deep reflection.

Aeryn: "You will always have a special place in my heart."

John (T): "I know and you in mine."

She couldn't say goodbye to him. He could see how she struggled.

John (T): "He loves you, Aeryn, almost as much as I do. Don't be afraid of that love."

Aeryn's eyes shined with unshed tears. He stepped toward her.

John (T): "Don't worry about me. I am at peace."

Aeryn: "I needed to know that."

John (T): "It is time for you to go home now Baby. Take care of yourself and take care of John Crichton."

She smiled at him and wiped away the single tear that had rolled down her cheek.

Aeryn: "No goodbyes."

John (T): "No goodbyes."

She stepped up to him and kissed him gently on the lips. His eyes closed. He slipped his arms around her. As they embraced the scenery around them began to dissipate. The house, the trees, the grass...

Back in the med bay Jool looked over at Aeryn. Aeryn's arms were wrapped around herself as if she was hugging herself or someone else. Jool touched her com.

Jool: "John?"

John: "Jool, is something wrong?"

Jool: "I think you should come to the med bay."

John: (sounding anxious) "I am on my way."


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