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Shelley Robinson

Disclaimer: I do not own part of Farscape or the characters there in. I am simply an avid fan and enthusiasts of this incredible series.

Summary: This is set post Fractures. The crew of Moya have found and destroyed Scorpius' Gammak research base. Since returning to Moya, Aeryn has kept her emotions under control. She had to help John deal with Scorpius but now that this has been done her grief is threatening to overwhelm her and she has found an alternative way of dealing with it.



Chapter 1 -- Tapped Energy

Since the destruction of Scorpius' research facility the crew of Moya have had a lull. It is a welcome switch from the grind they are used to. They were all pushed to the limit during their last mission.

When they are not on watch in command each of them have their own agendas. D'Argo is completely obsessed with his ship, constantly learning more and more about its functions. Jool has thrown herself into creating potions and becoming more efficient with the powders, liquids, etc. left behind by Zhann. Rygel and Chiana are up to their usual tricks every time they reach a commerce planet. They have a routine between the two of them that has netted them a pretty good haul. The wormhole knowledge in Crichton's head is opening at a maddening pace with each passing day and he is absorbing it all. He is constantly writing in his notebook and making star charts and graphs. The one person who has been conspicuously absent from all of this has been Aeryn Sun. Pilot has noticed that when she is around she is easily distracted and often times very irritable. When he has tried to speak with her regarding her behavior, she has blown off his concern by simply stating, 'I am fine Pilot'.

John's watch in command was just about up. He was waiting for Chiana to relieve him.

Pilot: (image appearing in the clamshell) "Commander Crichton, I would like to speak with you while you are alone."

John: "Sure Pilot. What is it? Is there a problem?"

Pilot: "I am not sure."

John: "Spill it."

Pilot's eyebrow did a dip inward with confusion.

John: (grinning slightly) "Tell me what is on your mind."

Pilot: "I am concerned for Officer Sun. She has not been herself lately."

John: (lowering his voice) "Tell me about it."

Pilot: "Commander?"

John: "I know Pilot but we have all been under a lot of strain over the last half of cycle. Aeryn more than most. I am sure she will be fine."

Pilot: "I wish I could be as sure. She has been acting very strangely. She has been keeping to herself a great deal and is often sleeping for long periods of time, which as you know is not like her."

John thought for a microt. He has noticed that Aeryn has been dragging around lately.

John: (concern in his voice) "It is not like her to sleep more than 4 arns during the sleep period."

Pilot: "I am aware so you understand my concern."

Chiana came strolling into command.

Chiana: "I am here to relieve you old man."

John: "Pilot, where is Officer Sun now?"

Pilot: "She is in her chambers."

Chiana: "What's up? Is something wrong with Aeryn?"

John: (heading toward the door) "I am not sure yet."

He rushed out.


When John reached Aeryn's chamber the door was closed. He knocked and called her name out. There was no answer. He tapped his com.

John: "Pilot, are you sure Aeryn is in her chambers?"

Pilot: "Yes."

He pushed the door open slowly unsure of what he was walking in on.

John: "Aeryn?"

The chamber was very dimly lit but he could make out a form lying on the bed. He slipped inside and passed his hand over the light control. As the lights came up he walked over to the bed.

John: "Aeryn?"

Again, no response. John moved closer. He leaned over the bed. He reached out and touched her arm. He did not want to startle this sleeping PK soldier and be within striking distance but he had to risk it.

John: "Aeryn?"

When that didn't arouse her, he knew something was wrong. Aeryn is trained to practically sleep with one eye opened for the enemy. He sat on the bed beside her. He laid his hands on her cheeks. She was cold to the touch.

John: "Aer..."

He laid his head against her chest. Her heartbeat was steady but it was faint and her breathing was shallow.

John: "Jool, I need you in Aeryn's chamber right now!"

Jool: "On my way."

John looked in her face.

John: "Aeryn?!"

He slipped his arms under her and pulled her up close to him. Her body was limp. Her head fell back. He cradled it with his hand.

Jool came rushing in and was soon followed by D'Argo, Rygel, and Chiana. They heard the urgency in John's voice over the com. Pilot's image appeared in the clamshell.

Pilot: "Is everything all right?"

Jool: "Crichton, you have to put her down so I can examine her."

John looked at Jool and slowly lowered Aeryn to the bed. He stood up. Chiana walked up beside John. She laid her hand on his arm.

Chiana: "Come on John. Let Jool work."

John took a couple of steps back. His eyes looked pained and frightened. He and Aeryn haven't talked much (the way they used to before the whole twin thing happened) since her return to Moya but he figured time and patience would change that and now he felt like the time was slipping away.

Jool: "I need her taken to the medical bay. Outwardly I cannot find anything wrong with her. I need to draw some blood and use the scan to see if there is some internal damage."

John moved back over to the bed. He slipped his arms under Aeryn's legs and back. He scooped her up into his strong grip. Her body fell against him with no resistance. Her head was nestled against his shoulder with her arm dangling down limply. Chiana picked up her arm and laid it across her stomach.

John: "I will go with Jool to the medical bay. Chiana, you get back to command."

Chiana: "I want to go. I want to make sure Aeryn is all right."

Pilot: "Don't worry about command. Moya and I will take care of it. Take care of Officer Sun."

All of them went to the medical bay.


Jool spent over an arn examining Aeryn and studying her blood samples. D'Argo had to pull John out into the corridor because he was constantly asking questions and getting in the way. John leaned against the wall and slid to the floor. D'Argo stood near him leaning on a bulkhead.

John: "I keep playing everything over and over in my mind. Could she have been injured and we missed it?"

D'Argo: "She seemed fine. Worn out like the rest of us but I didn't detect any damage."

John: "May be it is like when Larraq stabbed her and her peripheral nerve was damaged. Something that can't be seen."

D'Argo: "Jool will find out what it is and she will fix it. Aeryn will be fine."

John: (voice cracking) "She has to be."

D'Argo looked down at John. John was staring at Aeryn lying on the exam table. She looked so still but peaceful. Rygel flew his throne sled over to the door.

Rygel: "Jool says you can come back in now."

John jumped up. D'Argo followed him inside. John went right over to the table. He laid his hand on Aeryn's arm.

John: "Well did you find anything?"

Jool: "Nothing physical but look at her readings. Her breathing and heart rate are dangerously low and look at her brain waves."

John: "They are off the charts. How is that possible?"

Chiana: "What does that mean? That whatever is happening to Aeryn is happening in her mind?"

Jool: "There is no other explanation for it."

John looked down at Aeryn.

Rygel: "What the frell are you talking about? How can a thought kill you? You must be completely farbot. Obviously you have missed something."

Jool shot him a dirty look. John looked up at D'Argo.

John: "Scorpy did it to me. He stopped my brain function cold from inside my mind."

Chiana: "You think this is Scorpius' doing?"

D'Argo: "But you had a neural chip, Aeryn doesn't have anything like that."

John: "Something is happening in there D'Argo. Look at her. She is dying."

Rygel: "Too bad Stark is not here. This is where his talents would come in handy."

John got a strange look on his face.

John: "Stark! You are a genius Buckwheat."

Rygel: "Of this I am aware but what did I say."

John: "I will be right back. I think I know how to help Aeryn."

John ran out of the medical bay. Strange looks passed between everyone. D'Argo walked over to the bed and laid his hand on Aeryn's forehead.


John was back within 80 microts. He was holding Stark's mask.

Chiana: "What are you going to do with that?"

Rygel: "That is pretty useless without Stark isn't it?"

John: "I thought that at first too. I thought Stark just used it to pass the message from the other John to me."

D'Argo: "You found another use for it?"

John turned his back to them all and looked down at the mask.

Jool: "Crichton?"

He took a deep breath and turned back. John gripped Stark's mask in his hand and scanned their faces.

John: "I was fooling around with Astro's mask one day just to see if it had any other uses."

D'Argo got a skeptical look on his face.

D'Argo: "And?"

John: "And I put it on."

D'Argo: "Are we going to have to pull every word out of you?"

Chiana: "What happened when you put it on?"

John started pacing back and forth from side to side, not making eye contact with anyone.

John: "I found that if I concentrated really hard I could project."

Jool: "Project what?"

John: "My mind."

Chiana stepped forward.

Chiana: "Are you saying you could move from one place to another?"

John: "Not exactly Chi. I can go into another's mind. It is like watching a television show. But I can participate or stay in the background and not make my presence known."

Rygel: "Have you used your little trick on us?"

John cleared his throat and looked towards the floor.

D'Argo: "You have been going into our minds."

John: (snickering) "Let me just say if you think some sick stuff comes out, or goes into, Rygel's mouth, you should see what is on his mind."

Rygel: (with royal indignation) "Unacceptable."

Chiana: "Have you done it to all of us?"

John looked over at her.

John: "Not often and not for long periods of time and I leave before anything too personal happens. Besides it is quite draining physically and mentally to sustain it for a long time."

Everyone was staring at him.

John: "I know what you are all thinking...(he grinned). I didn't mean that literally. Well, I did but not at this microt."

Jool: "When do you use that?"

John: "It seems to work best when the host (gesturing toward them) is in a sleep state. There is little resistance."

John looked at Jool then at D'Argo then back to Jool. Jool looked away.

Jool: "I don't believe this."

D'Argo: "What?"

John chuckled softly.

John: "Nothing 'D'."

Jool's hair was turning a rich red.

John: "Look the point is I can use this to go into Aeryn's mind."

Rygel: "But you said it drains you and you can't sustain it for a long time."

John: "I have to give it a shot. Look at the alternative..."

They all looked at Aeryn.

D'Argo: "She will die."

Chiana: "I think we all agree that whatever is killing Aeryn from the inside out has to be pretty powerful. What if it kills you?"

John: "I am willing to risk it Chi. I can't just standby and watch her die."

Jool: "Tell us how we can help."

John: "I need Jool to keep monitoring us both. If it seems like I am getting into deep dren then pull me back, which usually just involves me taking off the mask, when I am doing it alone."

Jool acknowledged his request.

D'Argo: "Are you sure about this John?"

John: "What other choice is there? I am not going to let Aeryn die without at least trying."

Jool: "How long should I wait if you get into trouble before I pull you back?"

D'Argo and John were moving an exam table close to Aeryn's position.

John: "When my levels reach dangerous territory, then pull me back. Hopefully that will give me enough time to figure out what is going on in there."
Chiana: "What can we do?"

John: "I need you guys to leave. I need to be able to concentrate on just Aeryn and if you guys are here my mind might wander, so to speak."

Jool: "I will return once you are under."

John: "Okay."

Everyone walked toward the door as John slid on the table. D'Argo looked back at him. Jool, Chiana, and Rygel left the medical bay.

D'Argo: "What if you can't bring her back?"

John looked over at Aeryn then back at D'Argo.

John: "I won't leave her alone wherever she is."

D'Argo lowered his eyes and walked out. John got situated on the table. He looked over at Aeryn before putting the mask on. He reached over and took her hand in his.

John: "I am not going to let you leave me behind again."


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