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Copyright disclaimer: This story is full of so many clichés I will probably be sued by everybody.




By Dallascaper


How am I going to get through to that woman? I've saved her life, blasted Peacekeepers, fought aliens till I turned blue in the face and she still barely gives me a second look. If there was just some way to connect....wait. No, stop it-don't even think of it. What's the matter with you, old guy? Can't come up with an original pickup line anymore? Besides, it's so over done, it is just a big cliché - she'd laugh at me. Wait...wait...wait...wait...how can it be a cliché... here? We're in the uncharted territories-nobody has seen it here, but me! No, don't do it, there is no way she'd go for it-it is so un-Peacekeeper. What the hell, buddy, no guts-no glory...

The door to the terrace swung open and John confidently walked through. He walked toward Aeryn, who was standing alone gazing at the blackness of space. "Hey, remember me? Didn't we meet at a party a few years back?" John asked. "You already tried that one, Crichton," Aeryn coolly replied-still facing forward. "Right, how about this?" John asked as he walked up behind the former Peacekeeper. Aeryn turned around not quite sure what this strange human had in mind, "Really John, I need to..." John placed his finger over Aeryn's lip and made a "shhh" sound. "I've wanted to show you something and I think you're going to like it. Turn around," John made a twirling gesture with his finger. Aeryn was more puzzled than annoyed by John's actions. She certainly wouldn't let just anyone "shhh" her, much less put his finger on her lip, but she went along with his plans-for now. "Go ahead, turn around," John repeated.

They both stood facing forward. "Put your foot on that platform and close your eyes," John stated, pointing down at the base of a control panel. "John, I will not continue with this nonsense..." Aeryn protested. "Do you trust me?" John asked. "John...yes, I trust you," Aeryn replied as she closed her eyes and grudgingly stepped onto the platform. John stood directly behind her, his chest against her back. "OK, keep your eyes closed, and don't open them till I say so." "John, I've seen the stars before..." "Never like this, I promise."

John placed his arms along side Aeryn's and gently grasped her hands. Slowly lifting Aeryn's arms away from her side John's heart began to race. He couldn't believe Aeryn, Miss tough PK of the universe, was letting him do this. Aeryn, meanwhile, was beginning to wonder what kind of ritual she had gotten herself into. One thing is for sure, it definitely wasn't Peacekeeper. John whispered into Aeryn's ear, "Remember when I said you could be so much more?" Chills shot down Aeryn's back at hearing the soft words, but she didn't reply. "OK, open your eyes," John gently instructed.

Aeryn opened her eyes, saw nothing but stars and was stunned by their beauty. She had seen a million stars a thousand times before, but never really noticed they were there. "Your prowler doesn't do them justice, does it?" John whispered. "The stars do look beautiful John. They look so different when viewed from here," Aeryn replied, with a sense of awe in her voice. It felt as if she was flying though the stars on her own-no ship to hide their glory. She was amazed that John could have known of such a sight. Aeryn, now completely taken by the moment, turned her face toward John. "Everything looks different from here," she added, locking her pupils-like lasers-into John's eyes. She lowered John's arms and pulled them around her waist.

John knew what came next and Aeryn followed along like she had already read the script. The distance between these two people -so vast at times- evaporated as each closed their eyes in anticipation. Their lips touched and the barrier between them was cast away like star dust on the solar wind. There would be no disappointment this time, no intrusion by D'Argo or anyone else. On this day-at this moment-the only two people who existed in the universe were standing on Moya's terrace. The stars were the only to bear witness and they were silent in their satisfaction.



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