The Luxon brute--a cross between a Klingon and Rush Limbaugh--is a guy tormented by his past. Ka D'Argo is a general who is not a general, but is impersonating a general to save a general's life. Unfortunately, in the process he was captured--thought a general--and now must live with that general's tattoo all over Did you understand that? Don't bother reading it again, I wrote it and still don't understand what it means.

Suffice to say, Dargo has a lot of issues. His Sebacean wife, murdered by her own Peacekeeper brother, was the love of his life. Framed for her murder, D'Argo is now obsessed with reuniting with his son, Jothee. The problem is, that D'Argo apparently has no idea where Jothee is.

Not only is this poor guy totally lost, he has no idea where he wants to go.

Fortunately for Moya's crew, D'Argo does know how to handle a sword and gun. He is loyal to her crew--to a point--and has shown a propensity for effective swearing. His total distrust of the human John and the Peacekeeper Aeryn has been replaced by camaraderie. D'Argo also has the convenient ability of floating in space--sans space suit--for up to a quarter of an arn without serious injury. To call D'Argo "thick skinned' would be an understatement.

D'Argo is more than a Klingon rip-off some thought at the beginning of season one. He is a thoughtful and intelligent ally in a part of the galaxy where survival is not guaranteed.


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Ka D'Argo is played by Australian actor Anthony Simcoe. A graduate of Sydney's National Institute of Dramatic Arts, Anthony is best known (outside of Farscape) for his roll as Steve Kerrigan in the 1998 motion picture Castle. Shortly after his job on Castle, Anthony became one of the founding members of the Farscape cast. Though it's clear Anthony takes his acting very seriously, he reportedly has a reputation on the set as quite a prankster.

In addition to Farscape, Anthony has guest starred on Water Rats, Home and Away, Beast Master, and others. Seems Anthony is quite a musician, playing in his own band, called #96m, which recently delighted Farscape fans at the Burbank convention.

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