By the second half of season one, Moya's crew was starting to display signs of cooperation, some tolerance and trust of each other. It was definitely time to stir things up. Chiana made her grand entrance in episode 15, Durka Returns, as a handcuffed prisoner. At least she has something in common with nearly everyone on Moya.

A member of the powerful Nebari race, Chiana was a rebellious youth who resisted her people's obsession with conformity. As a result, Chiana was slated for a mind altering procedure designed to make her a more cooperative member of their society. Those plans were put on hold when the Nebari ship, in which she was being transported, was damaged by Moya.

Chiana escaped her people and "joined" Moya's crew as a fugitive. Independent, street smart, and a accomplished thief, the little sexpot will use whatever means necessary to get what she wants. Fortunately for the crew, Chiana has managed to put her "skills" to good use. Her actions in Nerve suggest she is starting to trust the crew more and is learning the benefits of working as a team.

Fortunately, Chiana hasn't lost the ability to slink her way into trouble.

In many ways, she is still a vulnerable child in need of guidance. It seems that John, often at the bottom of Moya's social hierarchy himself, has taken up the job of helping the young Nebari. Although their relationship continues to evolve as though they are siblings, Chiana does seem to have a crush on the human - which John doesn't reciprocate.

Chiana has a lot of growing up to do. Whether life on Moya will suit her is not a given fact. Chiana's fierce independence and immaturity make her character a much needed unstable element in Moya's crew chemistry.


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Chiana is played by Australian actress Gigi Edgley. Gigi was born on November 16, 1977 in Perth, Western Australia. Frankly, until I was employed years ago by a company that had lots of mining customers, I had never heard of Perth before. Perth, a major mining center, is on the western coast of Australia. Perth is a large and scenic city, and is considered to be the most isolated big city in the world. Okay, enough of that...

Gigi left Perth and graduated in 1988 with a BA in drama from Queensland University of Technology Academy of the Arts. For a young person, Gigi is quite a veteran of the theater, with credits including Kakos, Kill Everything You Love, The Rover, Boy's Life, Romeo and Juliet, and many others.

Gigi is hardly a novice of television, either. Her credits include Water Rats, Day of the Roses, Beastmaster, and the Lost World.

Gigi is active on the convention tour and, thanks to her outgoing personality, is very popular with Farscape fans.

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