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On March 21, 2000 I posted a little article to the Sci-Fi channel message board that got a few scapers rather upset:


"Something IS wrong with you"

"A giraffe? How can you analogize a relationship with a giraffe--a decidedly non-intelligent lower lifform to homo sapiens--to a relationship with a species that is of equal intelligence and equal development?"

"And what is wrong with the inter-species thing? You a Peace Keeper or something? "Contamination" an issue for you? ... Oh... by the way, Dallascaper, don't ever watch "Lexx", you might explode or die of a corinary or something..."

"...Truthfully, I think your nutts, try getting out of Texas a little more babe. There are more ways than one to get turned on and Im not talkin "Stump Busters"....although Im sure I've met a few and didnt even know it..:)"


"The Peace Keepers could use a recruit like you."

"If you think John and Aeryn making love is the equivalent of beasiality then you are the saddest sickest person I have ever met."

"Since this show's entire premise is Human-Alien interaction in and out of the bedroom, I might suggest that you are watching the wrong show. I might even suggest that you stick to sit-coms because too much Science Fiction might offend your delicate and highly prejudiced sensibilities."

"So, I see mixed species intimacy as a METAPHOR for TOLERANCE. Tolerance is a key concept here -- hint, hint! Without tolerance, we have a world full of prejudice and unfair bias. Without tolerance of our neighbors we have tragic wars, unecessary acts of violence frequently against innocents. Tolerance allows for freedom of choice."

"And then there is the charming topic of bestiality that Dallascaper brought to the board. Claudia as a farm animal, what a charming simile. And that he is supported and laughed at by one of the more respected members of this community is more than a little astonishing. Now this cretin posting as the Giraffe is playing footsie with Pussycat just to finish rubbing our noses in this topic."

"Your nickname is now . . .Geoffrey the Giraffe!"


This is the article they are talking about:



Keep John Celibate!

Date: 3/21/2000

From: Dallascaper

I realize this board is "family-friendly," so I've edited this article several times before posting to tone it down a bit. If my ideas offend you - oh well. If my language offends you - I apologize in advance. It seems our usual action hero got lucky with Aeryn a while back. John, being a healthy human male, just wants to have a little fun. Far be it from me to keep a good guy down, but I am concerned with the precedent this sets for his future relationships. I hope Farscape doesn't degenerate into a show that features John's conquests and broken hearts spread across the galaxy. I am also concerned about the scientific and moral standards Farscape eviscerates in the name of ratings. I have a couple of points:

Hey, that Giraffe likes you!

I have noticed that John attracts allot of attention from the females of many species he comes in contact with. The idea that a human male would be attractive to the females of other species is absurd. I have a question for the ladies of this board. Suppose you saw a Giraffe at the zoo. Imagine this Giraffe is the most magnificent male of its species that ever existed. Does he turn you "on"? I would bet it doesn't, because it is a male of a different species. Just as John is a different species from Aeryn, Matala, Giliana, Volmae, Furlow, Lashala, Chiana, and so on. All the females listed either fell head-over-heal for John or at least made some reference to his looks. The fact that they are "humanoid" is just the show's way of keeping production costs down. The absurdity of inter-species mating remains a valid point. Frankly, I think John's adventure in interstellar sexuality is a tool of the writers manipulating all the "shippers" out there into watching the show. Sex sells, right?

John is a what?

Ever wondered what kind of diseases one might catch or pass on by coupling with an alien? What would the consequences of such a union be? The fact is, humans are meant to mate with humans and to do so with another species is inadvisable and disgusting. John's "relations" with Aeryn would make him the moral equivalent of what we in Texas call a"stump-buster." If you don't know what that is, it involves farm animals. I'll let your imagination take care of the rest.

I realize that sex is a major part of life. One can assume it is a part of interstellar life as well. It is natural to expect some sexual tension involving the characters of Farscape. I just hope the show stays true to its science-fiction roots with compelling and intellectually challenging stories. If one needs T&A there is always Baywatch, please spare us the "Melrose Space."

Long Live Farscape!












I told Dallas his "humorous" article wouldn't work. But, Mr. Clever just had to post it.

~Geoffrey The Giraffe



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