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Lieutenant Braca- Life, Love, and Death

by Snoopygirl

Carrie Marcus sighed. She was going into space and she was scared. She was hired after Commander John Robert Crichton had disappeared in a wormhole. She was to fly Farscape Two, because Farscape One had gone through a wormhole. Now she, IASA's newest recruit, was fresh out of the IASA's training. She didn't know anybody but DK, but Jack Crichton had handed her a pamphlet and said, "Read this." She had no idea until she read it. It was the building logs of Farscape One. It also said that if this module did not succeed, they would shut down the whole Farscape project.

When it was time to launch the shuttle and the module, she was walking down a hallway when someone opened a door and pulled her in. As she turned around, she saw DK. "Hey, what was that for?" she said. He looked at her and then he kissed her. "Be careful." He said. Carrie nodded and walked out into the hallway. She walked slowly. As if to delay the shuttle liftoff. When she finally reached the shuttle base, she climbed inside and climbed into the module and she strapped herself in. She looked out of the module's windows and saw DK. She waved good-bye.

Then the shuttle started to rumble. She was scared now, her heart was beating. She took one last look at DK and smiled. Then the shuttle shot upwards in a fury of fire and speed.

As soon as they reached space, the module was released. She flew around and saw so much stuff. She looked at the stars and the moon and the planets that she could see.

Then all hell turned loose. A big blue circle appeared and she was being pulled in. She was so scared. She was sucked in and flew out the other side. The module was jolting and she saw a huge ship, bigger than 5 shuttles put together. There were many ships below it and modules the size of hers, but shaped different, were flying into it. She decided to fly into it.

When she landed she got out and stepped onto the ground. In an instant, there were soldiers with rifles standing around her. She lifted her hands into the air and said, "Don't shoot me!"

They 'talked' back, but she couldn't understand them. Then someone walked up to her and stuck her with a needle. "Ow!" She said. Then she heard a harsh voice say, "Who are you?"

She replied, "Carrie Marcus." They stared. "What planet are you from?"

She laughed. "Duh, where else? Earth? Just like you!" They said, "We are not from earth. Move!" They pushed her. "Ow! Stop!" She heard them whisper, "Take her to Scorpius. If she's from earth, she might know John Crichton."

She was confused. If they're not from earth, where? She was thinking, "Aliens? No. They are human." Then they pushed her into a room where there were more soldiers. Then coming into the room, she saw a man with leather straps on his face and had sickly yellowish skin and bad teeth.

"I'll take over from here. Everybody out." He made a gesture with his hand. They said, "Yes, sir." And turned without another word.

He walked up to her and said, "Who are you?" She said, "Carrie Marcus." He looked at her. "Do you know John Crichton?" She nodded. "I've heard of him. I work in the same place as he did before he disappeared through the wormhole. I never knew him though."

He sighed. "My name is Scorpius." Carrie was confused. "Will you help me understand all of... this? I have no idea why those soldiers said they weren't human. Why are you so... freaky looking? Where am I? Why did some chick stick a needle in my arm? WHY is this so alien?!?!?!?!?"

Scorpius sighed. "To answer your questions, yes, they aren't human, I am a mix of a Sebacen and a Scarran, on my Command Carrier, and YOU are alien to US."

She said, "I have no idea what all this means." Scorpius sat down. "Then I will explain it to you."

Four Arns Later......

"Holy... Shit. Peacekeepers are what's here." She said. "Yes." Scorpius replied. "You can be a Peacekeeper. All you have to do is apply with High Command." Carrie nodded. "Yeah. I might want to. But what if I don't?" Scorpius smiled. "Then we would have to take you prisoner."

Carrie nodded. "Yeah." Scorpius leaned forward. "What was that?" Carrie said, "I want to be a Peacekeeper." Scorpius smiled. "I thought you would see it my way. Lieutenant Braca?" A man stepped up to Scorpius. "Yes, sir?" Scorpius said, "Take this girl to her quarters." Braca said, "Yes, sir." Carrie stood up.

In front of her was a man. He said, "Follow me." And turned around. She followed. They walked down long corridors and passed hundreds of soldiers in uniform. Techs, soldiers, meds, everything. Finally, they reached a door. They opened it and there were a bunch of little living cells. There were lockers on the opposite wall. Braca pointed out a cell. "Your quarters. An orderly will wake you in the morning, give you your clothing, and take you to our training facility."

Carrie nodded. "Ok." He smiled. She smiled back. She found him attractive. If he felt the same way, it was unclear. As he turned to leave, she said, "Uhh... Mr. Braca?" He chuckled lightly. "You can call me Braca." Carried smiled. "Will I uh, see you tomorrow?"

He nodded. "Most likely. I think Scorpius will want to supervise your training personally." Carrie said, "Ok. I'll look forward to it." Braca smiled. "So shall I." He turned and left. By then other soldiers had begun to come in and go into their cells, so she climbed into hers and fell into a deep sleep where she dreamed shapeless dreams and smiled in her sleep.

The next morning, an orderly came in as said, and gave her clothing to her. "Put these on." She said. "I'll wait outside." As she turned, she noticed everyone was already gone. She put on the clothes, which were a pair of black polished leather type material, a black tank top, which was made out of a polyester material and a gun holster with a pistol in it.

She stepped outside and followed the orderly to the training facility. Inside, there was everything you could possibly imagine. You had to start crawling through mud to the end of a tunnel; you came to a pit. In the bottom were creatures unlike Carrie had ever seen before. Hanging over the pit were still rings she had to swing from to get to the other side. After the rings, it looked like there were live targets for the pistol. After the targets, there were some climbing things that you had to climb and jump down the other side. At the end of the obstacle was Scorpius. And standing at his side was Braca. She smiled and started to crawl. She kept sliding and finally got to the end. She reached the rings. She jumped to the third one and swung across. There were a few missing, so you would have to swing to get over to the ledge. When she reached the end, she closed her eyes and swung. She let go. She expected to hit solid ground, but instead she didn't. She opened her eyes to see that she could touch the wall. In an instant, she grabbed the wall. She found that there were scoops in the walls you could use to climb. But after she was about halfway up, she was grabbed by a giant tentacle. She screamed. She was ripped from the wall and tossed to the ground.

She landed on her arms and legs. She was grabbed by the tentacle again and she remembered. She had a pistol! She tried to get it, but the tentacle was wrapped around her waist where she couldn't get her hand in. The tentacle threw her to the floor again. She made a grab for the gun. She aimed and fired. She kept shooting and didn't stop until he gun was out of cartridges and the creature was still. She climbed up the wall and got out.

She passed the live targets rang with flying colors, and jumped over the wall like a cat. She reached Scorpius and Braca, muddy, bloody, pants ripped, and hair flown out. "So? How'd I do?

Scorpius said, "Great, for a beginner. Next you will meet with a Martial Artist to learn some moves." "I'm a black belt in karate." Carrie said.

3 Arns later...

"Whoa! That was like, really hard!" Carrie exclaimed. Scorpius said, "You did well. You need some rest. Tomorrow we'll teach you how to fly a Prowler and to identify different ranks and learn how to talk right. Braca, take here to her quarters." Scorpius turned and Braca stepped forward. They walked to the quarters and she said to Braca, "How come you do everything Scorpius tells you to?"

Braca said, "I was born into this. I haven't rose in any ranks for a really long time. My duty is to Scorpius and he will do with me as he wants." Carrie said, "Well, that sucks." Braca nodded. "It does." He looked into Carrie's eyes. "So, uh... How about that training?" She said. Braca nodded. "Yeah. R-Real tough first time. It took me three ti-" She put her hand over his mouth. She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. He stood there for a moment, then kissed her back. "I'll uh... see you tomorrow." He said. "Yeah. Bye." Carrie said. "Bye." Said Braca. As he left, Carrie smiled. She was about to fall asleep when she heard an alarm go off. "What the-" Soldiers were jumping out of their cells and rushing out the door. Carrie sat there. "Carrie!" She turned. "Braca! What's going on?" He looked behind him. "Come on. We need to move. They ran out of the door and walked quickly down the hall. "There has been a security breach. There's a Scarran in here somewhere." Carrie looked a confused. "A Scarran? What the hell are they?" Braca said, "They're big, have really tough skin, big sharp teeth, and a Heating Gland that could fry you in seconds." Carrie said, "And I'm supposed to kill it with this little thing?" They stopped walking. Braca turned and pulled Carrie into a room. There were weapons everywhere and they were soldiers grabbing guns off the wall.

Braca handed her a gun. "Here. It's a pulse rifle. Like a pulse pistol, but bigger and better. Put that on your back." Carrie slung the holster over her shoulder, and Braca handed her another gun. He handed her two more pulse pistols, a stun gin, and an electrode plasma rifle. He grabbed a pulse rifle and they walked out. The halls were empty. Suddenly, A big, scaly creature walked into the hall. It stood on two legs with 4 toes, and had claws as long as her hand. She turned to Braca. "It that a Scarran?" He nodded. "On the count of three, jump out and shoot with your rifle. When you run out, toss it and grab another gun. 1, 2, 3!" They jumped out and started shooting. It turned around to block the rifle shots. Then it turned around and started to put heat out of its finger. Carrie ducked and crawled under it and then jumped up and grabbed his hand. She turned it and he fried his face. It dropped to the floor, dead, and she turned around. There were hundreds of soldiers standing there, staring at her. She bent over to pick up the rifle, when Scorpius parted the crowd.

"Well done. All of you go back to whatever it was you were doing. Braca, over here." Braca stepped up to his side. Scorpius smiled. "You were very good. Most soldiers can't take on a full-grown Scarran until... Well, never." Carrie smiled and blew a piece of hair out of her face. "I guess that's what it's like to be a Peacekeeper!" 

She turned and walked to her quarters when she fell. "Aw, shit." She was coughing up blood. Scorpius commed the medical unit. "We need a Med Unit down here by weapons room now!"  Braca leaned down next to Carrie. He held her head up so she wouldn't choke on the blood. She passed out.

She woke in a room with doctors all around. She tried to get up, but a nurse rushed over to her and said, "No, dear. You mustn't move. You'll only create more damage."

"What's wrong with me?" The nurse sighed. "Apparently, when you fought the Scarran, he injected some poison into your bloodstream. The poison is... Lethal." Carrie sighed. "How long?"  The nurse looked at the floor. "A solar day, or two. Is there anyone you want me to call?" Carrie shook her head. "Has Scorpius or Lieutenant Braca been here?"

The nurse thought for a moment. "Yeah. As a matter of fact, Lieutenant Braca was here just a little while ago. He was talking to you in your sleep. He said something about transferring to the next Peacekeeper-Inhabited planet we encounter."

Carrie's eyes opened wide. "What?" She nodded. "Well, I can't let him do it. I have to find him, stop him." She tried to sit up, but fell back. "Or I could just stay here and sleep." She closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. The nurse smiled and left the room.

Carrie opened her eyes. She pulled the IV out of her arm and put her feet on the floor. She stood up and was a little wobbly. She was still in her training clothes, and she grabbed her gun off the table. She snapped it into her holster and walked slowly out of the room.

She went to Braca's quarters and found him packing. "Where do you think you're going?" she said. His head snapped up. "Carrie. You shouldn't be out and about. You should be in bed." She shook her head. "Whoa." Everything was now spinning. "A-Anyway, you can't just pack up and leave. Stay with me." Braca shook his head. "No. I'm going to leave the second you pass. Fly a Prowler down to the planet below." Carrie said, "No, you're not. You have to stay. Be with me when I go." Carrie slipped and almost fell, but Braca grabbed her arm. "See? Without you, I would've fell. I need you here." Braca nodded. "All right. I'll stay." Carrie smiled. "We have to get you back to the medical unit." He picked her up and carried her to the med unit where the nurses were pondering how she got out.

1 arn later...

Carrie was shaking. Her vision was blurry and there was five of everything. The nurse took Braca aside and said, " Since she took off, she hasn't had the IV in, so the medicines are having no effect whatsoever. She should pass shortly." Braca nodded. He stepped over to Carrie and kissed her forehead. He whispered, "I love you." Carrie nodded. "'I love you too." She reached up and took his head and kissed him. She smiled and closed her eyes.

They never opened again.


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