Filming a different episode every eight to ten days is a job that places both Farscape actors and crew under a great deal of pressure. Mistakes are bound to be made, and pressure relieved. Sometimes a little horsing around and goofing off helps relieve some of the tension that exists on the set. In fact, this sort of thing occurs, in various forms, in high pressure environments everywhere. But what makes the entertainment industry different is that the employee antics are caught on film, much to the delight of fans.

Farscape bloopers, out-takes and frell ups have been shared with convention attendees for years, and clips have been included on region 2 DVDs in the past. Finally, the clips have come to the region 1 DVDs, specifically the first DVD release of the fourth season. Below are a number of images that capture some of antics that went on the Farscape set. Most of the images are from the first two seasons. If you would like a sample of the clips, you can download an edited version of the bloopers, available in Windows Media and QuickTime. Enjoy!


The blooper segment starts with Ben Browder giving a very lighthearted introduction to his character, John Crichton.

If you like these bloopers, there are more on the Farscape 4.1 DVD!

In addition to bloopers, the DVD comes with a number of interesting extras and the following episodes:
4.01 Crichton Kicks
4.02 What Was Lost, p1
4.03 What Was Lost, p2
4.04 Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
4.05 Promises

These bloopers are available on the region 2 (Europe) DVDs, but I'm not sure which one.

Download the blooper clips:
Length: 2:59
320 x 240
Stereo sound

Windows Media - 10.3 MB
QuickTime - 10.0 MB

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