Life after Farscape (someone has to pay the bills)
Ben Browder on CSI: Miami

US Broadcast: May 5, 2003
Episode #1.22: Tinder Box

Ben plays Danny Maxwell, a bouncer at a trendy nightclub. Unfortunately, there is a fire at the club, people die and Danny is a possible suspect. This story is eerily familiar to a tragic fire that took place at a club in Rhode Island last February, killing 99 people.

Having never watched CSI: Miami until tonight, I am reminded of why I don't like cop shows. Let's just say that this is a different kind of show compared to Farscape. CSI: Miami is dedicated to the story of solving a crime, preferably in 43 minutes or less. This show doesn't seem, based on one viewing, to be a character driven story. This is good for someone that happens to catch just one episode in the middle of a season or only every now and then. If you like crime dramas, this may very well be for you. CSI: Miami is quite popular here in the states and is well regarded by critics.

One other note, a number of Scapers have stated that Ben looks younger and fatter in this show. Frankly, to me he looks older and skinnier. But, I'm just a guy, so what do I know?


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The real Scorpius?

Another character (played by William Lee Scott) was the hip-hop style music DJ, the guy that accidentally (?) set the place on fire. His name is "DJ Scorpius"

One has to believe that someone of influence with CSI: Miami (a writer perhaps) likes Farscape, a lot.

Oh, and Chakotay (Robert Beltran) from ST: Voyager was there, though only in a bit part hardly worth mentioning.

Download a clip of one of Ben's scenes. Ben's character plays an important roll in the episode, so as not to spoil it for you I have chosen one clip that doesn't reveal too much of the plot.

All I can say about this clip is, how dare they fingerprint John Crichton!

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