A member of the Peacekeeper Pleisar Regiment, Aeryn Sun was bred for military service. She knew nothing other than life aboard a warship and the duty of dominating lesser species - which include pretty much everyone other than her fellow Sebaceans. However, there were signs that Aeryn Sun was different - special. As a little girl, Aeryn was visited by her battle-hardened mother and told her life was the result of two Peacekeeper's love - not just a genetic birthing to fill the ranks. Then, about 3 cycles ago, another Peacekeeper told Aeryn she was special - that she could be more than just another PK pilot. She hid behind the PK mindset and ignored clues of her uniqueness - until the fateful day she encountered an escaping Leviathan.

Aeryn's life took an unexpected turn when she was inadvertently pulled into starburst with Moya and its escaping crew of prisoners. Ever the loyal soldier, she refused to assist the prisoners and managed, with the help of the strange human, to escape Moya and contact her PK superior - Captain Crais. When John was handcuffed and wrongly charged with murder by Crais, Aeryn ignored everything she had been taught as a Peacekeeper and came to John's defense. Her reward for speaking up for the shackled human was the destruction of her career as a Peacekeeper and imprisonment.

Given the opportunity to escape with the prisoners, Aeryn Sun grudgingly turned her back on the Peacekeepers and started a new life as a fugitive.

Of all the characters on Farscape, Aeryn Sun is the most interesting. Instinctively combative, she has had to change to the realities of her new life - trusting other species; learning ways other than violence to solve problems; and allowing herself moments of vulnerability. Aeryn Sun is more than just a romantic interest for John. She is a complex and powerful character--not in search of a way back home--in search of her true identity. One fact is certain - Aeryn Sun is someone special.




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Aeryn Sun is played by Australian actress Claudia Black. Born on October 11, in the early 1970's in Sydney, Australia.

A veteran of Australian television and theater, Claudia has starred on various television shows, including Good Guys Bad Guys and City Life. Claudia has also appeared on Water Rats, Xena, Hercules and Beastmaster, among others. Claudia isn't limited to the small screen, with starring rolls on Pitch Black and Queen of the Damned.

A private person, relatively little is known of Claudia's life off the Farscape set. It is known Claudia grew up traveling, spending much of her time in Europe. At the conventions, Claudia has displayed a witty sense of humor and seems comfortable surrounded by throngs of adoring fans.


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