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Announcer: Now it's time to meet the stars of your favorite shows on TV Guide's insider. Jim Henson's Studios Farscape is Sci-fi's highest rated series and still accelerating. Together at the show's first stateside convention, the stars swap theories about the show's light-speed success.
Ben: What makes Farscape different is that it is essentially a character based show. And at the same time it's very edgy and irreverent. And at the same time holding tight to the classical traditions of sci-fi television and film.
Claudia: Science-fiction, generally, draws in a much more intelligent demographic. And on this show, because of the connection with the involvement of Henson, people who love imaginative pieces are drawn to it as well.
Anthony: How great to be able to turn on a show and have that sense of fun on television without someone trying to give you a great big thesis on what the world should be. And I think that's what Farscape really does for us. It really does for its viewers. They can come out and they can say, "I'm beat. I'm just gotta put on something, I just gotta have a smile. I've gotta watch something that's fun. Let's go to Farscape, that rocks!"
Announcer: That alien make-up is enough to give any actor a case of the blues. But for some aliens, this is actually a good thing.
Virginia: It is interesting, working with all those characters. The first day of working with one of the characters in prosthetics with contact lenses in their eyes was bizarre. Not the face didn't worry me so much, I mean because I guess I'm a fairly artistic character so as Virginia. And so I can stretch the boundaries of my imagination to accept the fact that...and plus I'm a sci-fi fan myself. So, I've see lots of aliens, of course.
Anthony: It's really quite interesting to be able to look at myself on the screen in Farscape and think, Wow, that's such a real, such a transformation. That it makes it really exciting to come to work, exciting to put on. Makes the hours incredibly long, but it's half the fun.
Announcer: Next, Farscape fans meet their heroes up close when the Insider returns.
Announcer: We're back with the cast of the intergalactic hit, Farscape. Blasting through season two with a four-part finale, these space renegades are hotter than a supernova. But it isn't the first time they seared our optical sensors. Don't forget last summer's Sexy Stars of Sci-Fi series.
Claudia: It's been enormously influential in ensuing publicity. Because, when people hear you are on the cover of TV Guide it means something. And we want to know and Virginia, Gigi, and I have been really thrilled by the response. It's a great little feather to have in your cap.
Virginia: I'm kind of spoiled...did you like the borrowed hair on the inside? I suppose people have seen other bits and pieces and...I've got a website, so they can see what my hair is really like. And this is the first time I've actually had my natural hair. And today, I was going to wear a wig and I thought. "Oh hell..."
Gigi: Coming over here has just been an absolute dream and to see yourself, like in the news stands and stuff. Like Ben and I wandering down Sunset the other day and he said, "Let's just see if there's anything here." And we looked, and Ah, they must be sold out. Then we walked up to the next one and they had TV Guides there, and Starburst was there, and stuff like that. And we went, "oh my goodness, this is fantastic!" Like, it's amazing. It's a dream come true.
Announcer: The extra publicity has Farscape fans operating on all thrusters and ready to meet their on-screen idols.
Anthony: It's going to be great to interact with people who know the shows, know the episodes, know the characters. Have some discussion and feedback from them. We got some great dialogue with people on the net.
Ben: Meeting the fans is meeting people who have seen what you've done. And now you have to answer for it (laughs). And that's a scary proposition. It's kind of like, you know, if you talk to someone who doesn't know the show it's easy. "Let me tell you about the show." That's an easy thing to do. But when they know the show, they're gonna go, "When you said to Aeryn, in episode 7..."and you're going, "Oh, yeah, yeah, I hated that too. You're right, you're right, you're absolutely right." (Laughs)
Announcer: That's all from the Insider. Open future communications with Farscape through TV Guide online.


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