Well, here's what the muse brought over. The story seems to be taking a life
of its own and claiming more time and space than I originally intended.
I just hope you all like it. Please, send some feedback my way.

To become one pt.III


(Pilot's Chamber - a few moments after TBO2)

Pilot's hushed voice carried over to them. 'Officer Sun?'

'Aeryn?' Chiana edged closer to her prostrate friend. Yes she thought of the
sebacean fem as a friend. Her friend. But this whole situation was so
infuriating. John had been hurt by Aeryn before, and he just took it. Any
other male in the galaxy would have either turned around and told her to get
frelled or slapped the former PK silly; at the risk of their own life, true,
but she had it coming.

'Aeryn?' Moya's symbiote was obviously worried.

Not Crichton though. No, he had these frelling romantic notions she hoped
were not a trait of his species or they would all be in far deeper dren than
they thought. Because John just let Aeryn trample over him out of some deep
feeling of guilt. As if HE was responsible for all that had gone wrong in
the life of this dark haired beauty she had absolutely no hope of replacing
in his heart.

'Please, Aeryn.' The harmonics seemed to dwindle and die in accordance to
the chamber's lights. No answer.

Thoughout the cycles, she had seen these two fight and hurt each other over
the most insignificant things, only to dump everything else and rush into
the mouth of Cholok himself to save the other. Many a time sacrifying
themselves for the other. But more often than not, it was John the one with
the answer. John the one with the time for listenign. John who followed
Aeryn around so she would 'open-up'. And inevitably, it was John who was
hurt by Aeryn and her irrational fears of emotions. Emotions for the
misplaced and starry eyed human.

If she had a credit for everytime Moya and her crew could have avoided
trouble, pain and misery if only one or the other had opened their mouths
and just said something. After all the cycles knowing John, she had a finer
appreciation for relationships, but my the troubles a timely frell took care

'Aeryn, please look at me.' It was no use. She extended her left hand to
touch Aeryn's shoulder. The dark clad figure racked by her silent sobs. How
was she to reach her?!


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To Become... One

By RedLoque/Manny

Disclaimer: Don't own Farscape. It's Rockne , Kemper & Co. who do. If I did
own it, Claudia and Ben would be traipsing around fulfilling every shippers
dreams. And we would have a 5th season.

Summary: AU. Aeryn comes to terms with her feelings for John. Now she only
has deal with his... if she can.

Rating: PG. Although as we get more into the story it'll become much darker.
So make it PG-13.

Credit: It should go where it's due. The idea is all mine, but the
inspiration was provided by Chris Claremont, Robert A. Heinlein, Frank
Herbert, our own Yen Rug and Alan Moore.

Shout outs: Major shout outs to my two beautiful betas: Amy and Kelly. You
two ladies are the best.

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