OK, boys and girls. Here's part 2 of the insanity. I know it's taking me a
looong time and this is way too short, but I'm swamped by school (and a
teensy bit of writer's block). So bear with me and wish me inspirated
writing for the weekend.

To become one pt.II


(Pilot's Den ñ four solar days ago)

Aeryn's crumpled figure was disheartening. No matter how much she wanted to
hate her at this moment. /Face it Chi, you're a big softee. <chuckle> John's
told you often enough./ The lithe Nebari turned halfway towards her former
lover, her eyes making her request unnecessary. To her relief, he put no

"I will go check on Jool. See that she has everything needs to get her
fahrbot plan to work." /Thank you Chiana/ He hoped she knew how grateful he
was. With that last thought, he left the two young females to come to an


Being froward had never been a problem for Chiana. As a matter of fact, that
particular trait had saved her well gromed eema on more than once. It was
honesty she had a problem with. Honesty implied laying down your barriers.
Honesty meant leaving yourself open to being hurt. But John had shown her a
different way. He'd taken her snurching little hands in his and taken her
down a road where honesty and trust earned you friends, a bsurrogate
brother, a family.

Trust a hopelessly lost alien male to teach her to open her heart every bit
as wide as she'd learnt to open her legs. Although she doubted John had seen
it that way at all.

Be that as it may, she now had a former peacekeeper to deal with. And an
emotional wreck of one on top of it all, for Cholokk's sake. It was never
easy, never. /How do I make you understand Aeryn?/ Well, never mind that.
She'd make do and that was that. She shure as Hezmana was frozen over was
not going to achieve anything by watching her shipmate brake down. /What did
he see in you, to choose you over me?/ And with that last thought she set on
to do what maybe no one else in their little part of the frelling Universe



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To Become... One

By RedLoque/Manny

Disclaimer: Don't own Farscape. It's Rockne , Kemper & Co. who do. If I did
own it, Claudia and Ben would be traipsing around fulfilling every shippers
dreams. And we would have a 5th season.

Summary: AU. Aeryn comes to terms with her feelings for John. Now she only
has deal with his... if she can.

Rating: PG. Although as we get more into the story it'll become much darker.
So make it PG-13.

Credit: It should go where it's due. The idea is all mine, but the
inspiration was provided by Chris Claremont, Robert A. Heinlein, Frank
Herbert, our own Yen Rug and Alan Moore.

Shout outs: Major shout outs to my two beautiful betas: Amy and Kelly. You
two ladies are the best.

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