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Stark was very worried. He was worried about what happened to Eleanor

Crichton.  Zhaan had gone to see where the girl had recoalsced. He felt like he had

failed whatever powerful being had charged them with this duty. Pissing off

powerful beings, bad.


What worried him more was that he would have to tell John, then he'd really be



He was snapped out of his reverie by Zhaan's frantic voice, "Stark..STARK!"


"Yes what is it?"


"Scorpius! He has her!"


Stark felt his throat tighten and his stomach turn. Oh gods, he thought, I am

so dead...



John Crichton was in the maintenance fiddling with his module, again. There

was nothing particularly wrong with it, except than, when compared to everything

else here, it was a bucket of dren, so he couldn't have been said to be fixing

it. He was fiddling, adjusting his censors, adjusting them back again, playing

with the drive, none of it was really necessary, he just needed to keep busy.

If he didn't he may start thinking of Zhaan.


He sighed and put down his tools. It was his fault, everything. First he'd

killed Aeryn, then begged Zhaan to kill him, prompting her to take that

horrible risk, to exchange her life for Aeryn's. Then he just had to look at

the wormhole, instead of just going to the planet where Zhaan could be healed.

He'd allowed himself to be fooled by Neeyala, almost killing everyone else as



He sat down and put his forehead on his knees. God he missed her. While he was

glad to have Aeryn back, it was bittersweet. Zhaan was gone, and Aeryn was

still pushing him away.


This had to be the most frustrating relationship he'd ever been in, and he was

tempted forget about it, but he knew that would not happen. He loved her too

much, dammit. So he was forced to just go through whatever emotional tortures

she had in store for him, until such time as she wanted to settle down. He

laughed, yeah that's gonna happen, he thought.


He sighed and wished he had someone to talk to, but everyone else was dealing

with their own shit. What they needed, he realized, was to go somewhere and


really drunk. The problem was that wherever they went trouble followed.


Someone to talk to....He found himself wondering about his sister, Eleanor. It

was something that had been nagging at him for a few arns, and he just figured

it was his need for a confidante. Right now, he wasn't so sure. Little warning

bells were going off in his head, but he couldn't figure out why. He was just

tired, he told himself.


Aeryn came into the bay and sat down next to him, "Hey..."


"Hey," he replied. They were silent for a few microts when she said, "John, it

wasn't your fault."


He sighed, "Yes it was, she shouldn't have died because of my mistakes."


"What mistakes? John you did everything you could. *We* did everything we

could. If anyone¹s at fault, it's me."


"No," he said turning slightly to her, "don't tell me I did nothing and then

place blame on yourself." He hung his head, "There may have been things I could

have done differently to save her, but with you she was the one who made the

choice, don't blame yourself for what you had no control over."


He wrapped his arm around her and she leaned against him. They stayed like that

for a few minutes in complete silence until John's comm went off.


"Commander?" It was Pilot. He tapped the comm, "Yeah, Pilot what's the matter?"


"It's Stark, he's frantic. He's saying the Scorpius has 'her' and is demanding

that you come down."


John furrowed his brow, "Wait a microt, has who? Who does Scorpius have?"


"I don't know he just says- hey!"


There was a brief scuffle and then Stark's voice came on, "John he has her! He'

s got her-"


John and Aeryn had gotten up and were walking down the corridor towards Pilot's

den. They past D'argo on the way, he saw they were in a hurry  and

asked, "What's going on?"


Aeryn looked at the huge Luxon and said, "It's Stark. He's frantic about



"When isn't he?" he said irritably.


John ignored him and was trying to calm Stark down over the comms. "Stark calm

down, Who does Scorpius have?"


"Eleanor!" Stark said, and John froze, "He's got your sister Crichton!"


John started running down the hall.....



Eleanor awoke with a splitting headache. She had passed out after Braca's

underling had left to run on an errand, though she couldn't say what. All she

knew was that something had gone very wrong and she was exhausted.


As her blurry senses cleared she became panicked. At first she didn't know why,

but she couldn't move. She found the cause of this was that she had been

restrained. She managed to look around her for the first time.


She was strapped to a chair, her legs and arms were restrained, and there was

something against her head as well. A few feet in front of her was a circle

which was displaying just a mirage of colors. The whole thing was resting on a

platform which, she realized, was spinning.


The she noticed that there were other people in the room. By the entranceway,

there were two guards. Next to the spinning platform there was a console

commanded by a statuesque woman with dark hair and dead eyes. She reminded

Ellie of Acheran, and she shivered visibly.


The woman saw her move with those dead eyes and said in an icy

voice, "Scorpius, she's awake."


"Ahhhh good." It was a slimy voice and Ellie turned her eyes towards its owner.

It took all of her self-control not to flinch.


Scorpius looked like he'd been dead for about a year and then dug up and put in

black leather. He had scaly skin, sharp teeth, and a sadistic, evil look in his

blue eyes.


"Ah, feeling better?" She didn't answer, not out of defiance, but out of

terror. He moved in and put his face close to hers, she started shaking.


"Hmmm....," he said, "our scans say you're human, very interesting. How did you

get here?" Silence. He waited a full minute, his eyes boring into her before

saying, "Don't want to talk? Never mind, we'll find out what we need, with or

without your help." He stood up and signaled to the woman, who moved her hands

on the consol.


Ellie felt like her mind was being ripped apart. All at once, her entire life

flashed before her eyes and she was convinced she was going to die here and now.

On the circle in front of her images began popping up, and she realized that

they were her memories, albeit jumbled together.


Through a haze of pain she saw Scorpius watching the images with passing

interest. Suddenly he raised his hand, "Stop! Freeze that!" The woman made

some more movements and the pain stopped, the chair also stopped moving.


Ellie tried to clear her senses and get her breathing under control. She was

covered with sweat and her eyes were streaming with tears. She wasn't sure what

happened but she knew it wasn't typical of a first date. "Hold tight," the

voice said, "this won't last long, he just wants information. I won't let him

do anything permanent."


"Thanks" she thought sourly.


Scorpius was staring avidly at the image on the screen. When she looked at it

she saw it was her eighteenth birthday. She was holding the necklace that John

had given her. It was an amethyst in the shape of a crescent moon, now her

favorite piece of jewelry. She became aware of it, hanging from her neck now.


He wasn't interested in the necklace, he fixed his gaze on John handing it to

her. "Well, well," he said turning towards her, "you know John Crichton."


He stopped in front of her and looked down on her. "How?" he said

seethingly, "how do you know him?"


She didn't answer, she knew that if this obviously evil guy knew her

relationship with John, it would be bad. Scorpius knew her brother, and hated

him, that much was evident.


Scorpius stared at her, and she met his gaze defiantly. He cocked his head to

one side, "No matter," he said, "I don't even need the Aurora chair to know

that you are a relative. His sister I'd say."


At her puzzled expression he said, "You look like him, the resemblance is

extraordinary. Also your genetic makeup is similar." He moved his face mere

centimeters from hers, "Thank you, now I have a way of getting him. I find now

that his knowledge of wormholes is.....indispensable. Makes me wish I'd grabbed

him when I had the chance."


He reached forward, grabbed the necklace and ripped it off her. "I'm sure he'll

give a lot to have you safe and sound."


Aeryn Sun was walking along the corridors in Moya looking for John. He'd been

very upset at Stark's news, that his sister was in Scorpius' hands. Stark had

been very evasive of how and why he brought the girl to the Uncharted

Territories. This made them doubt Stark's story. Particularly where he was

unstable after Zhaan's death.


She scowled, I could just wring his neck, she thought. Now John was upset, and

with good reason. Stark had confirmed some things about the girl that he

shouldn't have known, prompting them to at least go and investigate the planet

where the Gammak base was supposedly located.


She couldn't find him, and was getting frustrated. "Pilot?" she said.


"Yes officer Sun?"


"Where's John?"


"Commander Crichton is currently on the terrace."


"Oh course," she thought. She thanked Pilot and went up to the terrace. John

was standing there, staring up at the stars. He didn't look at her but knew

she's come in.


"Do you think Stark's full of dren, Aeryn?"


She moved up next to him, "I don't know. You said he was accurate about the

things about her. But I wish he'd stop being so evasive."


"Yeah," he said quietly, "me too."


He sighed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and she wrapped hers about

his waist. They stood in silence staring at the stars. She looked up at his

face and flinched. He looked incredibly sad. "John," she said, "if he really

does have her, we'll get her back."


"I know, it's just-" he looked pained.




"If he hurts her....she's my little sister, when he finds that out.." he left

it hanging.


She moved in front of him and took his head in her hands, "We *will* find her

John, and we'll check her  so we won't get any....surprises." He knew what she

meant. The though of another neuro chip in Ellie's head made him shiver.


"If there are any...just another excuse to kill him slowly."


She didn't say anything but kissed him gently, and then hugged him.


He smiled, "I never told you about my sister, did I?"


"No," she said grinning, "you didn't."


"Well," he said sitting down and pulling her into their familiar position, "let

me tell you 'bout Ellie...."



Eleanor Crichton lay in her cell, feeling exhausted and sick. After Scorpius had

found her identity, he'd ripped through her mind to find out anything else he

could about John. The voice advised her to allow him to probe freely, saying he

wouldn't find anything and if she resisted it would mean more pain for nothing.


"You'll need strength later..." it said now, "sleep......"




The blackened room had a distant burning smell, as if the fire had been a while

ago. Ellie stood at its center, as always in these dreams clad in black leather

and armed with the sword. She was alone, "Zhaan? Where are you?"


Nothing. She sat down on the remains of the bed with a sigh. Perhaps Zhaan and

Stark had given up on her. If that was the case, she hoped they wouldn't tell

John. Scorpius had told her about John and how he was once in the Aurora Chair.

Now she was afraid he'd do something crazy to get her, and she was no convinced

she'd be dead by the time he got here.


"No, Scorpius wouldn't kill someone as valuable as you." It was the voice, only

it wasn't in her head, it was behind her. She got up and spun around, facing,

for the first time, the owner of the voice which she had heard since she was a



It was a woman, it had never occurred to her if the voice was male or female.

The woman was beautiful, she had red hair, piled on top of her head, pale skin,

and green eyes. She was taller than Ellie, which was tall, and was wearing a

green dress and cloak made of velvet.


Eleanor was just glad to know that the voice was a figment of her imagination,

or a sign of insanity. The woman came forward and embraced her, which Ellie

returned gratefully. This was the woman who'd protected her all her life and

Ellie was overjoyed to finally meet her.


They separated, but they still were holding each others arms. Ellie found it

difficult to speak at first, and it was a minute before she found her

voice, "Where is Zhaan?"


"Conversing with Stark, we don't have much time, Moya is already in orbit

around the planet."


"W-what? Already, how did he-"


"Stark told your brother, you didn't think we'd abandon you did you?"


She smiled, "No I suppose not," she paused for a moment, "Who are you?"


The woman looked amused for a moment, "No, not yet."


"Do you at least have a name?"


She looked distant for a moment then shook her head, "There is no time right

now." She sighed, "Ellie, you will have to face Acheran, soon, and I fear you

are not ready. But there is nothing I can do to help."


"Why?" Ellie was chilled to the bone, facing Acheran, without help.


"I am forbidden to interfere. You do not need to win, just survive..."


She pulled away from Eleanor and everything blurred and became dark. "Wait!"

she cried, but she knew the woman was gone. She felt like she was falling again

and she heard Acheran's laugh all around her, but when Ellie looked, she

couldn't be found......




"Why are we going *to* a peacekeeper base, shouldn't we be moving away?" Jool

asked as she followed Chiana down the corridor. The nebari did her best to

ignore her, but Jool's voice was grating her nerves.


"Look," she said, rounding angrily on the pain, "I told you, we're going down

to get Crichton's sister."


"That's suicide though, the girl's as good as dead, you kn- OW!"


Chiana had given her heavy slap, "Shut up! We're going down there and if you

don't like it, TOUGH!"


She turned and stormed angrily down the hall leaving Jool and her wailing




John stood on command, looking down on the planet. The tingling in his head was

familiar. It wasn't the fear of a base, or Scorpius, it was the awareness he'd

had when he was on Earth. The awareness of her, his sister. He'd been so far

away he had thought it gone, but now that they were close again, it was back.

She was down there, and he was going to get her back, no matter what....




Scorpius sat in his quarters, holding up the amethyst crescent he'd pulled from

Eleanor. His newest assistant, Charon, was busy making the Aurora Chair for

Crichton and Stark. He grinned at the thought of getting them both back in one

move. He'd already decided to kill the others, they were mere nuisances.


He'd sent out message beacons throughout the uncharted territories with

personal messenges for Cricton, basically telling him the situation. He grinned

so wishing he could see John's face when he saw it.


Smiling at the thought, he got up and went down to the interrogation room,

where his beautiful Aurora Chair resided, humming the tune he'd heard John sing

at the depository. Techs were running around, frantically obeying Charon's soft-

spoken orders, while eyeing her with fear and hate.


Scorpius liked his new assistant, he knew she was perfect when he first saw

her. All the other candidates were cowering away from her and she had met his

piercing gaze head-on with her own dead eyes. Only he wasn't afraid of her,

everyone else including, he thought with amusement, Braca.


He came over to her, "Well, my dear, how is work progressing?"


She whispered, she never spoke above a harsh whisper, "Nearly done Scorpius, it

will be ready for the human when we get him."


"Excellent!" He stood beside her overseeing the work. Then he regarded Charon,

she stood perfectly still facing forward. She was tall, and very beautiful,

with pale skin and jet black hair. Her most startling attribute were her green

eyes, very rare among peacekeepers, which were at once piercing and dead.


Braca came in, surrounded by his usual air of superiority. He came up to

Scorpius, who was pleased to see him also eying Charon with fear, and

said, "Scorpius, our censors have detected the Leviathan entering orbit around

the planet."


That was soon, Scorpius thought, but he said out loud, "Excellent, patch me

through to them, I want to chat with John! Fetch the girl."


Braca ordered about a few of the techs and guards, while Scorpius took up

position in front of the portal. One of the techs announced transmission

commencing. Scorpius gazed at the screen as Cricton and his friends appeared

before him.


"Hello John!" he said pleasantly....



Ka D'argo stood on command, watching as Scorpius' image came up on the forward

portal. He saw john visibly shiver at the half-breed's cheerful greeting.


"Officer Sun!" he went on, "so nice to see you've recovered."


Aeryn said nothing, John stepped forward, "Cut the crap Scorpy, you know why

we're here."


Scorpius grinned and said, "Of course, you came for your sister," he held up a

necklace with what looked like a purple, crescent-shaped stone. D'argo noticed

that John paled considerably when he saw it, so he had to assume it belonged to

the girl.


John recovered, "What do you want?"


Scorpius lowered the necklace and turned the full force of his glare onto

them, "I want your services, Crichton. To help with the research. I also want

Stark back, as he is also necessary to other research."


John chuckled briefly, "You already have the damn chip, what more do you want

from me?"


"Yes, I have the chip, but I find it more complicated than I had anticipated. No

one knows more about wormholes than you do. So I propose a trade, you both come

down here, alone and willingly-"


D'argo spoke up, "I do not think so."


Scorpius ignored him, "or I kill her, slowly in the Aurora chair."


John paled even further, "and if I do give myself up, what happens to her?"


Scorpius grinned, "I give her up to your friends and Moya, and they're free to



John considered for a moment, "I want to see her."


"Certainly. I-"


At that moment there was a ruckus behind him, and he half-turned so they could

see what was going on.


"PUT ME DOWN!" Two guards were practically carrying the girl, as she kicked and

yelled trying to break free. D'argo had to admit, she was doing a great job of

it, as one peacekeeper fell back into a heap. She got back onto her feet and

gave the other one a nice kick to the mid-section.


Lt. Braca tried to grab her, but she gave him a quick elbow to the nose and

then flipped him over her shoulder. "Oh my," he heard Rygel say. D'argo had to

admit he was very amused that this mere human girl was doing so well against

trained peacekeepers, even Aeryn looked pleased..


Eventually, the excitement ended as one of the guards managed to get a hold on

her and put a gun to her head. Another handcuffed her hands behind her and took

her to Scorpius who put a hand on her arm. She struggled but to no avail.



D'Argo was struck by how much she looked like Crichton. Her hair and eye color

were exactly like his. It was only that she was female, younger and had longer

hair that made a difference.


"I must admit, John," Scorpius said eyeing her, "she's almost too much trouble."


John ignored him and said, "Hey bright eyes, you ok?"


"Oh yeah," she said sarcastically, "I'm great, this place is so wonderful, I

think I'll give it four stars." She added, "Minus one for service," she tried

to break free from Scorpius' grasp, then she added quickly, "Don't fall for it,

John, he plans to blow your friends out of sky-MPH!" A hand was quickly cupped

over her mouth, and Scorpius released her to a medic who injected her with a

sedative. She passed out and crumpled on the floor.


Scorpius regarded her as she was picked up by the guard and taken away,

followed by his assistant. He then turned to them, "I will give you one solar

day to consider," and ended the transmition.


D'argo said instantly, "John there is no way you and Stark are going down



John looked up at him, "I can't just let him kill my sister. Not like that," he

visibly shivered.


Aeryn put a hand on his shoulder, "He's going to kill her anyways, we all heard

her warning. But," she said looking to D'argo, "we can't leave her there



D'argo sighed, "we need a plan....a good one."



Eleanor awoke back in her cell, her head feeling like it weighed a ton and

pounding. She tried to rub her eyes, only to find that her hands were still

bound behind her. She tried to remember what had happened, but it came to her

in waves. She figured that she must have been either hit or drugged. One clear

thing stood out in her mind, she had known what Scorpius had planned to do with

her and John's friends once he and Stark were in custody.


He had to have heard her warning before she passed out. Hopefully he would get

the hell out of there. She squeezed her eyes shut as a full blown migraine set

in. Must be nerves, she told herself, Oh please let him just go, he can't help

me now.


"You know better than that, my dear."


Ellie's eyes snapped open at that voice, which sent instinctive chills down

her body. The low whisper inspired within her hundreds of memories of

terrifying nightmare's, only now it wasn't in her head.


She rolled over and saw who it belonged to. Scorpius' assistant, Charon stood

in the shadows. Now that she had Ellie's attention she moved forward, her black

hair becoming like liquid as her green eyes started to glow....

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