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Eleanor sat next to her father as he lay, unconscious, in the hospital bed. She 
was so very tired, but she feared sleep. She was afraid of the dreams that 
awaited her. On the few occasions she had tried to sleep, Acheron was there, 
and the dreams became more and more frightening and intense.
All the way out from Boston, she'd been full of dread, and helplessness. 
Thankfully, DK had made all the arrangements for her, she just had to do was 
show up. Right now DK was talking to the doctor on the other end of the room.
Apparently, Jack had suffered a severe concussion when his car swerved off the 
road for unknown reasons. There was an investigation going on, but the police 
had yet to find anything.
"They won't..." said the quiet voice in her head. She was surprised to hear it, 
considering it had been exhibiting an intense silence since she heard about her 
father. It didn't speak to her often, it mostly hummed, sang, made her aware of 
its presence. Whenever she had nightmares, it chased Acheron away, making her 
feel protected and safe, especially after John disappeared.
She had considered, on numerous occasions of telling someone about it. After 
all, hearing voices was a symptom of insanity, and it worried her greatly. 
Every time she tried, something held her back, and she remained silent.
"Eleanor?" A quiet voice said next to her ear. She jerked her head up, mentally 
reprimanding herself for dozing off. DK was squatting next to her, hand on her 
shoulder, and looking very concerned.
"You should get some sleep."
She shook her head, "No, don't want to..." she looked over to her father.
He shushed her, "I'll wake you if anything happens.....go, get some sleep."
She stared at him for a second. Her relationship with DK had always been...odd. 
He certainly wasn't another brother figure, but they were always at least 
close friends. She sometimes wondered what he wanted in a relationship, but was 
afraid to ask.
She almost refused again, when the voice spoke again, "Sleep. You will need 
strength...". Eleanor felt a shiver move down her spine, as she nodded and 
allowed DK to take her to the next room, where she plopped on the bed. A second 
later she was asleep, he bent down, kissed her on the cheek and left, closing 
the door behind him.
Eleanor was walking down a hallway where there had been a fire. It was rounded 
at the top, and curved gently, from side to side, as it went. Eleanor had a 
sense of pain, and great sadness, that seemed to be emanating from the walls 
themselves. She found such sadness extremely moving, and felt a few tears slide 
down her cheeks. 
She wiped them away with her sleeve, and suddenly became aware of what she was 
wearing. She was clad in back leather, boots, pants, vest, and a long coat. At 
her waist there was a sword. She pulled it out and looked at it curiously. It 
looked like a kitana sword and had hawks and wolves engraved on the scabbard 
and handle.
"Eleanor....." a voice whispered from down the hall. She sheathed her sword and 
went towards it. As she rounded the next bend, she saw a room next to her. It 
had a large doorway, with what looked like bars for the door. 
Inside was also burnt. There was mirror in the corner, what looked like they 
may have once been draperies, and the remains of a bed. Sitting on the bed with 
his back to her, was John Crichton.
"John," she breathed, she wanted to hug him but she found herself rooted to the 
spot. He looked completely different from the last time she'd seen him. He wore 
black leather pants, boots, a black t-shirt and a red and black vest. 
He was sitting there, staring at a strange devise. He looked terribly sad and 
angry. Suddenly, he got up and flung the devise at the wall. He stared at the 
remains and then turned to leave, passing right through her.
She felt like someone had walked over her grave, and she called after him as he 
went down the hall, out of sight. She stood there, shaking uncontrollably. He 
hadn't seen or heard her, and what had happened to make him like that?
"This past cycle has been very difficult, particularly these last weekens." The 
voice was gentle, it was almost like her inner voice, very soothing and 
Eleanor turned slowly back into the room and saw a blue woman standing in the 
center. She was exquisitely beautiful, with blue skin, mottled white and no hair.
She smile, "Hello, Eleanor."
"Hello," she could barely get out a whisper, "How did you-"
"I know who you are through sharing unity with your brother."
"I don't....understand. Who are you?"
The woman bowed slightly, "I am Pa'u zotah Zhaan."
"And you know my brother?"
"Yes, when I was living.."
Eleanor flinched, "Does that mean, I'm dead?"
Zhaan chuckled, "No child, this is a dream, and so much more."
Eleanor felt very confused and a little frightened. she then noticed that Zhaan 
had moved directly in front of her. She took Eleanoršs hands and put them on her 
head, and she did the same. Their foreheads touched, there was a flash of light 
and rushing sound.
Nell took a deep breath, "What is this?" she whispered.
"This is unity, the sharing of two minds and souls. We now share a single 
conscience as our souls pass through each other."
"It's beautiful..."
She felt Zhaan smile, and then grow serious, "Eleanor, you cannot remain on 
Earth...you must come here, you're brother needs you.."
"Yes, I know," she hadn't until that moment. She also knew how to do it, but 
something worried her, "Now?" she asked.
"But, my father, he's ill, I can't leave him....he needs me."
She felt a sudden rush of sadness, "No child its too late."
Eleanor knew instantly what Zhaan meant, "No, you're wrong," she started to 
struggle, "he's alive, its just a concussion. He's going to be fine!"
She tried desperately to break free, but Zhaan was too strong. Zhaan tried to 
hold onto her without hurting her, but she didn't wish to break unity, "Stop 
resisting, " she said urgently.
"No!" She felt like she was being flung back. But where she should've hit 
floor, she kept falling, and falling.
She could hear Zhaan still, "I will be here when you change your mind." and 
then she was gone.
Eleanor still fell and everything became dark. She was cold and the old fear 
gripped her. She knew, somehow, that Acheran was here, looking for her. She was 
no longer aware of falling when she noticed the green, glowing eyes coming 
towards her out of the darkness.
Acheran came closer than she had ever been before, and for the first time, she 
spoke, "You should have listened to Zhaan," her voice was like a whisper that 
came and went, "you're far too late now."
She held up her hand, and Eleanor saw that it was covered with blood. "Your 
father's soul was.......delicious." She then began laughing.
Eleanor faced her as revulsion and anger set in. She felt sick and wanted to 
punch Acheran desperately, but she couldn't move. her anger grew with each 
second and she began to shake with rage.
Acheran stopped laughing, and suddenly looked very worried. she began backing 
away when Eleanor felt herself break free with whatever was holding her. With 
an enraged howl, she lunged at the woman, who instantly vanished in a puff of 
She kept falling, and let out a loud scream.
"Eleanor! Wake up!"
She felt herself being shaken as she willed herself back into conscieness. It 
was DK, he said he'd wake her if anything....
"Dad!" she cried as she tried to jump out of the bed, but DK caught her and 
pulled her into a hug. She struggled, but felt very weak, "What's happened? 
Where's my dad?"
He hushed her quietly, rocking her, "It's too late, I'm sorry.....they just 
lost him."
She pulled away slightly to look at him, "W-what?" she said weakly.
He looked truly pained, "I'm sorry, he's gone Eleanor."
She stared at him for a full five seconds, before bursting into tears. He held 
her again, stroking her back and rocking her gently. She could hear him telling 
her everything was going to be alright, but it was drowned out by the sounds of 
Acheran's laughter.

*BAM* She hit the punching bag with her fist.


*POW* She gave it a round house.


Sweat was trickling down her body, she was thoroughly exhausted, but she kept on

pounding the bag.




Her father's death had been a week ago, she was now back in Boston. She

couldn't stand to stay at Canaveral.




She had lost everyone. Acheran had taken them all away.




She still had DK, she corrected herself, but that wasn't the same. Her family

was gone.


She sank to the floor, onto all fours, too tired to even move. She found

herself thinking suddenly of Zhaan.


At first she'd been too upset to think about the strange blue woman in her

dream. She was now certain, it had been real, as had Zhaan's offer.


Leaving Earth....going out, for real, to find her brother. "What have you got

to lose?" the inner voice asked.


She grinned, breathing hard and said, out loud, "Not a damn thing."


"There's only one thing to stand in your way of doing this," it said.


She sighed, "DK...." He had come back to Boston with her, to make sure she was

going to be ok. During the past week, she had become attuned to his feelings

for her, and what he desired. She was glad that he was to good a friend to take

advantage of her emotional state, because she knew she would not have refused

him, again due to her emotional state.


Eleanor rolled onto her back and took off the boxing gloves. She knew what she

had to do, and he would try to stop her. He was so concerned about her that he

wouldn't even leave her alone long enough to do it. Right now he was out, she

had some time to get things ready and to come up with a plan.


She could, she supposed, just knock him out, but she really didn't want to hurt

him. Also, if he came round he'd call the cops and she wouldn't be able to pull

this off.


She got up, went to her room, and started getting her stuff together. She

changed her clothes, and put in her back pack everything she felt she couldn't

live without: books, cd's, coffee, her pentacle, anthame, sleeping pills..


She stopped and looked at the bottle for a minute. After careful consideration

she left the room and went to the kitchen, a plan forming in her mind.....



By the time DK came back to the apartment, it was getting dark and the

temperature was dropping. Unlike Canaveral, or Australia for that matter, it was

cold up here. He had gotten so use to mild, warm weather year round, that early

fall in New England was a trying experience for him.


Perhaps he could convince her to move to someplace warm. He knew better though,

she liked Boston too much. She had fallen in love with it while visiting John

at MIT, and wasn't about to leave, the place inspired too many fond memories.

He could understand that, and he'd be willing to stay, except he was worried

about what they're relationship might become.


This was an emotionally charged time for both of them, had been for over two

years, since John had vanished. Now, after Jack's sudden death, they were both

drained and vulnerable and things could become awkward. He didn't think having

sex with his lost best friend's little sister would be very healthy to his

mantel state.


He thought no more about it, simply told himself that he was here for her

protection. When he got to the door he could smell spaghetti cooking. That

should have been his first clue, she never made such and effort to cook.


When he came inside he went into the kitchen. The small table had some wine and

two glasses, two plates of spaghetti, and a bread basket. Eleanor was sitting

on one side reading the newspaper, sipping at her wine, her food was untouched.


She looked up when he entered, "Yes, before you ask, I cooked. I was bored."

She went back to her newspaper.


He grinned, "Well, nice to see you're almost back to normal, snippy as ever."


She gave him a warning look, but it was marred by amusement, "Sit down and eat,

smart ass." She put down the paper and began eating. DK laughed and started his



Despite her casual demeanor, he was worried that there was something going on.

She was dressed perfectly normally, jeans, t-shirt, sweater, sneakers. Her hair

was done in two long braids held together at the top of her head, very normal.

But there was a sense of nervousness in her eyes, and it bothered him.


After dinner he went to watch the news, and Eleanor went to her room. After a

few minutes he began to feel drowsy. He looked at the clock, barely seven, why

was he so sleepy?


There was a noise at the door to the bedroom, he looked up and saw Ellie. She

had but on her brown leather jacket and her gloves and had on her backpack.


"Eleanor.." he slurred, "whatšs h-happening?"


She came over to him and squatted down, "I'm sorry DK, but I have to go, and I

can't have you with me-" she put her hand on his mouth when he would've

spoken, "no, don't talk. Look," she looked down, collected herself, and then

faced him with a renewed resolve, "John and I were always close, without him, I

feel like I'm not a whole person, I can't live like this."


She leaned over and kissed him, "Be happy, and remember, none of this-John's

disappearance, dad's death, what I'm about to do, none of its your fault."


With that she got up and left. DK tried to follow her, but instantly tumbled to

the floor as blackness gripped him.....


Three hours later, she stood on the French King Bridge. She wanted to do this

here because it was not only a beautiful view, but very isolated. She climbed

over the rail and stood on the other side, gripping the rail and getting her

breathing under control. Every instinct was screaming at her to stop, but she

ignored them and sought out the voice.


"I'm ready," she said.


At first there was silence, and she wondered if she really was insane but then

it spoke, "Good, now close your eyes, keep calm, I'll get Zhaan..."


Eleanor found she had to stifle a laugh. Here she was standing on the French

King Bridge, looking down a valley which was at least a mile down, being told

to wait.


"Eleanor?" It was Zhaan.


"Yes, I'm ready."


"Good, close your eyes..."


She did so, and found herself once again in the burnt-out room. Zhaan was

standing in front of her, and she herself was once again in the black leather

with the sword.


Zhaan held out her hands, and Eleanor knew exactly what to do. They joined in

Unity. She felt her body getting ready, "Wait.." said Zhaan.


But she was aware that someone was near her. Indeed there were two people who

had been driving by and saw her, and they were trying to coax her down. When

they saw that she didn't respond they moved to pull her down.


"Hurry Zhaan, I have to do it now!"


"Just another moment. There's...something....don't resist!"


"I'm not!" she felt a sudden spasm of fear"...Acheran," she whispered.


She felt the Dark one moving in on her even as she felt a tug on her body. "I

have to jump, NOW!"


Zhaan continued to struggle "Ughh...go GO NOW!"


Eleanor felt her body propel forward into the valley. The couple on the bridge

screamed. She felt the wind whip through her hair and clothes, and then she was

consumed by the light......



Eleanor felt like she was floating on clouds. She could feel Zhaan, still in

Unity, pulling her along, guiding her. For the first time, she wondered where

exactly they were going, and what was going to happen when they got there. She

had, after all, just thrown herself off a very high bridge, and it was fanciful

to let her think of herself as anything but stone cold dead.


Zhaan, seemed to sense her anxiety and answered her questions before she could

voice them. "We're going to Moya, our ship, that's where you brother is. When

we get there you will recoilless into a new body, just like your old one."


"Is that possible?" she could feel Zhaan's power, which was great, but she

doubted that the Pa'u could pull this off.


"Not by myself, no, but Stark will help us."


Because of her connection with Zhaan, she didn't need to ask who Stark was, she

just knew. Another question nagged at her, "Why are you doing this?"


She could feel Zhaan shift uncomfortably, "If nothing else, then because your

brother needs you. I recently died, and it was a huge....burden, for him. He

needs something familiar."


"There's more to it, isn't there?"


"Yes, I was ordered. I am not allowed to say who's order. Do not worry, it is

not someone who seeks to harm you, like Acheran. I also cannot say why this

person wants you here."


Eleanor was silent for a few minutes, and then asked, "Zhaan, who is Acheran?

Why is she trying to hurt me and my family?"


"I do not know why she means you harm. I do know a little about her. When I was

first made a Pa'u, I was warned of a dark spirit that can catch wandering souls

and consume them. Anyone trained to separate their spirit from their body is

warned of this. But there was never any mention of her harming those without

this ability....like your parents."


She was silent for a minute when she said, "Ask Stark when you meet him, he may

know more."


They glided on, and Eleanor became oblivious to time. She could feel Zhaan

reaching out to contact Stark. This meant that she had to pull away from

Eleanor for a moment, and she suddenly felt alone and afraid.


"Don't worry," said the voice, "she'll be back.."


"Who are you?" Ellie demanded. She felt it was about time she got some answers.


"Well," it said with mock indignantly, "that's a tone to take with someone who's

been protecting you."


Ellie glared and it said, "I'm the one who wants, and got, you out here."




"Balance" was all it said and then it was silent. Eleanor tried to get it to

answer again, but it stayed in stubborn silence. She sighed, Zhaan was still

conversing with Stark.


Excitement started to grow in her, she was going to see her brother again. He

was alive, and they were going to be together. She could be complete again. In

her growing excitement, she couldn't feel the hairs on the back of her head

rising, nor could she see the dark cloud approaching.....


Stark sat cross-legged in the burnt out remains of Zhaan's quarters, deep in

meditation. No one passing by would've guessed that he was talking to her. Of

course, no one was passing by. They were all avoiding each other pointedly.


After Zhaan's death the tension became too much and everyone needed time to

cool off. Stark was only really worried about Crichton and Aeryn. They both

blamed themselves and eachother for what happened, and there was a rift growing.


Aeryn was becoming more and more unpleasant and short-tempered, while John

became more reclusive and quiet. Stark feared for his sanity.


"I know, my love," Zhaan said, "but soon she will be here and he will start to

heal. And I'm sure she'll help Aeryn see more clearly, she's very gifted and,

with our guidance, she could be very formidable."


Stark smiled at the "our". He was about to reply when he felt a sharp cold hit

him. He knew exactly what it was.


"Zhaan! Help me!"


It was Eleanor's voice. "Goddess!" Zhaan exclaimed and rushed back towards it,

taking Stark with her.....



Eleanor cursed herself for sheer stupidity, she should have been on her guard!

The dark cloud had her arm and was pulling her away from Zhaan. She screamed

again and struggled to break away, but stopped when Zhaan told her to. She

realized that she could break free from the Acheran but she would also break

Unity and that would be fatal.


Zhaan and Stark were coming, she felt them grab her other arm and start to

pull. Acheran pulled back and she was caught in a horrifying tug of war. It

went on and on, neither side gaining ground. She felt like she was going to rip

in half.


She was angry again, and with each passing moment and pull it grew. She was

shaking with rage when she felt Zhaan and Stark twinge with fear. Acheran

displayed signs of worry, but took advantage of Zhaan's momentary loss of

concentration and pulled Ellie even harder.


Unity broke, she could hear Stark's howl of frustration and Zhaan's wail of

despair amid Acheran's howls of triumph. She looked at the woman who was now

pulling her away from Zhaan and Stark, away from Moya, away from her brother.

Her rage mixed amid her fear erupted and she exploded with a furious scream.


Acheran was taken completely by surprise and was pushed back by the sheer force

of Ellie's rage. Her hold broke and Eleanor began to fall. She felt Acheran's

presence withdraw to wherever, Ellie didn't care, she was convinced that now she

would die.


It was then that she saw Stark. He was hurtling towards her, with Zhaan acting

as a lifeline. It was the first time she had actually "seen" him and he wasn't

quite what she had expected. Not that was top priority right now.


Stark went as fast as he could but she was falling too fast, he knew he

wouldn't reach her. In desperation, he removed his mask.


"Stark!" Zhaan cried, "What are you doing?!"


"It's the only way to save her."


"But Stark-"


"I know, but we can't let her die like this, at least this way, there's a



Light flooded into Elliešs soul and the world around her began to take shape.

The light faded just as quickly and she landed heavily on what felt like a



She groaned in pain, and very slowly opened her eyes. She was in a dark room,

with light fixtures on the walls that glowed dully. The room itself looked like

a cell or interrogation room. She looked around and saw the room was completely

bare except for a large circle on the wall, that hummed.


She got up painfully to her feet and saw once again she was in her normal

clothes, with her backpack. She looked around. No windows one door, a cell.



"Zhaan?" she asked out loud. Nothing. "Zhaan?" she tried louder.



The door opened and some men in black and red uniforms came in. They

were carrying guns and spoke to eachother in a strange language, which

consisted of clicks and whistles.


Two of them grabbed her arms, while a third pulled out a tube, which looked

almost like a syringe, only without the needle. He put it against her neck and

injector her with something, though she couldn't say what.


She tried to struggle, but she was exhausted and ended up slumped between the

two soldiers holding her. A woman came up to her and waved a trance whirring

devise over her.


"Report!" A voice from the back said. Ellie snapped back to attention. How

could she suddenly understand? Must have been the injection.


"Medical scan confirms, she's Human Lt. Braca."


Lt. Braca stepped in front of Eleanor. He was her height, an very intense

looking man. He grinned, "Excellent!" He turned to one of the others "You.

Inform Scorpius, we have a human."



End of Chapter 1

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