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The Present:

She never stopped looking, no one did. Over the past two cycles they searched every waste hole within seven systems. Checking any whisper they heard behind closed doors.

At times it felt as if she had lost him forever, but she kept hope in her heart, she knew if it were the other way around, John would never stop searching.

When they came across word that the Nilas had finally destroyed the last of the Marconiks, Aeryn had felt both jubilation and heartbreak. No one knew the details in the beginning, but soon it was revealed that one of the men responsible was Volki, brother of Jobin Jenkaro, whose death was rumored to be at the hands of the Marconiks, which had begun the war between the two groups. She convinced the others to search for the planet where that final battle had taken place. She spent arns searching the camp looking for signs that John had been held prisoner there, but found nothing. She knew that for her to go on with the next step in her life, she had to find out if the Nilas held John.

Over the next cycle and a quarter, they followed any trace of the Nilas they could find. One name was spoken over and over again, with both fear and awe, Volki Jenkaro. In the beginning, people spoke of both him and the unit he fought with, but soon all they could speak of was Volki. He took any job that was offered to the Nilas, no matter the danger nor size of the contract. He made many enemies along the way; there had been many attempts on his life during this time. One such attempt was already becoming legend.


The Nilas had been contracted by a wealthy partisan to rescue his daughter from a rivaling court, who would kill her if he did not give up control over his sector.

After returning the girl where she belonged, Volki and Ra'nosh decided to go and take advantage of the Partisan's hospitality. They had been in the drinking establishment for several arns, buying one another drinks to see who would pass out first. It looked as if it were down to a tie, with both men barely able to keep their heads up. Ra'nosh's head nodded forward, jerking it back up, he heard Volki laugh.

He punched Volki on the arm, "Your doing no better, you frelling trelk."

Nodding his head, "You're right about that. I'll go pay our bill." He stood up, swaying as he did so.

"Are you sure you'll make it to the bar?" Ra'nosh asked.

"Yes, I'm fine. Juss stood too fast iz all." He turned in that direction. He heard Ra'nosh mumble something, but he waved his hand behind him and continued onto the bar.

"How much do we owe you?" He asked the bartender.

"Fifty credits."

As he put the money down on the bar, he saw a flash in one of the glasses behind the bar. Automatically he jumped out of the way of the pulse fire as it hit the bartender. Rolling onto his back, he brought his own weapon up, firing as he did so. It found it's mark in a Tavleck, as his would be assassin fell forward; he heard yelling from just outside the front entrance. Volki saw six figures running in, he did not care who they were, he began firing at anything that moved. Jumping over the bar as they returned fire, he noticed there were no other patrons hiding in the room.

'The bastards knew it was coming! Where the frell is Ra'nosh?' He thought.

Shifting his position, he saw through the front entrance Ra'nosh's body lying crumpled on the ground. As more Tavlecks began filing into the room, Volki continued to return fire. They continued this way for almost an arn. He knew his weapon was running low on chakkan oil; he began searching the pockets of his jacket, for the spare cartridges he always kept hidden there. What he found was even better, a Zekreni sonic grenade. He crawled to the end of the bar, cutting his hands on shattered glass. He gave the grenade a time limit of thirty microts. Jumping up, he began firing randomly. The remaining Tavlecks either returned his fire or jumped out of the way, but none noticed that as Volki fired upon them he threw something in the center of the room.

Once the grenade hit the floor, Volki ducked down and jumped into one of the cabinets that lined the wall behind the bar to put as many walls between himself and the pending blast.

'Fifteen...fourteen...' He shut the door and moved as far back as he could, shoving cleaning rags in front of him. 'Four...three...two...one.' He covered his ears.

As the grenade ignited, it sent out a sonic wave one metre in diameter. When it struck his intended victim, it instantly burst their eardrums; blood began pouring from the orifices. As it went through their bodies, it tore the tendons and ligaments from the muscle. It was over in microts.

Despite having some coverage, Volki still felt some effects, but nothing as severe. As he climbed out of the cabinet, his arms and legs felt weak and he had a subtle ringing in his ears. Keeping his balance by holding onto the bar, he walked to where the assassins were writhing on the floor. Pulling out his pulse pistol, he shot each one in turn until the room was quiet. He then walked outside, hearing a moan coming from Ra'nosh; he ran over to him and knelt down. Turning him over, he saw a large stomach wound; Volki took off his jacket, then his shirt. Ripping up the shirt, he tried to stop the bleeding until he could get Ra'nosh to a medic.


Aeryn called the rest of the crew of Moya to command to inform them of the latest news she had found. She was about to begin when Scorpius walked in along with Sikozu. Everyone looked in his direction as he entered the room.

"You were not summoned for this meeting." D'Argo said glaring at him.

Leaning himself against the wall, "I also have a vested interest in John Crichton's welfare Ka D'Argo."

Ignoring Scorpius, Aeryn continued. "I was able to find the next location of the Nilas, they were hired to capture Capt. Braca."

"For what reason would anyone want that little melkket?" Chiana asked.

"They were hired by the Gorikie. Apparently the Peacekeepers are not very welcome here and the Gorikie want to know why they have made their presence known." Aeryn said.

"And Capt. Braca 'would' be easier to obtain than Commandant Grayza." Scorpius sneered.

Aeryn continued, "This is the first solid location of where the Nilas will be. We know where Grayza's base is located, I think we should go there and wait; we capture one of the Nilas, and find out if they are still holding John. Either dead or alive, we'll know for sure."

"For all of our sakes, Crichton had better be alive.' Scorpius said as he left the room.

Everyone watched him walk out. No one liked having him still on board Moya, but with the beginning promise of asylum and saving Aeryn's life. They felt an obligation to keep her and John's word. In the two cycles since John's disappearance, Scorpius had helped the crew during several dangerous situations, but Aeryn knew the only reason he still held his truce with the crew was because of John and the damned wormhole knowledge he held.

Aeryn walked back to her quarters, lost in her thoughts until she heard footsteps approach.

"Are you prepared?" D'Argo's voice asked.

She didn't turn around as she answered, "What? For the fact that John be dead? I don't really know. I've already lost him twice..." her voice trailed off.

"We've searched for two cycles. I've seen you out on the terrace, crying, when you believed everyone to be asleep. You haven't given up hope and neither have I."

"We'll find out soon enough, we have to be ready." She said before walking on.


D'Argo landed Lo'La on the far side of the Peacekeeper base. Once Aeryn, D'Argo, Chiana, and Scorpius stepped out, D'Argo activated the defense shield. Aeryn hadn't wanted to bring Scorpius with them, but he had insisted, saying if they had to enter the base, there may be security codes he knew that would assist them.

They knew their wait would be a long one, all the informant said was the Nilas would be attacking within the weeken, taking advantage of the Command Carrier being away on a resupply run to the nearest Peacekeeper outpost.

It was late into the sleep cycle of their third day waiting when they heard the ships overhead. Picking up their weapons, they readied themselves to move quickly. As four ships hung over the base, a pulse cannon at ground level fired upon the front ship. Soon fire erupted off of the hammon side thruster control, it had no choice but to crash land at the edge of the base grounds. The remaining three landed as well on each side of the base, men began pouring out of the exits, weapons firing.

"The other ship was a decoy to draw fire." Chiana said with surprise in her voice.

Soon one lone figure ran out of the Nilas ship that had crashed. Two pulse pistols firing as he ran into the throng of the battle screaming orders.

"Oh my God! That's John!" Aeryn said with exhilaration.

D'Argo and Chiana started to stand, ready to run down into the battle and reclaim him. Aeryn put her arm in front of them.

"Wait, something's wrong..." She said.

"You hear it too Officer Sun." Scorpius said.

D'Argo asked, "What...what do you hear?"

Looking at him, Aeryn said, "John's speaking Sebacean."

"It appears he is leading this attack. Maybe he decided to stay with them after Feliska." D'Argo said.

"No...no, John wouldn't just stay away from Moya." Chiana said.

"Yes, he would. If he thought I betrayed him." Aeryn said, her voice cracking with emotion she didn't want to show. She pushed it away thinking, 'Now is not the time.'

"I believe we should follow through with the original plan. The only difference being we gather new information." Scorpius said.

"Scorpius is right. We need to find out why in the frell John is leading a charge against Peacekeepers." D'Argo said.

Aeryn and Chiana nodded in agreement. As one of the soldiers was making a sweep of the camp. D'Argo crept to the edge of the tree line, his tongue lashing out. As the soldier collapsed, he quickly pulled him into the brush. Throwing the man over his shoulder, he quickly carried him to Lo'La where the others were waiting.


Standing outside the cell, Aeryn waited for the soldier to awaken. She knew from experience that this man would not give up his comrade's location, even under threat of death. She held a small pouch in her hands; Noranti had given it to her as they had brought the man on board Moya.

Her mind was still reeling at seeing John alive and leading an attack against the Peacekeeper base. She smiled at the thought that some things never changed in that respect.

Hearing a coughing sound brought her out of her thoughts and she refocused her attention on the soldier in the cell. As he sat up, he rubbed the side of his neck where D'Argo's tongue had struck. Looking around at his surroundings, he saw her standing there watching him.

"Why did you keep me alive Peacekeeper?" He asked.

"I'm not a Peacekeeper and I don't want to harm you. I just want some answers to some questions."

"Answers to what?"

"For one thing, why was John Crichton leading that attack against the base?"

"I don't know any John Crichton, never even heard of him."

Starting to become angry, Aeryn said. "You're lying. We saw him not six arns ago. He was flying the decoy transport ship."

The man's lip curled in a sneer, "You are very mistaken, the man flying that ship was Capt. Volki Jenkaro."

Taking a step back in shock at the news, she turned and walked down the corridor. "D'Argo, did you hear that?"

"Yes, but Pilot said you walked away. Do you want me to finish questioning him?" Came his voice over the comm.

"No, I'll finish it. I wasn't expecting that answer is all."

"None of us were. If he's assumed another identity, he may not want us to find him."

"I'm going back. Keep the comms open." She said turning back.

When she reached the cell once more, she saw him eating the plate of food cubes they had left for him. She stood there waiting for him to finish. She knew now was the time for her to have patience, when what she really wanted to do was shake the information out of him.

"Are you going to just stand there staring at me or do you have something to say? What are you going to do with me?" He asked.

"What is your name?" Aeryn asked instead of answering his question.


"Jenrie, you will be released soon, but we need to know the location of your base." Aeryn said.

His face turned to stone as she finished speaking. Sitting back, he would only look at the wall in front of him. She decided it was time to try another tactic. As she passed her hand over the door sensor, she dug her other hand into the pouch. His eyes never looked her, but she knew he was aware of her every move. Crouching down in front of him, she made herself vulnerable. After several microts of silence, he looked in her direction. Her hand moved too fast to stop as she blew the powder into his face. Coughing and sneezing, he tried to quickly wipe the substance off, but soon his eyes began to glaze over.

"Jenrie, I need to know where your base is. Can you give me the coordinates?" She asked.

When he spoke, it was as if he were talking in his sleep. "Yes."

"What can you tell me about Volki Jenkaro. I had heard he died twelve cycles ago."

"That is what everyone believed until two cycles ago. Two of the men found him badly hurt on Feliska during a battle with the Marconiks. Jobin was very happy, but Volki didn't remember himself, not even how to speak. Jobin had to teach him again."

"You're doing very well Jenrie, can you tell me what he was taught?"

"Everything. Jobin and the rest of us helped him. Then he wanted to learn to fight again, he was the one who killed the Marconiks leader. We had a large celebration in honor of his unit's victory." He said with pride.

"Very good, now I want you to tell Pilot the coordinates to your base. We are going to take you back now, but you have to tell us how to get in without being detected."

Jenrie was happy to help.


Once arriving at the Nilas' compound, Aeryn and D'Argo went over the plan for reaching John. According to Jenrie, after a successful mission, the men usually brought in women for several days of celebration that followed. Chiana helped Aeryn get prepared for the kind of rescue mission she had never performed before.

Working her way through the camp, Aeryn saw the drunken men pairing off with the women that had been brought to the compound. She approached one of the women who were preparing a drink for the soldier that had chosen her.

"Hello, can you help me?" Aeryn asked softly.

The woman looked up at her, "If I can. I don't remember you, are you one of the new girls?"

"Yes, I was told that I was to 'visit' with Volki, but I don't know where I can find him."

"Lucky girl, no one ever gets him. His quarters are over there." She said pointing towards the edge of the compound.

"Thank you, I'm very nervous. Is there anything I should know before going to him?"

"Like I said, he never picks any of the girls. Just one piece of advice, knock before you enter his quarters, from what I hear he's been very jumpy since the last attempt on his life."

"I appreciate it." Aeryn said, and began walking in the direction the woman had pointed.

Reaching the door, Aeryn knocked. She heard John's voice, "Come in."

Slowly opening the door, she walked in. It took all of her strength not to run to him, but she stood beside the closed door. Seeing him after two cycles made her heart race. He stood at a table going over reports, finally he looked up. Hoping to see recognition in his eyes, she was disappointed when all she saw only surprise.

"What are you doing here?" Volki asked

"I was told I was a 'gift' for you." She answered.

"A gift?

Slowly walking towards him, "Yes, a gift for a successful mission I was told to say."

Turning, he put down the report he had been going over. He didn't see her reaching for the powder that Noranti had supplied her with once again. She didn't like having to use it on him, after all that had been done to him, but it was the only way to safely return him to Moya without any blood being shed. If what she had heard about him in the cycles he had been Volki, there was no way he would come with her without a fight.

As he turned back, she blew the powder into his face. It took longer for it take hold of his mind than it did Jenrie, but it soon began to work.

"Do you know me?" Aeryn asked.

"You're one of the girls that Neltol sends for." Volki (John) said as he his body swayed.

"No, but I am a friend. I want to take you to some other friends of yours that you haven't seen in a long time. We are going to walk out of here. If anyone asks us where we are going, I want you to tell him or her we are just going to a private spot you know; to have a little fun. Can you do that for me?"

"Friends? Yes, I can say that."

Taking his hand, she led him through the camp. Everyone was too busy getting intoxicated or frelling to even notice them. Once they reached the woods, Aeryn saw D'Argo and he led them back to Lo'La. Before departing they released Jenrie.


D'Argo and Aeryn stood outside his cell, listening to him scream and demand to be released. They had been trying to make John understand why they had taken him; it had been a weeken since they had brought him back to Moya. Sikozu had run extensive tests to see if she could repair the damage caused two cycles earlier, there was nothing she could do. Each member of the crew had in turn visited with him, trying to get him to remember him or her, but to no avail. The only one who had not been to see John, was Scorpius. He had kept to his chambers, which was unusual considering how he had obsessed over John for the last four cycles.

Volki (John) stopped yelling and looked past Aeryn and D'Argo. Turning around they saw Scorpius walking towards them with a plate of food.

"I would like to speak to John, for just a moment." Scorpius said.

"How many times do I have to tell you? My name is Volki Jenkaro, not this John Crichton that you keep calling me!

D'Argo looked at Aeryn; she nodded her head in approval.

"Step back away from the door." D'Argo said.

Reluctantly, he did as instructed. Scorpius entered the cell, placing the food on the bed, he walked over to John.

"Do you not remember me either? My name is Scorpius, I am surprised that some of your hatred for me did not survive."

"No, I don't remember you, because I am not John Crichton." He growled.

Without warning, Scorpius grabbed Volki and threw him on the bed. Taking a long metal spike out, he drove into the back of Volki's neck before Aeryn and D'Argo could get inside and reach them.

Volki screamed in pain as the object was removed. Eyes rolling up into his head, his body began to shake slightly then stopped once he passed out.

D'Argo shoved Scorpius against the wall, "What in the frell did you just do to him!?"

"The only thing that has a remote possibility of working to recover his memory. When I first arrived aboard Moya with Aeryn, John allowed me remove the neural clone he called Harvey. This clone had absorbed all of John's memories. It is my hope that with the re-implantation of the clone, it will restore all of John's past to him."

"D'Argo let him go. You know as well as I do what John said about Harvey. This may just well work. Let's give it a little time." Aeryn said softly while looking at the sleeping face of the man she loved.


He looked around him; he was on what appeared to be a farm. He saw a figure approaching him. It was one who called himself Scorpius.

"John! I'm glad to see you. I thought you didn't want me to be around anymore."

"I've told you and the others that my name is NOT John Crichton. Where in the frell are we?" Volki said.

"Oh my...I just realized you are speaking Sebacean. What is your name then." Harvey asked.

"Volki Jenkaro. How many times do I have to tell you?"

"That will be the last time, I have to go now. There are some things I have to think through." Harvey turned and walked back towards the house in the distance.


"Aeryn, the DRDs have reported that Crichton is beginning to awaken. I thought I would inform you first, so you can be there for him when he fully awakens." Pilot said.

"Thank you Pilot." Aeryn said and began running towards John's quarters.

It had been three solar days since Scorpius had implanted the neural clone back into John. After he had not awakened, Aeryn began to fear the worst.

Stepping into the cell, she looked at the figure sitting on the edge of the bed holding his head in his hands.

With tears in her eyes, she said his name. "John?"

His head came up, "Yeah, baby. I'm back. I don't know how Harvey did it, but I'm back. For good." He tried to stand up, but quickly sat back down when his head began to swim.

Aeryn ran to him and wrapped her arms around him. "Don't you ever, ever leave my sight again."

"Never." was all he said.


As they held one another John fell to his knees. Aeryn didn't let go. Tears running down his face, she stroked his hair. Both were quiet for several microts.

"John, what's wrong? What do you remember?

"I remember coming back to Moya and you were here sick and you had Scorpius with you. I was so angry with you. The next thing I remember is hurting and I couldn't see. It was so long before I could understand anyone. Jobin helped me, he and the others. I have to go back to him, explain to him I'm not his brother..."

"John slow down, you're rambling. God, how I missed saying those words." Aeryn said, tears streaking down her face as well.

John nodded his head before laying it on her shoulder.

"Just hold onto me John."

His grip tightened, "You'll have to use a pry bar to get me to let go."

"I have been so lost without you. I never stopped looking for you. I almost died when you disappeared on Feliska. Then to see you running out of that transport ship on Grayza's base..."

John sat back, leaning against the bed, his hand held onto hers.

"I guess when I was Volki, I had a job to do and I did it. To make my brother proud."

"John, you just referred to Jobin as your brother. Are you sure you're alright?" Aeryn said with concern.

"It's hard not to think of him that way, because for two cycles, he was my brother."

Aeryn started to speak, but John stopped her.

"Yes. Yes. I know. He was Volki's brother, but I 'was' Volki. In my heart and mind, Jobin was my brother. I care for him a great deal. I can't just stop those feelings."

"I understand. Are you going back?" She asked.

"I have to." He saw the worry in her eyes.

"Not to stay, never to stay. But he deserves something. Those bastards killed his brother, and apparently I look enough like him for Jobin to believe I was him. He took care of me, it was Jobin himself who taught me how to speak again."

She looked at him closely as he spoke.

"I notice you're still speaking Sebacean, that's how I knew something was wrong at the base."

Surprise came over his face, "I am? How can I still be speaking Sebacean if I have my memories back?"
Aeryn crawled forward to sit next to him, "I don't exactly know. From the scans that Sikozu performed, she found extensive damage to that area of the brain that controls memory and language. She said it appeared the neural pathways were recreating themselves."

John stood up and went to a shelf near his bed, picking out a notebook he began looking through it.

He closed his eyes, whispering he said, "I can't read it. I know what it's suppose to say, but I can't even read English anymore."

Aeryn went to him. "John, you're still the same man." She placed her hand on his face.

"Just one more thing I've lost," he continued.

Taking her hand from his face, "Aeryn don't. I'm not the same man. I am nothing like the John Crichton you loved."

His voice grew cold, "I am a soldier, a killer. You fell in love with a man from Earth. I can't even begin to be that man again."

He turned to leave the room. Aeryn grabbed his arm. "No! You think it's that easy to walk away from me? Just because you've killed? Do you think I don't have nightmares of all the people I have killed in the name of the Peacekeepers? I have had to face all of the horrible things I have done in my life. You will too, and I will stand beside you as you face them."

All he could say was thank you.

"Now, you have some very anxious people who are wanting to see you. We'll continue this later." Aeryn said as she led him to the center chamber where the rest of the crew waited.


As the three walked through the compound, they received surprised looks from the men of the Nilas. Reaching Jobin's quarters, John knocked on the door.

Jobin's angry voice answered, "What! Come in."

When he saw who opened the door, his face broke out in a smile. "Where have you been? No one has seen you for two weekens."

John looked at Aeryn and D'Argo on either side of him. "Wait outside for me please. I need to speak to Jobin in private."

Closing the door, he stepped further into the room. Jobin sensed something was wrong.

"Who were they?" He asked.

"My friends, they've been looking for me a long time."

"Friends? I don't remember you ever having been friends with a Luxan."

"No, you wouldn't. I don't know any other way to say this. Jobin...I'm not Volki. My name is John Crichton."

"What are you talking about? Quit playing games, we've been hired for another job, and they specifically asked for you to lead it."

"Remember when I was found on Feliska? I was with these friends when I was hurt. Call it bad timing or a cosmic joke, I don't know..."

Jobin could see he was serious and sat down.

"Not Volki, how do you know this now?"

"It's complicated, but let's just say I remember my past now. I'm not from here, but from a planet called Earth."

Jobin only shook his head.

"Jobin, I couldn't just leave without telling you the truth and to thank you. I may not be Volki, but you have been and always will be a brother to me."

"Volki is really dead..." Jobin's voice trailed off.

"Yes, he is, or he will be in one monen."

Jobin looked up at John, "What do you mean?"

"To save you from humiliation. If word got out about how the entire Nilas thought I was the real Volki..."

John looked him in the eye, "Volki is going on a private mission, and his death is going to be honorable and worthy of the Nilas."

Jobin stood up, "You are so much like him."

"He was a lucky man to have you as a brother." John said.

Then Jobin did something John was not expecting, he stepped forward and hugged him. "You are worthy to have carried his name."

John turned and walked out of the room one last time. As he met Aeryn and D'Argo outside the door, he rubbed the tears out of his eyes.

"Are you okay?" D'Argo asked.

"Yeah, it was just rough saying good-bye to a man I thought was my brother."

They started walking back through the compound to reach Lo'La when a figure came running towards them.

"Volki! I just received word you were back." Ra'nosh said.

D'Argo noticed John's demeanor change automatically with this man.

"Ra'nosh, I'm glad I got to see you before I departed again."

"Again? Jobin and Neltol are sending you out already?" He asked.

"No. No, they didn't. I found a mission on my own. I don't know how long I'll be gone."

John held out his hand. Ra'nosh took it in his.

"You take care my friend." John said.

"You as well."

The three walked off towards D'Argo's ship to return home to Moya.


"It's weird how you can miss something and not even know it's gone." John said as he reeled in his fishing pole.

Baiting his own hook, Harvey said, "It was very disconcerting when I realized you did not know who I was, even more so to see you had no memories of your life as John Crichton. It was a simple matter of creating new pathways and releasing blockages for the memories to pass through. Yours is a most amazing brain, a Sebacean brain would never be able to heal after such damage."

Watching Harvey cast his line, John asked, "Along with my past, were you able to find the wormhole equations again?"

Looking at John, "I am not entirely sure in that respect. I found that area of your memories, but I was blocked from entering. I believe you will have to work on that yourself, as you once did."

"I see, so I'm back to square one. For some reason, I don't really mind." John said as a fish tugged at his line.


"John. Can you meet me in my quarters?" Aeryn's voice came over his comms.

"Sure, is there something wrong?" He asked.

"No, there is something I want to show you."

When he entered the room, he saw Aeryn standing in the center holding one of his notebooks.

"What are you doing with that? I can't read it anymore." He said with frustration in his voice.

She looked down at the book, "When I was on Talyn, the other John began to teach me English. Over the past two cycles, I have kept practicing. During the times I have missed you, I would read your words and pretend you were here speaking them to me. If you'll allow me, I want to help you learn your language again."

"Aeryn honey. I don't deserve it." John said, his voice cracking as he walked towards her.

"Deserve what?" She asked.

"To have someone like you." He whispered brushing his lips against hers.

"No, you deserve more."

Softly kissing his lips, she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, Aeryn reached for the edge of his pants, un-tucking his shirt; she pulled it over his head. John unbuttoned the front of her shirt. Leaning his head down, he wrapped his lips around one of her nipples, lightly bringing his tongue across, he slowly bit down. She let out a soft moan. Picking her up, John carried Aeryn to the bed. Both kneeling on the bed, John circled around her back. Lifting up her hair with one hand, he kissed her neck; his other hand came around to her front and caressed her breasts. As he worked his lips down to her shoulders, his hand slowly came down to rest between her thighs. Using his fingers, he brought another soft moan from her.

Laying her down, he held himself above her. He looked into her eyes; it was as if he were looking at the Universe being born anew.

Leaning down once more, he massaged his tongue against one erect nipple, then going to the other as his hand strayed back down between her legs, softly stimulating her clit. Soon he worked his way down until his mouth replaced his hand. She moaned even louder, using her hand, she pushed his head harder into her. Just as he thought Aeryn couldn't get any louder, she stopped him.

"My turn." She said.

As he brought himself up to kiss her, she wrapped her arms around him. Flipping him onto his back, she pinned his arms down. She ran her tongue down the side of his neck; stopping only long enough at his nipples to reciprocate the soft love bite he had given her. Grabbing hold of his hard cock, she ran her tongue up one side and down the other before taking it into her mouth. She tortured him as she did this by taking her time, slowly working her way up and down. She heard him whisper, "Not yet."

Raising herself up, she wrapped her legs around him and lowered herself down onto his rock hard shaft, as she did so, he let out another moan. Using her legs, she began moving her pelvis. John brought his hands to rest on her hips; they quickly found a comfortable rhythm. Slowly at first but soon increasing to a ferocious pace. Raising one hand, John began caressing her breasts. With their hearts racing, each ones moans increasing, they found release.

Aeryn lowered her head to John's chest, listening to his heart. They lay there holding one another, neither saying a word, until they both closed their eyes and slept.


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Shoot the Wind

By: Kazbaby

Disclaimer: The characters represented in this story belong to Jim Hensen and Co.

Warning and Spoilers: This story takes place after Unrealized Realities. The epiloge is NC-17, if this offends you, please don't read this portion.
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