By late season one, John Crichton was growing more confident in the Uncharted Territories. In fact, he was even bold enough to impersonate the vaunted Peacekeepers when the situation required. It was time to pull the rug from under the human; time for a new and formidable adversary to not only challenge John and Moya's crew, but turn the direction of Farscape itself. Scorpius is John's nemesis and the most powerful dynamic during the show's second and third seasons.

Scorpius owes his existence to the twisted breeding plans of Scarrans. An unfortunate Sebacean female is raped by a Scarran in an experiment assessing Sebacean suitability as breeding stock. After a horrific gestation period, the Sebacean woman finally gives birth to a male Scarran-Sebacean hybrid. Although the Sebacean female dies during the birthing, the hybrid survives and is destined to alter the lives of Peacekeepers, Scarrans, and Moya's crew.

During his earliest cycles, the young Scorpius was tormented by the Scarrans in a series of endurance-building experiments. Although he proved strong-willed and intelligent, Scorpius' weakness was the very nature of his Scarran-Sebacean physiology. Scarrans are creatures that thrive in heat, yet Sebaceans shun the very same heat. Scorpius' body is in constant battle with itself, a never-ending balancing between cold and hot. As an adolescent, Scorpius escaped the Scarrans and wandered the uncharted territories in search of his true identity. During this time he met Natira, an exotic female creature who soothed Scorpius' brooding personality. Finally, Scorpius was introduced to a diagnosan who equipped the hybrid with his familiar black thermal regulator suit and cooling rods.

Scorpius, always curious about Peacekeepers, turned himself in to the first command carrier he encountered. Intrigued by the hybrid's knowledge of Scarrans, and convinced of his loyalty to their species, Peacekeepers waived usual rules against hybrids and embraced Scorpius as one of their own. Using his ability to detect deceit, his sharp intellect, and brutal cunning, Scorpius rose through the ranks of Peacekeepers. Eventually, he convinced High-Command to establish a secret Gammak base with the intent of securing the secrets of wormholes.


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Scorpius is played by Australian actor Wayne Pygram.

A veteran of Australian theater, cinema, and television, Wayne brings a wealth of talent and experience to the villainous character of Scorpius. Wayne's television credits include Time Trax, Water Rats, and the Lost World. Not sure what it is about this "Water Rats" thing, but virtually the entire Farscape cast has appeared on that show at least once. Go figure...

An avid musician, Wayne plays the drums for his band, much to the delight of Scapers at the recent Burbank Farscape convention.

Wayne was born in Cootamundra and raised in Wagga Wagga, Australia.

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