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Last night I got an email form a Scaper. Here's part of it:

I was just at your page, and I was quite disturbed by your seemingly apathetic stance on the whole "Save Farscape" movement. For one thing, Ben Browder CONFIRMED NOTHING in his interview on CNN:HN. Another thing, is that we shouldn't be buying into rumors, and then spreading them around. Educate yourself with the FACTS, then spread the word. Lastly, I assume most of us are sending out letters, emails, and faxes to both SciFi and prospective networks... have you been? This isn't a holier-than-thou kind of thing, but you don't make it sound like you care or are doing anything about it. We may not get our way, but it's damned sure worth trying.

Thinking others may be have the same concerns about this site, here's my response, word-for-word, except for the sender's name. If my reply seems a little grumpy, well, it was a long day yesterday.

After reading your email, it seems you need to understand that people react to bad news in different ways. Though I was aware of Farscape's declining ratings, and rumors of the show's cancellation, I was still stunned by the announcement of its demise two weeks ago. In many ways, it was almost like a death in the family, a feeling of loss and sadness. However, I couldn't let my disappointment affect my real job, a place I've been working at for 12 hours a day, every day, since Labor Day. I work for an aerospace defense contractor and we have been extremely busy lately. The US military is up to something and it's important I stay focused on my job right now. What you interpret as apathy is simply my exhaustion from working. Please note that I am writing this letter to you and it's 2:30 AM Dallas time. Get the point?

As for what Ben said, I stand by my comment completely. The show, for the moment, will not return for a fifth season to the Sci-Fi Channel. I heard it from Ben Browder on Headline News. If that's not the horse's mouth, I don't know what would be. Here's Ben's quote: "At this point, it looks like it's not going to happen, so it looks like we're not gonna see a fifth season." How much plainer could he have said it? As for rumors, well, I said they are rumors. People can take it with a grain of salt if they wish. Farscape Fantasy is not a news site; it's a Farscape fun and comment site. I made the comment, you didn't like it, and we can now both have a happy life.

I don't particularly like your comment regarding my involvement in Save Farscape. Have I sent out my letters and faxes? No. Do I plan to? No. That doesn't mean I don't care about the show, nor does it mean I think less of someone for sending letters. Maybe I'm cynical, but I believe Farscape getting solid ratings next January will do more to save the show than a million letters. Apparently, based on last night's chat, David Kemper is of the same belief. For now, everything that can be done for the show has been done. I believe any network that has interest in the show, including Sci-Fi, will be watching the ratings in January very closely. Spread the word about Farscape, that's the best thing we all can do right now.

BTW, thanks for visiting my site.

Long live Farscape!


Save Farscape

Transcript of the original announcement | Save Farscape Fan Art Gallery | Save Farscape Music Videos | Ben's CNN interview video download



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