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Zhaan stood near the control console, her head tilted with care. She gazed at Pilot, who was struggling with his deteriorating health as well as Moya's. Several DRDs had taken vigil nearby, eagerly awaiting commands they would soon no longer receive.

"Even if Crichton succeeds.' Pilot stated breathlessly to Zhaan. "Moya will be too weak to carry on much longer. She'll not live more than another solar day.'

"Pilot, do you know what John's plan is?' Zhaan inquired her face wrinkled with a frown.

"I cannot...He will save us.' Pilot stated firmly putting faith in the human.

"Pilot, you're not making any sense.' Zhaan stated in frustration.

"Zhaan! Where are you?' D'Argo's tested voice carried over the comms.

"I'm with Pilot, what's the matter?' Zhaan asked with concern, sensing something wasn't right.

"Several of the Nebari ships have approached Moya. We think they are trying to board. Can Pilot detect them?' No one on board Moya was aware that two more Nebari ships had entered into the docking bay at that moment.

"No, D'Argo. There's not much left that Pilot can do.' Was Zhaan's worried reply.

Moya jolted with extreme force. Pilot opened his eyes wide, shaking briefly himself. Zhaan stretched her arm out for comfort.

"Moya...is distressed. She...needs to contact Crichton.' Pilot said slowly. With extreme effort, he dragged one of his limbs across the console; Zhaan observed in silence, a tear traveling down her cheek. She could bear the pain and suffering she was witnessing no longer. She was about to confess her dealings with Scorpius.

"Frell.' Came a dreadful reply over the comms. It sounded like Chiana. A shout and blast of weapons fire followed and the comms suddenly went dead. Zhaan looked to Pilot in alarm.

"Pilot?' Zhaan cried.

"I do not know....' Pilot began. Zhaan shook her head and picked up the weapon she had acquired before coming to the den. She then raced out of the den, her weapon raised and ready.


The strategy table in Command exploded into a fiery mess of shredded biomechanoid material. Another blast struck near the view screen, leaving a mark on the wall. Rygel cowered next to Chiana and Aeryn, who were all sheltering behind the communications console. D'Argo was nearby, shielding himself behind a column in the wall. Three Nebari soldiers had taken position at the entrance of Command, firing their weapons at the surprised shipmates.

Aeryn popped her weapon and head out from around the edge of the console and fired upon the ruthless Nebari, striking one in the leg. The injured Nebari only continued his advance towards them, with his comrades at his side.

Aeryn looked to D'Argo with an angered expression. He shared her look. They weren't about to lose a battle on Moya. No one had the right to take over their ailing ship. Aeryn nodded to D'Argo and then to Chiana. Chiana, though frightened, knew her time was now to be brave and strong. At Aeryn's signal, the three jumped up and fired upon the Nebari, startling them. Rygel shouted in fear, covering his eyes and was about to wither his way out when Chiana shouted to him.

"Rygel! Are you going to fight for Moya or shamefully surrender like the coward that you are?'

Rygel stopped. He turned and watched as his friends fought with the Nebari, avoiding the laser blasts shooting dangerously close by. Rygel took in a deep breath and pulled out the weapon he had stored within his thronesled. He fired a blast. His thronesled shot backwards with force, throwing Rygel into a wall. He fell off his thronesled and landed face first onto the floor in surprise.

Sparks flew and laser blasts fired. The two sides advanced towards each other. They were almost too close to be missing in their aim. A laser blast whizzed past Chiana's ear, causing her to jump back in surprise. Without warning, the Nebari soldiers stopped firing. Puzzled but not stupid, D'Argo, Aeryn, and Chiana held their weapons steady.

Suddenly, the three soldiers were struck in a row by a single laser blast. The Nebari soldiers fell to the floor, nearly in a heap, dead. Chiana lowered her weapon and released a shaky breath. Aeryn and D'Argo, on the other hand, were not ready to lower their guard just yet. The laser blast came from the hall, and they could not see if there were more Nebari hiding just beyond sight, or if Zhaan had come to their aid.

A single Nebari stepped forward, his weapon lowered, and a smile playing on his darkened blue lips. Chiana let out a shriek and raced to him, jumping into his outstretched arms. The two hugged as several more Nebari entered behind them. Zhaan was with them, her weapon lowered, but her face displaying relief.

"Who is that?' Aeryn demanded to know, her weapon still trained on the Nebari.

"This is my brother, Nerri.' Chiana introduced him. She wrapped her arm around her brother's neck and faced Aeryn and D'Argo with a large smile.

"Hmphf! How convenient of you to show up.' Rygel grunted, hovering back into view, once again situated smugly on his throne sled. Chiana sent Rygel an unforgiving glare but the Hynerian only continued his ranting. "After all the dren we've been through, you finally decided to show your sorry little....'

This time, D'Argo interfered, slapping his hand onto Rygel's mouth. Nerri snapped his fingers and several of his Nebari followers grabbed the dead soldiers and dragged them away. He hugged Chiana and turned to her shipmates.

"We're here to protect you. Those three Nebari soldiers were mercenaries. Not a part of our Resistance.' Nerri explained. "We arrived undercover as a fleet of Nebari ships to protect the Leviathan Antarus. The Resistance had taken over the ships and tactfully entered into the war, undetected.' Nerri continued on. "I had been informed that my sweet, dear sister was living on this ship.' Nerri looked to Chiana with a smile and then back to the two standing before them. "Our intent was originally to capture and destroy Antarus before any one else got to him.'

"One of our own is on that ship.' Zhaan informed Nerri breathlessly.

"I'm surprised you care.' Rygel blurted. Zhaan shot him a look.

"What are you talking about, Rygel?' Aeryn asked, suspicious of Zhaan herself.

"She's been conversing with Scorpius.' Rygel revealed. Suddenly, the room grew deafeningly quiet. Aeryn unsheathed her other pulse pistol and aimed it at Zhaan. D'Argo turned to the blue priest in anger.

"Explain yourself, Delvian.' D'Argo stated in a low, husky voice.

"I...I was weak. The 11th level of the Seek was so important to me. I lost my true self. When John and I were in Unity, I gained a version of Scorpius...perhaps from the chip in John's head. Scorpius haunted me. I couldn't rid my mind of him. I listened to him instead. I regret it now. But I assure you all I have ended my agreement with him.' Zhaan explained, lowering her head in shame. "I no longer deserve to be a priest.'

"It's true. Zhaan ended all communications with Scorpius a quarter of an arn ago. I believe in her own way, she may have saved us.' Rygel confirmed.

"In what possible way could she have saved us, Rygel? She frelling betrayed us.' Aeryn replied angrily, her weapon primed and ready. She glared at the Delvian with extreme hatred.

"By allowing us to fall to our own madness.' Rygel stated simply.

"That makes no sense whatsoever, Rygel!' Chiana said.

"I hope someday soon, it will.' Rygel implied but said nothing further.

"John Crichton doesn't have much time. We must leave soon.' Nerri reminded the crew. They had almost forgotten about the Nebari Resistance they had encountered on their very own ship. Aeryn and D'Argo shifted their gaze back to the Nebari before them.

"Why should we believe you?' D'Argo pushed on, keeping his weapon trained on Nerri. Chiana frowned at the untrusting reactions from Aeryn and D'Argo.

"We will not abandon Moya.' Aeryn added.

"Your ship is dying. She doesn't have much longer. We have to act now.' Nerri argued. Aeryn and D'Argo were confused and remained silent.

"I want to join you, Nerri. I want to join the Resistance.' Chiana said in desperation and turned to her brother. She knew he would soon have to leave her once again.

"No, Chiana. You will be safer in hiding. The Nebari have already infected an entire system not far from here. Their advance is slow but sure.' Nerri said, staring into his sister's eyes with care. Chiana swallowed hard. Her emotions were screaming madly at her, ushering her to do as she pleased. But Chiana knew more than anything that Nerri was right. She looked deeply into her brother's eyes with sadness, seeing the emotion reflected in his eyes as well. The Uncharted Territories was a large place. Chiana knew she would see her brother again...she had a feeling. Nerri hugged Chiana tightly.

Moya shook fiercely, as the shockwave of yet another blast from an exploding ship reached their position. The light of the exploding mass lit the interior of Command. A muffled boom broke the silence. Talyn, with his fleet of Prowlers clinging close, suddenly shot into starburst, leaving behind a battle with no foreseeable conqueror.

"In ten microns, nothing will matter.' Chiana stated dreadfully.


John slammed his foot into Scorpius's chest as Scorpius had leaned in to grab for him. Scorpius fell back, struggling to quickly regain his balance. John took the chance to whip out his pulse pistol and aim it into Scorpius's hideous face. Scorpius laughed and smiled.

"You can't kill me John, remember? The chip in your head won't allow it.' Scorpius chuckled. John shook his head fiercely.

"The chip fried. I will kill you.' John replied firmly, tightening his grip on the weapon. Just as before, the ship began to rock from a shockwave blast nearby, sending both John and Scorpius tumbling onto the floor.

"You have the equations for a wormhole! Give them to me now!' Scorpius shouted as the ship shifted violently. He struggled upwards and pressed his own pulse pistol onto John's forehead. John lay still, but never released his own weapon from his hand. He instead sprawled his arms out, daring Scorpius with his eyes to end his life. A crazed look danced in the human's eyes, something that actually disturbed Scorpius. As always, this creature never ceased to surprise him.

"Go ahead...do me the favor!' John laughed in his crazed state.

Scorpius paused. John took this opportunity to immediately flip the situation around. He grabbed Scorpius's wrist and twisted it, forcing the weapon out of Scorpius's grasp. Scorpius struggled against John, throwing his other fist into John's side. John winced but held him at bay. The ship jolted. Both John and Scorpius grabbed for their weapons and stood. In a flash, both had their weapons primed on each other, grins on their faces and fingers holding steady on the triggers.

Scorpius glared angrily at the human. No creature had ever given him this much trouble and distress. His temper was mounting.

"Got a little secret for you, Scorpius.' John grinned. He walked around to a console, all the while keeping his frame faced towards Scorpius with his pulse pistol aimed and ready.

"There are no secrets between us that I don't already know, Crichton.' Scorpius taunted him. John shook his head, looked down at the console before him and then slid his eyes back up to Scorpius with a wide, mysterious grin.

"Try this on for size, Scorpy.' John said biting his lip with satisfaction before continuing. "Those equations are gibberish. I faked them. I don't know the equations of a wormhole. I knew your plan all along. Get the human to go crazy and admit everything. You underestimated the power of the human mind, Scorpius. You don't know anything more than before.' John stared at Scorpius with a smug smile. Scorpius's eyes grew wide with anger. Without warning, John pounded his fist down on the console, striking a button. An alarm began to play and red lights flashed throughout Command, dimming the lighting. Evacuation warning. Evacuation warning.

Scorpius charged at John with rage. John pressed a few more buttons on the console and the ship began to turn towards the battle. The Frag Cannons on the outside of Antarus began to charge. Scorpius hit John with full force, knocking him to the floor with a thud. John struck the back of his head, almost losing consciousness. John woozily threw Scorpius off of his body and rolled away into the shadows.

"Moya, now!' John shouted into his comms. He struggled upwards, his head screaming in pain. His vision darkened as he stood. Blinking hard, John desperately searched Command for any sign of Scorpius. "Where are you, you bastard? Fight me!'

Scorpius sprung from the shadows, surprising John from behind. John spun and raised his weapon at Scorpius. Out the view screen, a small cloud of nearly translucent gases pooled out of Moya's belly. Neither Scorpius nor John could see this any longer, as Antarus turned fully to face the battle and stopped in place.

Scorpius fired his pulse pistol. The blast whizzed past John's right arm. John only blinked and fired his own weapon. The blast would have hit Scorpius but the half-breed was too quick for John's unsteady gaze. He streaked across the room, towards the entrance. Evacuation warning. Evacuation warning.

John fired at Scorpius as he moved across the room himself, trying to shield his body behind any console in the room. Scorpius fired a blast that struck the top of the console John currently hid behind. John ducked from the shrapnel and spun on his heels, his coat swirling in the air around him as he leaned off to a side and fired out towards Scorpius. John ducked back for cover as another blast was fired his way.

"Give it up, Scorpy! You've failed.' John shouted at him.

"If only you knew how wrong you are.' Scorpius growled angrily back. He fired once more upon John.

"I'm not going to die without knowing you're going down with me.' John stated, breathing hard and leaning his back on the console. He looked out to the battle raging before them on the view screen. A few stray blasts streaked past Antarus, dangerously close to ending the ship's existence. Things suddenly slowed to a reflective pause as John saw his family on Earth, his friends on Moya, all his life flashing through his mind. His heart pounded loudly into his ears, almost counting the microts passing. Time was running out. A new wave of energy and motivation traveled through his veins and John stood to face Scorpius once more.

"Frag Cannons Overload. Frag Cannons Overload.' A computerized voice announced over the comms. Scorpius cocked his head at John, suddenly realizing what was happening. John returned his gaze with a satisfied smirk.

"Clever.' Scorpius admired John. He lowered his weapon and stepped forward to face John, who slightly lowered his own weapon, but remained on guard.

"Just adding fire to the fuel.' John said with a smile. Antarus jerked forward, towards the battle. Scorpius raised his weapon immediately and fired at John. John dove to his right, the blast piercing through the tail of his coat. John fired upon Scorpius as he flew threw the air towards the floor. He struck Scorpius in the shoulder. Scorpius jolted back and snarled. He charged at John. John had little time to react. Scorpius grasped his hands around John's throat, holding him down to the floor in a strong chokehold. John struggled, grabbing onto Scorpius's wrists with all the strength left in his body. He kicked and squirmed, but Scorpius's hold was too strong. His vision blurred. John could feel his blood rushing and the familiar light-headed rush flowing into his head. He gagged and struggled for air, glaring into Scorpius's vengeful eyes with hatred.

With one ounce of strength remaining, John reached for a pulse pistol lying nearby. Scorpius strengthened his hold, his anger controlling his better judgment. Antarus began to shake as the Frag Cannons gathered more energy for overload. Evacuation warning. Evacuation warning.

John gasped for air. Frag Cannons Overload. System failure in three hundred microts. His vision was fading. A flash of his life on Moya passed before his eyes. He couldn't fail them. He had to survive.

Scorpius began to laugh, realizing his dream was at hand; he was killing the human. John grasped his shaking fingers around the pulse pistol. In a sudden movement, John shoved the pulse pistol up into Scorpius's belly. Scorpius's eyes widened as John fired. Scorpius's hold remained on John's throat. John fired once, twice more. No effect. He felt a warm, trickling liquid drip down his hand onto his chest. He had struck Scorpius every time. Scorpius moaned in pain. He finally released his hold on John, grabbed his stomach painfully and rolled off of John into the darkness of the room. John struggled for air and consciousness, losing the battle quickly. His heartbeat was erratic. His lungs screamed for air. Gasp. Cough. Evacuation warning. Evacuation warning. System overload. Two hundred thirty microts. Gasp. Blackness.


Tension on board Moya was building. None of Chiana's shipmates could lay their complete trust in her brother's hands. Aeryn and D'Argo continued to aim their weapons on the Nebari. Moya suddenly hummed to life, her lighting returning to near normal. Everyone in Command looked around in shock. Not a microt before, the ship had been on the verge of death. Pilot appeared on the view screen with a smile, though he still looked frail.

"Pilot?' Zhaan asked, stepping forward in bewilderment. Aeryn narrowed her gaze at Zhaan, her other arm holding a weapon towards the Delvian.

"Crichton's plan is at hand. We must unite now!' Pilot ordered. The initial order by John to release the gases had been the first step of his plan. Once Antarus began to maneuver, which had been John's signal, Pilot had been ordered to proceed with the plan. D'Argo and Aeryn exchanged glances as things began to make sense and lowered their weapons cautiously. They observed Antarus beginning to turn away from them, towards the battle at hand. They recognized the motion as John's signal. Nerri smiled and jumped into action.

"Turn this ship around immediately! We have to be at the coordinates John Crichton predetermined if we want to get out of here alive!' Nerri stated and rushed up to the navigation console. Aeryn joined him at the controls, her weapon still trained on Nerri. Nerri stepped back with a trusting look. Aeryn looked to D'Argo, lowered her weapon, and proceeded to navigate the ship.

Moya began to turn in place, away from the battle to open space.

"What is going on? How did you know of Crichton's plan?' D'Argo asked, unsure of whom to put his faith in at the moment.

"When we arrived, we had no idea who you were. We just assumed you were another Leviathan in Scorpius's control. Your Pilot informed us of John Crichton's plan and we immediately formed an alliance.'

"Then what is Crichton doing on Antarus?' Aeryn demanded to know. She raised her weapon to Nerri in a threatening manner. A few of his followers stepped forward to protect him. Nerri raised his hand and smiled at Aeryn.

"Antarus is to be positioned and his frag cannons overloaded. John Crichton volunteered himself to do this. You'll have to take matters up with him if you do not concur. We are rather in awe of the being, ourselves. His bravery is more than any of us have ever seen even in fables.' Nerri stated, staring straight into Aeryn's eyes with sincere honesty. Aeryn blinked, her heart filling with joy.

"What the frell is taking him so long, then? Shouldn't he be here by now?' Chiana asked nervously, swaying back and forth.

"Moya has released all of her stored resources and poisoned fluids. The gas mixture is in place.' Pilot informed them. Moya and Pilot had deliberately deprived themselves of nutrients to assist in the plan. "Fuel to the fire, as Crichton would say.' Pilot chuckled at his own remark.

"Crichton's plan was to blow up Antarus using the gas mixture? What did he need us for?' Rygel asked oblivious to the entire ordeal.

"Your trust. Would you have willingly let him go alone to face his nemesis and manually overload the weapons systems before making a quick, dangerous exit?' Pilot asked expectantly waiting for a reply. The crew remained in silence, taking in everything they had been presented with. Aeryn looked to Antarus, a smile almost beginning to form on her face. She was proud of the human.

"Paelus, get the troops to their ships.' Nerri ordered to one of his men. He turned to his sister, with a sincere smile. Chiana opened her mouth, her eyes set in sorrow as her brother stepped up to her. He placed a caring hand on her cheek. She warmed up to the touch, bringing up her hands to embrace his. "Chiana, I must leave. You must stay here. You understand, don't you?'

With tears trailing down her cheeks, her chin trembling, Chiana only nodded. D'Argo and the others stood by in silence, saddened. Nerri's eyes grew tearful as he took one last longing glance at his sister. He then left quickly without good-byes. Chiana outreached her hands after him as he left and began to sob. Zhaan approached and embraced her in a hug.

Aeryn turned to the view screen, watching Antarus intently. She noticed a small ship exiting out of Antarus. Her heart raced. Could it be Crichton? The ship headed off in another direction. Aeryn almost lost her balance in disappointment as she watched the ship disappear. Perhaps the crew that must have been on the ship was evacuating, Aeryn reasoned.

"We are slowly drifting away from the gas cloud Moya produced. Once Commander Crichton overloads the frag cannons, he will have less than three hundred microts to board Moya. Unfortunately, I have not heard from him since he ordered Moya to release the gases.' Pilot stated with a saddened expression.

"How much time do we have?' Zhaan asked urgently.

"Two hundred microts.' Pilot informed the crew in a grave voice.

"We are not leaving him!' Aeryn shouted emotionally.

The Nebari ships that had surrounded them and boarded Moya were now advancing away from the battle, out into open space. They sped up and were quickly out of sight. Chiana felt her heart slowly breaking as she cried into Zhaan's shoulder. Zhaan gave her a comforting squeeze.

"Get out of there now, John!' D'Argo rammed his fists onto the table before him, staring out at the foreboding ship threatening to explode any microt. Waves of light flashed from the Frag Cannons on Antarus, foretelling the disastrous events to follow.


Evacuation warning. Evacuation warning. One hundred thirty microts. Gasp. John's eyelids fluttered briefly. He felt something warm oozing over his hands. He could only assume it was Scorpius's blood on his hands. He hoped. Pain enveloped his body, his chest tightened in spasms, and his head spun, screaming for oxygen. Gasp.

The flashing red lit the shadows briefly as John opened his eyes fully. His heart skipped a beat. Had that been Scorpius grinning down at him, holding his stomach, with blood on his hands? John closed his eyes and opened them once more. The flashing lit the shadow to reveal only an empty corner. John took another long gasp. His breathing was difficult through his strained, bruised throat. John rolled sorely onto his chest, glancing wearily up at the view screen. He turned his mind back to matters at hand. He had to get out of there before the one hundred-microt warning. The Frag Cannons were already so unstable that any microt could be his last.

One hundred twenty microts. The warning voice echoed into command. John stole another long gasp of air before thrusting himself upwards. He searched the floor for his weapon and spied it near the edge of a console. He scooped to pick it up and nearly lost consciousness once more. John slowly straightened. He stumbled over to the console from which he had activated the overload of the frag cannons. He had little time left. Using manual controls on the console, John flew the ship forward.

John held up his pulse pistol, glancing one final time out the view screen at the foreboding war, and raced out of Command. In the hall, John observed a thick trail of darkened blood, leading in the same direction he was heading. He still had to be on guard. If Scorpius indeed was alive by any infinitesimal chance, John would be prepared.

The red lights flashed on and off, lighting his way to the docking bay. John was finding it harder and harder to breathe as he ran. The turning, twisting halls seemed to taunt him, laughing at the human racing through an impossible maze. But all John needed to do was follow that trail of blood. Once again, Scorpius would save his life.

John encountered the docking bay around a darkened corner. Several dead bodies of PeaceKeeper officers, including Lt. Braca, rested in a mangled heap on the floor. John could only guess that it had been the handy-work of Crais. He raced forward to where he had landed his module. He almost reared back in shock. Scorpius was leaned up against it, laughing slowly and holding his stomach. His body flickered briefly. John blinked in confusion as a rush of light-headedness waved through his head.

"Scorpius!' John shouted in anger, holding his weapon out towards him.

One hundred microts. John glanced around at the ship nervously and back to Scorpius. He strengthened his hold on the pulse pistol and unsteadily aimed for Scorpius. Scorpius held up a few frayed wires in his hands. The wires had been torn from his module. There were no other ships left in the docking bay to escape with. The color drained from John's face. He didn't want to face the truth. He charged madly at Scorpius. In a quick movement, Scorpius revealed a weapon hiding under his right arm and fired at John. John jumped out of the line of fire. Scorpius charged at John. John rolled to his side and struggled to his feet.

Frag Cannons Overload. Fifty microts to detonation. John glanced around wildly. The countdown had sped up. Scorpius had bluffed him, just as John had done earlier with the equations. The frayed wires were from the communications in the docking bay. He had only adjusted the countdown. John fired at Scorpius madly. Scorpius advanced, not caring whether he was struck and slammed his fist into John's face. John fell backwards, grabbing his jaw in pain. Scorpius kicked him in the ribs as he tried to rise up. John fell down to the floor. He gasped for air once again, this time, his lungs failing him. Forty microts.

As Scorpius's foot drew in for another strike, John grabbed it and used Scorpius's momentum to spin him around and crash onto the floor. John struggled over to Scorpius and continuously pounded his fists into his body. His nostrils flaring, John's anger began to overpower him. Gilina! Talyn! The Aurora Chair! The neural chip! All these were symbols of Scorpius's reign on his life. John began to run out of air, his sight failing him. He fell to the side, looking at the unconscious being that had once haunted him. He smiled and laughed lightly. Scorpius was finally dead.

Thirty microts. John wasted no time. He sprung up with adrenalin powering his body. He jumped into his module, fired it up and blasted out of the docking bay in less than fifteen microts. The clock was ticking. John could feel his heart pounding wildly in his chest as he advanced further away from Antarus and closer to his escape. He passed through the hazy gases stored and released by Moya and drew closer to the brightening ship. He could almost hear his crewmates shouting for him to hurry. There was no time for contact.

With a deafening roar, the Frag Cannons on Antarus gathered enough energy and released their power. The ship burst into a powerful ball of light and fire. John's module was pushed towards Moya at a frightening speed as it was carried on a shockwave from the blast. The gases behind him ignited, and the entire black canvas around him lit up in an orange fiery blaze. As the flames licked John's module, he could see Moya just ahead of him, suddenly being pushed by the shockwave as well. The blast behind them was far from over.

The entire battle taking place halted, realizing this ship would be the end of their existence if they did not exit quickly. Prowlers and Scarran ships madly raced out of the line of fire. Only half of the ships escaped as the blast consumed the raging battle. Continuous explosions and shockwaves filled into space. Both Moya and the module switched to their hetch drives for extra boost. Not quite to starburst levels, they burst forward at an amazing rate of speed adequate enough to carry them to safety. John's plan had worked.


Moya had now traveled into the depths of the deserted regions of the Uncharted Territories, days after narrowly escaping the deadly war. The Leviathan was gaining her strength back, after deliberately depriving herself of daily nutrients. Pilot was well and the crew was once again united and in harmony. What no one had yet realized was that Moya was still not as well as she should be...and Antarus had something to do with it.

The stars shimmered above the terrace on Moya. Aeryn took a deep breath, pondering those stars she had witnessed John stare at for arns. She looked down from her gaze. She felt her heart jump with joy. John stood there, staring at her with a warm, handsome glow on his face, his eyes only displaying his undying love for her. Aeryn smiled back at him, reflecting his gaze.

The two approached each other and drew in close for a long, gentle kiss. They released from their hold and looked into each other's eyes once more. Aeryn took a deep breath and released it, knowing she could now trust her life completely in this human's hands. The feeling was mutual. John held Aeryn's hands close to his heart and then wrapped his arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to his body in a warm embrace.

Zhaan remained in her quarters, thinking of things past with a slight frown. The message from Stark still haunted her thoughts. Rygel entered into her room, even though she was presently undressed and in her usual meditation stance. Rygel kept his gaze to the floor.

"Rygel, I'm sorry for my actions.' Zhaan stated, without turning. She took a deep breath, thinking of how she almost had betrayed her only family.

"I trust you Zhaan.' Rygel replied. He was about to say more; Zhaan could sense it. But he only grunted, probably referring to her nakedness and zoomed quickly out of her quarters. Zhaan smiled and returned to meditation.

Chiana stood small, alone in the center of Command. Tears still freely flowed from her eyes as she longed for her brother once more. D'Argo stepped forward, allowing Chiana to hear his footstep. He had been observing her in the shadows for quite some time. He gently approached her and embraced her in a comforting hug. Chiana hugged him as well, and laid her head on his chest. The two remained in silence.

The aftermath of the amazing turn of events had tired everyone. Truths had been told and feelings had been revealed. Much later, all were fast asleep in their quarters, with dreams of happy days past. DRDs traveled throughout Moya, maintaining systems. Pilot worked the controls with ease, watching in awe at the wonders of the stars around them, enjoying the freedom they were in at last.

Only John Crichton slept with a heavy conscience. His forehead drew beads of sweat, his breathing erratic. His eyes shot back and forth under his eyelids. Frightening images were drilling into his mind. Give it up Scorpy, you failed. If only you knew how wrong you are, John. The haunting words circled throughout his mind among these images. A blast from a pulse rifle sounded deafeningly close by. John woke with a start, struggling to control his breathing. His eyes adjusted to the darkness of his quarters. Only disoriented for a micron, John's breathing slowed as he sat up. He stared into the darkness, the memories of his dream fresh in his mind. A low, conspiring familiar laugh began to echo throughout his quarters. No visions or hallucinations of Scorpius this time. The unsettling laugh was rising deep from within his very own throat. A smile played onto his lips.


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