Ben Browder on Politically Incorrect

On September 28, 2000 Ben Browder (John Crichton) was a guest on the ABC television program Politically Incorrect. Politically Incorrect is a show, hosted by Bill Maher, where celebrity guests and political figures chat and joke about political topics in the US.

It was interesting to see Ben in a somewhat real life environment, not being chased by Scorpy, but just being himself. However, he looked rather uncomfortable at times, almost like he was still in the aurora chair. Of the guests on stage, Ben was "Mr. Serious" (Rygel~TTLG).

This section contains video still photos and video downloads of Ben's appearance. Ben speaks his mind on such varied topics as Lesbian parents, the conjoined twins in England, and the effects of "zero-tolerance" on society. Not sure, but I think one of the other guests even compared Ben to a Nazi! Just click the area you want to see.


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