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Cue music...


Crichton and Aeryn, still embraced as they were at the end of the series, look around their strange surroundings.

Crichton and Aeryn instinctively pull their guns.


Alien: Lower your weapons.

Crichton looking around and seeing D'Argo: How long?
D'Argo, attempting to maintain control of the situation, calmly states: About sixty solar days.
Aeryn, clearly disoriented: Where?
Chiana: Still on the water planet.

As Crichton and Aeryn stand on their own, the alien repeats his demand.

Alien: Put your weapons down, now!

Crichton: Bad guys?


D'Argo: Yes and no. They did help us put you back together.
Aeryn, incredulous: Put us back together?
Chiana: Said it was an accident, crystallized.
Crichton and Aeryn together: Crystallized?
Alien, coolly: Last warning.

D'Argo doesn't say anything, but he give a nod to Crichton to put his gun down.



The alien finally loses his patience and shoots both Crichton and Aeryn dead. D'Argo squeals like a kid and Chiana just looks around dazed. The miniseries ends about five minutes after it begins.
Actually, I'm joking about that last part. The scene ends before we see a resolution. And that's all there is, folks!

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