Farscape mini-series "Peacekeeper Wars" Teaser ad analysis
by Dallascaper

No! I really hate that scene!

Hello Farscape fans, this is Dallascaper

A couple of days ago, the Sci Fi Channel broadcast a teaser ad for the upcoming Farscape mini-series, Peacekeeper War.

As I obviously have no life, and Iım desperate for anything Farscape, I thought Iıd spend the next few minutes analyzing those ten precious seconds of Farscape.

The miniseries comes out in the US on October 17, which isnıt soon enough for most Scapers.

Whoa, okay, that is Crichtonıs eye. Very nice.

This may come as a shock to some people, but John and Aeryn do survive and they will be in the miniseries. Yes.

Here we have a shot of Moya, sheıs about to be blasted by what appears to be an immobilizer pulse. Not good.

Then we see Chiana and her cat eyes.


DıArgo is there.

Okay, now I believe this next scene is Crichton, he appears to be falling from the ceiling, doing that Batman thing. IŒm sure it will be very interesting when we get to see more of it.

Stark is there

Benıs wife is in the show, btw.

And of course, Scorpius.

Here we have Crichton and Aeryn, sheıs obviously sitting on his lap, and their position is almost exactly as it was at the end of the series. Only now they seem to be inside a structure, surrounded by aliens, including a Luxan, who may or who may not be DıArgo. I suspect what we are seeing is the scene, early in the mini, where John and Aeryn have just been reanimated, de-crystalized. Theyıre caught by surprise and we have a standoff. Iım sure the impasse is quickly resolved and DıArgo, Aeryn and Crichton go off to fight the bad guys.

Now in this next scene we have Chiana, sheıs holding DıArgoıs Qualta blade, and it looks like sheıs about to stab someone.

Now in this scene we have Crichton and Aeryn, Scorpius and Sikozu in a tight spot. Looking at the scene I can not tell you where it is. The architecture does not look to be Peacekeeper, it doesnıt appear to be Scarran, so I guess as long as there is not an explosion they should be fine.

Okay, now we have DıArgo, looks like heıs about to blast the heck out of someone. Oh, and it would happen to be a Charrod. Have you ever noticed that the Charrods are like the most incompetent bad guys in the universe?

Now we have Sikozu, sporting her hew haircut. It looks very nice. There is an explosion onboard Moya, so that can not be good.

And we have Crichton and Chiana in a fire fight.

And yes, the whole thing is a saga. And we have now King Scarran, looks like he has a scowl on his face.

And Commandant Grayza is in the show. Now the last we saw, she was in jail. Now sheıs back, very conservatively dressed, no cleavage. Iım not sure whatıs up with that, but she is back and that should be allot of fun.

Okay, next we have what appears to be DıArgo beating up a Scarran, or the other way around.

And we have quick scene of Chiana running.

And we have Peacekeeper prowler, an explosion, Crichton getting his ass kicked, Aeryn by his side. How romantic.

DıARgo getting blown away, and we have Aeryn and Crichton getting all lovey-dovey.

Don't known if this is the end of the series or what, but that should make Scapers happy. And thatıs it! No more, just ten seconds of video, thatıs all we have to survive on. The good news, Scapers, is that you saved the show. It is coming October 17. Between now and then Iım sure we will see more lengthy ads, and we will of course analyze those to death. So, until that other time, long live Farscape!

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Farscape: Peacekeeper War
Length: 4 hours
Principle photography December 2003 - March 2004 in Sydney, Australia.
Post production ongoing.

World Premiere: U.S. Sci-Fi Channel (Confirmed by Sci-Fi)
Broadcast date:17 October 2004, 8 PM Central (Dallas) time.

Written by: David Kemper
Directed by: Brian Henson

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