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<< Part IV-Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

Part V-The Rescue

Alex and John were having dinner that night. John was on the quiet side. Alex put her fork down and looked at him. John was just pushing his food around with his fork.

Alex: "Why don't you ask me?"

John looked up from the plate.

John: "How is she doing?"

Alex: "Physically, her wounds are fine. Emotionally, it is like she has given up. She won't eat and has ceased trying to communicate or be cooperative at all. We have had to put her on IV fluids to keep her from dehydrating. She won't even take water."

John: "I have to see her, Alex."

Alex: "The mention of your name is the only thing that gets a reaction out of her at all and it is not a good one."

John: "She is hurt and angry."

Alex: "Because we slept together?"

John looked at her. Speaking softly.

John: "Yes. While she was being attacked, I was planting my flag on Mt. Olympus."

Alex lowered her eyes. He reached out and touched her hand.

John: "I am sorry. I didn't mean that the way it sounded."

Alex:  "I know."

He pulled his hand back. She looked up at him.

John: "I need to see her alone."

Alex: "She doesn't seem to want to see you much less talk to you."

John: "She will talk to me."

Alex: "When?"

John stood up.

John: "Tonight!"

He grabbed Alex's hand. They rushed out.


Aeryn was curled up on the bed staring at the wall. The restraints had been removed earlier in the day. She had no concept of how long she had been in that room, only that she wanted out. She heard the familiar sound of the lock on the door clicking. It was so that it didn't even raise a reaction in her anymore. She just lay there with her back to the door. She heard the door open and close. She knew she was no longer alone in the room but she just didn't care anymore. She heard a familiar voice that made her feel both comfort, hurt, and anger all at the same time. It was John Crichton.

John: "Aeryn, I know I am about the last person you want to see right now but I am also the only one who can help."

She didn't respond. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. He touched her leg.

John: "Aeryn, please."

She pulled her leg away.

John: "We don't have time for this."

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to a sitting position. She winced with pain. He looked down at her wrists. They were raw from her fighting against the restraints. He looked in her eyes.

John: "Baby, what did you do to yourself?"

Aeryn: "Your so called civilized humans did it to me."

He loosened his hold on her wrists. She was sitting up facing him.

John: "I am not going to let you die here. I know that is what you are doing. I won't let it happen."

Aeryn spoke again. Her voice was hoarse from all the screaming she had been doing previously.

Aeryn: "It would be better for you if I did."

John: "What?"

Aeryn: "You could have a normal life back here in your home world and you wouldn't have to worry about me."

John: "Is that what you think?"

She lowered her eyes. John took her face in his hands. She looked into his eyes.

John: "I know why you lashed out the way you did at me last night and I won't deny what you saw. It was just being home again with someone..."

She looked away. He stopped realizing that the explanation could hurt as much as the deed itself. John caressed her cheek the way he has in the past. He felt the tears run down her face. She looked up at him. He leaned forward and laid his forehead against hers. He whispered to her.

John: "The module is ready to go. We have to get out of here tonight. DK and Dad are going to help us."

She lifted her head and looked in his eyes.

John: "At the changing of the guards at 2 am, we go."

He gently wiped her tears away. She knew what he was giving up for her. It touched her heart.

John: "It is time to go back home to Moya."

Aeryn: "This is your home John."

John: "Not anymore. My home is wherever you are. If I didn't realize that before, I realize it now."

She smiled slightly through her tears. She laid her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her and rocked her slowly. Aeryn felt safe for the first time since they came through the wormhole. John kissed her forehead.

John: "I have to go meet my dad."

She nodded her head. He slipped off the bed and walked toward the door. He looked back. Aeryn was staring at him. He winked at her. She smiled slightly. He left.


John met Jack at his bungalow. Jack had brought two IASA space suits, one for Aeryn and one for John. DK had made arrangements to have the module taken out of the hangar to test some of the modifications that John had made. The military was quite interested in how that module could have made it through re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere without dissolving from the heat.

Jack left just as Alex was coming up the walk. Alex waved to Jack as he was climbing into his truck. John stood on the porch.

John: "What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you."

Alex: "I know you weren't. Can we go inside?"

John held the door open for her. She walked in and saw the suits on the couch. She turned and looked at John.

John: "I am trusting you Alex. More than I have ever trusted you before because it is not just my life, it is Aeryn's."

Alex: "You are helping her to go back home."

John: "She can't stay here. She will die. It is my fault. I should have realized that but I wanted so badly to come and to bring her with me that I wasn't thinking about what she wanted or needed."

Alex: "She is very lucky to have someone like you in her life. Someone who loves her enough to give up so much."

John: "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Alex: "You didn't. We had our moment in time and I will always cherish it."

John touched her cheek.

John: "Glorious moments."

He lowered his hand.

John: "My future is with Aeryn."

Alex: "Yes, I can see that."

Alex lowered her eyes and then looked back up.

Alex: "How can I help?"

John: "No, I don't want you to get into trouble because of me."

Alex: "Why should now be any different?"

She smiled. He smiled and embraced her.

John: "Thank you."

Alex: "Just tell me what you need me to do spaceman."

John pulled Alex over to the couch.

John: "Aeryn is Sebecean. Her species cannot be exposed to heat for long periods of time. Their bodies lack the gene to regulate their body temperature."

Alex: "It is 104 degrees in the shade John. How long can she survive outside of the medical facility?"

John: "I don't know. If there was a way to keep her core temperature down until I can get her out of this atmosphere?"

Alex thought for a moment. She stood up and walked over to the window. John went and stood beside her.

John: "I know that look. What is it Doc?"

Alex: "It is risky, John."

John: "No riskier than watching her die in that cell day by day."

Alex: "I can give her a shot. Slowing her heart, brain, and vital functions to simulate death."

John looked at her.

John: "Kill her?"

Alex: "Simulate death. She would be immediately bagged and moved for dissection and study. In transit, her body could be switched."

John looked out at the base.

John: "There is a similar shot that Sebeceans take during battle. But that was design specifically for Sebeceans."

Alex: "Has she ever had this done before?"

John: "I don't know but she had to give it to me when we got caught up in the flax."

Alex: "The flax?"

John: "We have to skip the back story for now. How would I revive her once I got her out of here?"

Alex: "I will give you the counter agent. It will take several hours to work. She will be weak and need a lot of rest."

John: "She will get that once I get her back on Moya."

Alex: "Do you love her that much that you are willing to give up being back on Earth? The chance at having a normal life with a wife, kids, mini van...?"

John touched Alex's cheek.

John: "There was a time in my life when I would have given anything for that."

Alex: "Anything but your chance at being in the space program."

John: "I have seen the most incredible, wondrous things since I have been gone. I have also been put through more than I thought one man could be put through and I have come out on the other side a little battle weary but stronger than I ever thought I could be. As badly as I wanted to get back here, I don't think I could ever go back to a 9 to 5 job, barbecues on Saturdays and football on Sunday."

Alex: "You were never that kind of guy, spaceman."

They laughed and hugged each other.


That evening when Alex and her team were taking blood samples from Aeryn, Alex waited until the last member left and took a syringe from her lab jacket. Aeryn looked up at her with worry in her eyes. Alex whispered to her.

Alex: "This is going to make your journey a little easier."

She started to pull her hand away. Aeryn grabbed her hand.

Aeryn: "Thank you."

Alex didn't understand what she was saying but from the look in her eyes she had a good idea. Alex touched her hand.

Alex: "You take care of him."

Aeryn smiled and nodded.


DK was having the module moved to the field just on the other side of the base. He had a skeleton crew with him. Jack being among them.

By midnight Aeryn's bodily functions were beginning to fail. She was scared but she trusted John with her life. Alex was correct in how the military handled her death. They didn't know if she was contagious or not. They bagged her and had her taken out by two guards with Alex accompanying the transport. The official transport was waiting in the back of the facility. John was waiting at the side entrance with DK with a different transport. Alex led them to the side entrance. When the guards came through the door pushing the stretcher, DK and John knocked them out. DK unzipped the bag while John locked the guards up.  He looked at Aeryn and touched her cheek.

DK: "She is really cold Alex. Are you sure she is okay?"

Alex checked Aeryn.

Alex: "She will be fine. John this is the counteragent. Give it to Aeryn in one hour. Remember it will take at least a couple of hours for her to come around completely. She will be drained like a newborn but she will be fine."

John took the serum. DK put Aeryn in the back of the transport. John took Alex in his arms.

John: "Thank you for everything."

Alex: "It was good to see you again, spaceman. Take care of yourself."

He stepped back.

Alex: "And take care of her too."

John: "I will. Bye."

John smiled. He climbed in the transport and drove off.


Jack had taken out the two guards guarding the module. John got Aeryn into her space suit and DK helped him put her in the module. John slipped his suit on. He and DK grabbed hands.

DK: "You take care of yourself, John. I know we will meet again either down here or up there."

John: "I know we will."

They hugged. John looked over at his father.

Jack: "At least I know now that you are alive, that is more than I had the last time you vanished in the heavens without a trace."

John: "I love you, Dad."

They hugged. Suddenly they heard the base alert. John looked at DK and Jack.

John: "One day you will look up and I will be there."

He climbed on the module.

John: "They are going to have a lot of hard questions for you guys."

Jack: "Don't worry. We can handle it. You just take care of her. Safe journey home."

He climbed in behind Aeryn's limp body. Her head was resting against his leg. Jack and DK backed away. John fired up Farscape I. Jack and DK got in Jack's vehicle and sped off the field in the opposite direction of the base. He shot across the field building up speed. He could see that the base was lit up with activity and vehicles were being deployed to the field. John had to get at a certain speed before starting his vertical climb.

John: "Come on Sweetheart."

He hit the required speed and pulled back on the lever. The G-Force left him slightly disoriented but he knew exactly how much speed he had to build up to get through the atmosphere. Fighter jets were sent after him but with Moya's components they were no match for the module. When John broke through the atmosphere, he screamed.

John: "Whoooa!!!"

The electrical impulses were lighting up the atmosphere like fireworks. Before he started his maneuver, John took out the syringe that Alex gave him. He lifted Aeryn's helmet slightly and gave Aeryn the shot in the side of her neck. He reattached her helmet.

John started his maneuver. He was bouncing off the atmosphere when he saw the wormhole appear. He smiled.

John: "Right on time my beauty."

John waited for the wormhole to stabilize. He took a deep breath and pointed his module right into it. They were swept up in to it.


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