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<<Part III---Repercussions


Part IV-Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

The next morning Aeryn woke up with a massive head pain. She tried to raise her hand to her head but realize she was restrained to the bed. There was a bandage on her hand from breaking the window. She began to struggle against her restraints and was becoming more and more frustrated. She let out Jool-type scream which brought Alex and John into the room. Aeryn was pulling her wrists so hard that she was making them red. John went over to the bed. Her hand was beginning to bleed through the bandage. John sat on the bed and grabbed her arms just below the elbow.

John: "Aeryn, stop it! You are going to hurt yourself. Look you are making your hand bleed again."

She gave him the coldest stare. A look he hasn't seen from her since his first few monens on Moya when she wasn't quite sure what to make of this strange human life form.

Aeryn: "How could you let them put these on me?!"

John: "I tried to stop them but I couldn't.  Not after the little stunt you pulled with the window."

John tried to touch her forehead. She turned her head away and closed her eyes.

Aeryn: "Don't!"

John: "I just want to help you."

She stopped struggling. She opened her eyes and looked toward the wall. John released her arms. He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

John: "I am going to make this right, I promise. I will make this right."

Aeryn spoke in a calm, eery tone. A tone that sent shivers down John's spine.

Aeryn: "Get out and leave me alone. You are with them. I am alone here."

Her words cut John like a knife. He knew why she was pushing him away. He knew what he had done and that it would hold repercussions for a long time to come. He sat up.

John: "Aeryn?"

She refused to look at him. She yelled.

Aeryn: "Get out! Leave me alone."

He stood up slowly. Alex came over and took his arm.

Alex: "John, your presence is only irritating her more. I think you should go."

John looked at Alex and then down at Aeryn. Aeryn closed her eyes. A hidden tear ran from the corner of her eye into her pillow. John walked toward the door. Aeryn whispered.

Aeryn: "Let me die."

John heard her soft voice and looked back toward her. Her head was still turned away.

John: "I am not going to let you die Aeryn."

John left the room with Alex. Aeryn turned her head and stared up at the ceiling.

Aeryn: "It is not your choice."

Her eyes closed back.

John knew his window of opportunity was growing short. Aeryn wasn't going to last much longer. He spent the day at the hangar with DK making sure the module was in good condition. DK could see how distracted he was. John told him about the commotion in the medical building the night before. He filled him in on the details, including the details involving Alex.

DK: "Now I see why you are in such a rush to get the module ready."

John: "She is going to die if I don't get her out of there soon."

DK: "You have very strong feelings for Aeryn Sun."

John: "Yes."

DK: "And what of Alex? Are you still in love with her?"

John took a deep breath and sighed. He sat down on the stool beside the module.

John: "There was a time when I couldn't imagine my life without Alex. You and I were so close with realizing our dreams of being in the space program. I couldn't leave when she took that job. But I always thought that one day she and I would be together.  That we would find our way back to each other."

DK: "And now?"

John: "Now there is Aeryn."

John looked at DK.

John: "I know what you're thinking and you're right...she looks human but she is an alien. I can't explain it DK. I am in love with her."

DK: "You don't have to explain it. We just have to figure out a way to get here out of there."

John smiled slightly.

John: "Thanks man."

DK: "Have you talked to Alex about your feelings and what you are planning to do?"

John: "No, you know me. The poster child for avoidance when it comes to dealing with certain situations. I will talk to her tonight though. I am going to need her help to get Aeryn out now that they have beefed up her security."

DK smiled.

DK: "Some things never change."

John smiled and lowered his head.

DK: "You said Aeryn won't see you. How are you going to do this without her?"

John: "I will her to see me. She is hurt and angry but Aeryn is a warrior, a survivor. She will be fine when the time comes."

DK: "What about Alex? This project (Aeryn) is hers. How are you going to get her to go along with any of this?"

John: "I don't know but I have to try and if she won't, then I have to go around her. I am not going to let Aeryn die."


Part V-The Rescue >>

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