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Part III---Repercussions

In the middle of the night, John and Alex were awakened by MPs pounding on Alex's bungalow door. Alex got up and slipped on her robe. John stood in the door of the bedroom wrapped in a sheet.

Alex: "What is it?"

MP: "There has been a problem with the alien. She has attacked one of the guards and gotten his weapon. She is using her bed as a barrier and we can't get to her. They need you and Commander Crichton. We haven't been able to locate him. He is not in his bungalow."

Alex: "I will track him down. I will be there shortly."

Alex closed the door. She jogged into the bedroom. John was already throwing his pants and shoes on. Alex rushed to get dressed and in her haste she grabbed John's shirt off of the chair beside the bed. John grabbed his jacket and zipped it up halfway. They rushed to the medical facility. There were guards everywhere. Alex pushed through with John. They were formulating as to how to neutralize the weapon and tranquilize her with a dart. John looked at Alex.

John: "Let me talk to her. I can calm her down and find out what happened."

Alex: "All right but I am going in with you."

The guard Aeryn had attacked was standing directly outside the door. He was holding his arm.

Alex: "What happened Private?"

Private: "I am not sure. I went in to check on her and she went berserk."

John knocked on the door.

Aeryn: "Stay the frell away from me! I am warning you."

John: "Aeryn, it is John. I am coming in with Alex."

John opened the door slowly. Alex was following close behind. Aeryn looked over top of the bed, which was lying on its side, with the gun she commandeered pointed at the door. John lifted his hands.

John: "What are you doing? I thought we had a deal. You were going to behave yourself."

Aeryn was furious. John could see it in her eyes. As John approached her slowly with his hands raised, he saw a scratch on the side of her face that was bleeding only slightly. Her t-shirt was slightly torn at the shoulder.

John: "What happened to you?"

Aeryn was so furious she could hardly speak.

Aeryn: "Nobody touches me like that. He had no right! Nobody, especially not these human animals."

John had a shocked look on his face. He looked back at the guard who Aeryn had attacked who had now taken a position behind Alex in the doorway then back at Aeryn. John stood in front of the bed.

John: "Aeryn, give me the gun or they will shot you."

She wouldn't let go of the gun. She was holding it so tight that her knuckles were turning white. She was staring at the guard. John yelled at her to pull her gaze away from the guard who had tried to rape her.

John: "Aeryn! Give it to me."

Her eyes caught his. She lowered the gun slowly. She handed the gun to John. Alex let out the breath she was holding.

John: "Let Alex take a look at you to make sure you are okay."

Aeryn stood up slowly. John put the bed back on its legs. Alex approached Aeryn slowly. John turned toward the guard. He stood in front of him and raised the gun.

John: "I guess this belongs to you."

In a quick motion John hit the guard in the stomach with the butt of the rifle. Alex whipped around. Other soldiers grabbed him to stop him from hitting the servicemen.

John: "What did you think because she doesn't speak our language you could get away with doing that to her? If you ever go near her again, I will free your soul."

Alex: "John, what happened?"

John: "Aeryn said he tried to...."

John couldn't even say the words. His voice cracked with emotion. The captain of the guards entered the room. Alex pointed to the soldier.

Alex: "I want that man off of this duty immediately. Release Commander Crichton."

The captain pulled his man out into the hall and John was released. The captain stood in the door.

Captain: "He will be disciplined for his actions."

John: "A slap on the wrist...or may be a high five from some of the guys."

Captain: "We will take care of it Commander. It will not have any more problems with any more of my men. I can assure you."

John: "S-h-e better not or you will answer for it."

Alex: "Captain, I want your men out of this room. Now."

Captain: "But if she should become violent again..."

Alex looked in Aeryn's eyes.

Alex: "She isn't going to be a problem. Are you Aeryn Sun?"

Aeryn lowered her eyes starting to feel a sense of relief momentarily. She started to relax and take in her surroundings. It was then that she noticed that Alex was wearing Crichton's shirt. The one he was wearing when she saw him earlier. She looked over at Crichton. He turned toward her after the Captain closed the door. He was wearing a thin jacket with no shirt on underneath. She lowered her eyes. She felt like she had been kicked in the stomach. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her pain or disappointment. Alex tried to look at the cut on Aeryn's face but her hair was in the way. John walked

over and sat beside Aeryn on the bed. He tried to push Aeryn's hair aside.

John: "Baby, it is all right now. Let Alex have a look at you."

She slapped his hand away and slipped off the bed. She went over and stood in the corner with her back to them. She slid down the wall until she sat squeezed in the corner. Her face pressed against the padding on the wall. Alex looked at John.

Alex: "Is she okay?"

John had a worried look on his face as he approached her.

John: "I don't know."

John kneeled beside her.

John: "Aeryn? Baby, did he hurt you? Did he?"

She glared at him.

John: "What is it?

She looked at Alex and then back at John. She turned her face back toward the wall. John looked over his shoulder at Alex. It was then that he realized Alex was wearing his shirt. He looked down at himself and then back at Aeryn.

John: "Aeryn...this is not..."

Aeryn: "Leave me alone."

She felt her anger and pain swelling inside of her. All the events of the last 72 arns were beginning to overwhelm her and she suddenly felt so trapped like she was a prisoner in her own skin. He tried to touch her. She gave him a quick jab to his stomach with her elbow. John fell back against the edge of the bed. The jab was placed to knock the wind out of him. Aeryn jumped out of the corner. She pushed passed Alex and ran toward the door. Alex ran to John and helped him sit up. He was holding his stomach as his air slowly return. He was gasping. Alex helped him to his feet slowly.

Aeryn: "Leave me alone! Stay away from me. You are just like the rest of these humans."

Aeryn glared at him. Her eyes shining with unshed tears.

Aeryn: "What was it you said, "Trust me Aeryn. I won't let them hurt you. Behave yourself and everything will be fine."

A tear ran down her cheek. Alex looked at John.

Alex: "What is she saying, John?"

Aeryn: "I want to go home! Let me out of here or kill me now but free me!"

John made a move toward her. She backed away from his reach and turned toward the two-way window. She rushed toward the window and started pounding on the glass. She hit it so hard her fist went right through.

John:  "Aeryn, No!"

Two soldiers burst in the room. Each had an aim on Aeryn. She made a move toward them and they shot her with the tranquilizer darts. John held his hand up.

John: "No!"

Aeryn's arms dropped to her side. Blood dripping from the hand that went through the glass. She turned slowly. Her eyes met John's gaze. There were tears rolling down her cheek. She dropped to her knees. She looked down at the dart and pulled it out of her leg. She slumped down on the floor. John ran to her and cradled her in his arms. He was stroking her hair.

John: "Aeryn, baby, I didn't mean to. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to."

She was staring at him but it was as if she was looking right through him. Alex watched him with her. She saw the look on his face. It was then that she knew that she was right about his feelings for the beautiful raven- haired alien. John loved her.

John: "I am sorry baby. I am so sorry."

Aeryn's eyes closed slowly. Her body went limp in John's arms. He held her close to him and rocked her gently. He stroked her hair.

John: "Shh, everything is going to be fine. I promise. I am going to fix this."

Aeryn was moved to a room which allowed for more security. She was restrained to her bed. Alex was tried to get John to leave and get some sleep because Aeryn would be out until morning. He refused. He sat outside of her room all night watching her through the observation window.


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