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<<Part I--Old Love


Part II-Betrayal

John stayed while Aeryn went through a series of tests. He could tell from the look on her face that she was angry and afraid but she kept her cool like she promised him she would. After she was returned to the quarters and was settled in for the night he left the facility with Alex.

Alex: "How about some dinner? We can catch up on each others lives."

John: "That sounds great but it will have to be local. I am not exactly free to go to four star restaurants."

They smiled at each other.

Alex: "My bungalow, say at 7:30 pm."

John smiled.

John: "I will be there."

Alex kissed his cheek and left him. John watched her with a smile on his face and then turned to go see DK and the module.


Jack and DK were together looking at the incredible modifications John had made to the module using Moya's parts. John looked over the module to make sure all systems were still functioning.

John: "How is she doing?"

DK: "Considering the crash, she is in remarkable shape."

John: "Flight worthy?"

Jack looked at his son. DK took John by the arm. Jack followed. They went into DK's office. Jack closed the door.

Jack: "What are you planning?"

John: "I can't leave her there."

DK: "How do you plan to get her out? Security around her is as tight as a gnat's ass."

John looked at DK and smiled. It was good to hear the 'stupid' earth sayings as Aeryn calls them from another human male.

Jack: "You are going to break the alien out and take her back in the module.'

DK looked at John.

John: "Her name is Aeryn Sun. She is an alien to you but she is my friend. I can't leave her there to be poked and prodded. She is keeping it cool for now but that is not going to last. I know Aeryn. They will have to kill her to keep her and I am not going to let that happen."

Jack: "What about you? Look how long it took you to find your way home. Are you willing to risk getting lost in space again for that creature?"

John: "I found my way once. I will find it again."

John walked over to the window. He stared out at the base.

John: "Since Alex is the head of the research team, I know I have a little time to work on my plan. I trust her. I know she won't let them do anything to Aeryn without telling me first."

DK: "Are you planning to bring Alex in on your plan?"

John looked over his shoulder.

John: "I don't know. I am meeting her for dinner tonight. I have to feel her out. It has been a long time. I have changed may be she has too."

DK walk over and stood next to John.

DK: "We have been best buds forever and we got into this together and I am willing to see it through no matter what you decide."

John looked at him.

John: "Thanks man."

He turned to his father.

John: "What about you Dad?"

Jack took a couple of steps toward John.

Jack: "I have seen that look on your face before. I know I can't stop you. Just tell me what you need me to do."

John: "Thank you. I haven't figured a timeline yet. With all the equipment they just brought on base, I know they are not planning to move her anytime soon so I have a small window to get the module ready for flight."

Jack: "How are you going to get back to this Moya? Provided you can create and survive another flight through a wormhole."

John: "When I first spotted the wormhole, I asked Pilot to track our com channel. I didn't know if it was real or not but just to be on the safe side. He would have lost us once we went through the wormhole but Moya will be able to track us once we emerge from it."

The room was silent. John looked back at out the base.


John and Alex had a great dinner. They talked for hours. Going over old times and catching up on each other's lives. John told her all about the crew on Moya and some of his adventures. She was astounded and amazed at his travels.

They sat on the couch drinking wine.

Alex: "Aeryn sounds like a very strong soldier. She has obviously saved your bacon often."

John: "Yes she is."

John got this distant look in his eyes.

John: "See everyone thinks that Aeryn's strength is physical. It isn't. Not saying that she hasn't whipped my but on several occasions but her real strength is her spirit. She has a spirit like I have never encountered before and it is an amazing thing to see."

Alex looked into his eyes. She smiled slightly. John caught her gaze.

John: "What?"

Alex: "You are in love with her, aren't you?"

John: "She is my friend."

Alex: "I am a woman who has loved you and been loved by you. I have never seen that look in your eyes before."

John: "What look?"

Alex: "The look you get when you talk about Aeryn Sun. I saw the look that passed between the two of you when you were with her. I know what love looks like."

John lowered his eyes.

John: "You miss understood what you saw. She is in a strange place, surrounded by people who are alien to her. I am familiar of course she would look to me for comfort."

Alex: "Why are you trying to deny what is so obvious to anyone who sees the two of you together?"

He didn't say anything to her. Alex put her glass down on the coffee table. She moved closer to John. He looked up into her eyes and could feel those old familiar feelings.  Alex stroked his cheek.

Alex: "I missed you so much Johnny."

She leaned into him and slowly lowered her mouth to his. They started kissing and one thing lead to another.


Part III---Repercussions >>

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