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Summary: This one will make your head spin, if the last one didn't! Basically, the crew encounters someone new, Zhaan gets cranky, and there's one hezmana of a big surprise.

Archiving: anywhere-please ask first- lleick@yahoo.com

Rating: PG-13

Category: Action/Adventure

Warnings: Spoilers include every episode up to date (ACN) and you probably will want to read the first part of this series to keep up with the plot. {I highly recommend that you do read Mind Games first! Check it out at Dallascaper's site, Farscape Fantasy}

Disclaimer: I do not own Farscape or anything associated with Farscape. All credit of the originality of the characters and settings (save the ones I made up!) is given to the creators of Farscape.

Author's Note: This was a difficult one to orchestrate! Yes, a lot happens in just one solar day and it is a long story, but bare with me...it's a setup for the next two stories. All four finished stories will be molded together to form the "I'm Frelling With Your Minds" Series. I really hope you enjoy this one and that the story helps quench your thirst during this drought!

*Feedback greatly appreciated!!!*


"What the frell did you do that for?" Chiana asked crudely, letting her voice carry throughout the docking bay.

"Chiana, not now." D'Argo stated angrily. He stared down at Chiana with a stern look on his face.

Chiana stared back at him with hurt and anger in her eyes. She slammed the crate she had been holding in her hands onto D'Argo's foot and stalked out of the room angrily, trying to ignore the roaring reaction from D'Argo. D'Argo bent over and rubbed his foot before picking up the dropped crate and placing it on top of two other crates he had loaded off of the transport pod.

"What was that all about?" Zhaan inquired as John, Aeryn, and D'Argo unloaded more crates into the docking bay. She meandered around the stacked pillars of crates filled with food cubes and made her way over to D'Argo's side.

"Nothing!" D'Argo barked and then charged out of the room. Zhaan stood with shock on her face and turned to John and Aeryn. They had just stepped off the transport pod after the last load of crates had been set down and looked just as confused as Zhaan.

"I suspect D'Argo left her behind on the planet when searching for information on his son." Aeryn stated after a pause. She thought of how she and John had had to contain D'Argo on the planet after a violent confrontation with one of the natives.

"They're worse than a divorced couple." John muttered and made his way out of the docking bay. Aeryn shrugged to Zhaan and the two followed him out.

John entered Command and made himself comfortable beside his chess set. Aeryn and Zhaan soon entered as well and stepped up to the controls to monitor the current situation in space. Zhaan glanced back at John with a hint of worry in her eyes.

"D'Argo must have more information on his son or he would not be acting so angry." Zhaan decided out loud, hoping to strike up some conversation. Her comment hung in the air for a moment before anyone said anything more. She looked back to John and smiled. He was playing chess again, and smiling like a child. Aeryn noticed this as well.

"What are you so happy about?" Aeryn asked, slightly annoyed.

"Huh? Oh, just thought of something funny." John said, without looking up from his game.

"Like what?" Aeryn asked curiously, turning her full attention to John. She then walked over to the chess set and sat down opposite him. Leaning forward, Aeryn rested her chin on her hands and peered at Crichton with an intense stare. John slowly looked up and his smile dimmed slightly.

"Aeryn, please, Earth humor doesn't seem to amuse you much." John stated. Aeryn looked at John oddly and shook her head. She stood up with frustration and then headed off to her quarters.

"John, may I speak with you?" Zhaan asked. She stepped over to John. John looked up.

"Yeah, what is it?" John asked with a sigh.

"When we...shared unity, I experienced a whole different wave of energy from you that I never sensed before. It's given me new strength. I'm able to continue with my Delvian Seek and soon I may enter the eleventh level." Zhaan stated with exasperation. John looked to her with unemotional eyes.

"Whoop-de-do, Zhaan." John stated uncaringly. He looked back to his chess set.

"John?" Zhaan was hurt and confused by his strange Crichtonsim.

"Sorry, Zhaan. I'm glad I could help you. Just didn't help me any." Crichton stated, flashing his eyes at Zhaan before making a move on the chess set.

"John..." Zhaan started but was interrupted by Pilot as he appeared on the clamshell.

:"I'm receiving some kind of transmission very similar to that of Moya's. In fact, Moya seems quite drawn to the source...she's speeding up towards it." Pilot stated. John brought his head up quickly and looked out the view screen with panicked eyes. As he stood, Aeryn re-entered Command to see what was going on.

"What is it Pilot?" She asked.

"It's...another Leviathan!" Pilot stated in surprise.

The three shipmates stood in awe as the large Leviathan appeared on the view screen. The ship was much bigger than Moya and quite distinguishable. Although it's many exterior features resembled Moya, the onlookers could immediately sense the ship was a male. The steady ship boasted strong features including a much larger starburst tail. The ship had several large thrusters hidden smoothly beneath its belly showing the pure strength the ship was capable of. It's exterior was also much more of a red tint than Moya's.

"What the hezmana is going on?" Rygel asked as he hovered into Command to join the others.

"I hope that that's a friend of Moya's." John stated, staring at the huge beast they had encountered.

"Another Leviathan? Great, just what we need." Rygel retorted.

"The ship has informed us there are no inhabitants on board." Pilot relayed to the crew.

"That's a little strange, don't you think?" John asked. His statement hung in the air as the shipmates watched the large Leviathan turn towards Moya and hover before her. The Leviathan looked as though it was studying Moya, trying to determine whether or not she meant any harm.

"What's the ship's name?" Zhaan asked curiously.

"Antarus." Pilot stated. John was struck with a note of familiarity by that name but could not even begin to figure out why.

"Pilot, prepare a transport pod." John ordered. Pilot obeyed and John headed out of Command.

"Wait! You can't just go over there...it could be a trick!" Aeryn stated, stopping John by placing her hand on his arm. John stopped in his tracks and turned his head to look at Aeryn. He thought for a moment that he had seen a glimmer of panic in her eyes. John shrugged her hand off and continued on down the corridor.

"If anyone wishes to join me, I suggest you get a move on it." John stated and disappeared from view.

Aeryn glanced to Zhaan and turned to leave. Zhaan looked back out at the ship. She wasn't in the mood to deal with the bickering going on between John and Aeryn.

"Perhaps there are valuables aboard that you could get you're little fingers on, Rygel. Why don't you join them?" Zhaan asked with an impatient smile on her face. Her eyes told a much different story as they bore down on Rygel. Rygel shrunk away with fear and gulped before turning his throne sled away and out of the room as fast as it could go. Zhaan relaxed and let out a deep breathe. She then turned to the empty Command and smiled. She now had the place to herself.


The four shipmates stood in awe at the amazing size of the Leviathan hovering in space in front of them. The transport pod they were traveling in neared the docking bay of the ship but none seemed to notice. Antarus was overpowering and intimidating. The transport pod jolted slightly as it came to a rest within the docking bay. The doors leading out into space slowly closed and silence followed for a few microts. The transport pod's door slid open and Aeryn stepped out, armed and ready for anything that might come their way. Close behind, Crichton held a weapon steadily in his hands, his face wearing a stern look of suspicion. D'Argo followed with his quanta blade raised, scanning the room as they stepped off the pod. Chiana hovered cautiously behind him, also grasping a weapon in her hands.

The only sign of life revealed itself almost immediately. Several large yellow DRDs swarmed around the newcomers, probing at their feet and scanning them up and down with their snaky eyes. The DRDs were built almost exactly like Moya's yet they seemed a bit larger, like everything else on this ship.

"Aeryn, you go find the Pilot. D'Argo and I will check out the Command. Chiana, stay here."John ordered, gaining eye contact from each individual as he talked.

"Who gave you the right to order us around?" Chiana asked, growing frustrated.

"Chiana, do as he says." D'Argo answered with irritation. A look was exchanged between the two that John could not interpret. He looked to Aeryn to see if she agreed with him. She nodded and headed off towards the den where the Pilot should be. John looked back to D'Argo and Chiana.

"Are we a go?" John asked. He received the usual confused expressions and rolled his eyes. "Are we ready to go?"

"Yes." D'Argo stated and moved on out of the docking bay. Chiana was about to protest when John placed a finger on her lips. They looked into each other's eyes: Chiana trying to read further into his expression, John sending her a stern look. With that, John turned swiftly and disappeared out of the bay before Chiana could mutter another word of complaint.

Chiana huffed and sat down on the steps of the transport pod. Several DRDs approached her.

"Just stay where you are, you little buckets of dren. I'm not in the mood to deal with you." Chiana stated, pointing her gun at the DRDs. They backed away immediately, diverting their attention to other matters in the bay. Chiana rested the gun in her lap and placed her elbows on her lap, resting her head in her hands. With a huge sigh, she realized she would be there for quite a while.


Aeryn slowly worked her way towards the Pilot's den, observing the familiar interior features of a Leviathan. The layout of this Leviathan was strangely the same as Moya's. Aeryn would be able to find the Pilot with ease. But she still moved on with caution, watching as the occasional curious DRD passed her by in the hall. Puzzled, Aeryn neared the den. She could not figure out why the pilot had not yet contacted any of them. She pressed her self against the wall next to the door of the den. With a swift movement, she set the door off to open. As it did so, Aeryn slipped into the opening, her gun trained on whatever might jump out at her from the other side. Aeryn stepped into the den and stopped, lowering her weapon in complete astonishment at the site before her.

"Crichton! D'Argo!" Aeryn stated over her comms.

"Yeah, what is it, Aeryn?" John asked, his voice carrying an unusual hint of boredom.

"Meet me in the den. Youıre not going to believe this." Aeryn answered, staring on in disbelief.

"We're on our way." John stated, his voice picking up with interest.

Aeryn stood in place, observing the sight before her in silence. She heard John and D'Argo's hurried footsteps approaching down the hall. Soon, the footsteps fell into silence as Aeryn sensed the two had arrived behind her. She turned to see the look of shock on their faces as they entered the den. John glanced at Aeryn with question and D'Argo opened his mouth to say something. Aeryn spoke up instead.

"I know it may seem impossible, but it can happen." She stated as the three formed into a row and stood at a distance from the sight before them. Decaying at the place of controls, was a pale, wrinkled pilot, slumped to the side with eyes closed and mouth hung open as if caught in a moment of catching that one last breath. Tiny, black little worm-like creatures feeding off the decaying body were wiggling their way in and out of various entrances and exits on the pilotıs body. A few DRDs were situated around the pilot, keeping their distance from the dead creature, but also protecting it from the newcomers to the ship.

"I thought...does this mean Antarus is dying as well?" John asked. He was pondering the fact that once the pilot dies, so does the ship. He whipped his head around, observing the healthy appearance of the ship and then looked back to the dead pilot.

"The ship seems perfectly healthy." D'Argo said, as if reading John's mind. John glanced at him sideways for a moment and then looked to Aeryn.

"What's going on here?"

"It is possible that the pilot can die and the ship can live on with out it. But the chances are soŠ" Aeryn said and stopped. Memories of the last time she had seen a dead pilot flashed through her mind along with strong emotions of guilt and sorrow. The pilot she had helped kill by her own hand. She shook her head. "I don't understand this."

"How long do you think the pilot's been dead? What caused his death in the first place? Somethingıs not right here." John questioned, shifting his gun from one hand to the other nervously.

"I suspect the pilot died from old age. Perhaps we should take a closer look." Aeryn suggested. None of them could fathom why they didn't want to take any step closer to the dead creature. With a few microts worth of hesitation, the three stepped on towards the pilot. They stopped just short of the creature and took in the horrible smell of decay.

"Whoa! Frell! I'd say he's been dead for a while!" John reacted, pinching two of his fingers over his nose and backing away. He bent over near the edge of the walkway and nearly lost his lunch. He straightened and watched D'Argo also rear away from the creature. Aeryn stepped back a few steps as well. The DRDs surrounding the pilot moved towards her in a threatening manner. Aeryn backed away even more, lowering her weapon, showing she wished no harm.

"This is strange. I say we get off this ship as soon as possible!" D'Argo demanded, tightening his grip on his qualta blade.

"If the pilot is dead, this ship is floating in space destined to die. I don't think we need to worry about any apparent threat from an enemy, here. Why don't we see what supplies we can salvage and head back to Moya?" Aeryn reasoned.

"Sounds like a plan to me. The sooner we get out of this den, the better!" John agreed. The three then turned and left the room in a hurried fashion. They gathered in the hall and watched as a DRD passed by, waiting to speak after it disappeared from sight.

"Pilot. Has Antarus told Moya anything about the pilot on this ship? Did he say anything about what might have happened to him or even any crew members that might have existed on the ship?" Aeryn asked over her comms.

Silence followed.

"Pilot!" Aeryn said into her comms with more aggression in her voice.

"Maybe the signal isn't getting through. Let's head back to the docking bay." D'Argo suggested. The three then headed down the hall towards the docking bay.

"Did you guys notice that there weren't any transport pods in the docking bay?" John stated, thinking back to when they first arrived.

"Yes, why?' D'Argo asked impatiently.

"Doesn't that seem a little strange to you?" John asked, looking to D'Argo with a raised eyebrow. He was surprised at the ignorance and impatience D'Argo had been displaying in the past few solar days.

The three walked on in silence, John's question remaining unanswered. When they reached the docking bay, Chiana stood up with the weapon in her hand dangling precariously in her grasp. Aeryn tried once more to reach Pilot.

"Pilot! What's going on, why haven't you contacted us yet?" Aeryn said slightly louder into her comms than before.

"Officer Sun, I have been trying to reach you since you arrived on board. Antarus has told us that the pilot is dead. What happened?" Pilot's frantic voice answered.

"What happened? We were about to ask the same thing. He doesn't know?" Aeryn responded, sending a confused look to the others.

"Antarus was too frightened to say. He thinks he's dying as well. But from Moya's scans, he is in perfect health." Pilot answered.

"Keep Moya and Antarus talking, Pilot. Meanwhile, we're going to secure this ship and find some answers." John stated into his comms and looked to his shipmates to see if anyone would object to his orders.

"You didn't want to clear that with us first, huh?" Chiana said, deciding to push things a little further. She regrettably saw an angered look flicker in John's eyes for a brief moment. Aeryn noticed as well.

"Chiana..." Aeryn started but was cut off by John.

"What? What...you don't trust me? You think that whatever I say is just some lie? You think I'm working against you? Gees! I fall into the hands of Scorpius for one frelling day and you decide I'm the enemy here." John said, his eyes glowing with anger. He was still trying to win back his shipmates' trust. D'Argo stepped forward to block John from approaching Chiana. John looked to D'Argo with the same expression; D'Argo returned the expression, folding his arms over his chest.

'"John." D'Argo started with his soft voice. "We do trust you. We just think you should inform us of any plans you may have first, before ordering us to do them."

"John. That's all in the past. Let's please concentrate on what's going on now." Aeryn stated softly. John looked around at the heightened expressions of slight fear and worry on his friend's faces. He backed down from his assault and leaned up against the transport pod, his head lowered. Chiana walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I do trust you. We all do." Chiana said, trying to comfort him. John could sense there was a "but..." in that statement and was glad Chiana didn't say anything more. He straightened and stood away from the transport pod.

"Do you still wish to secure the ship?" John asked, somewhat beginning to show signs of exhaustion. Aeryn noticed this and tucked the thought away, making a mental note to talk to John later.

"Yes. I agree we should secure the ship. Chiana, stay here." Aeryn stated and headed back into the rest of the ship with D'Argo and John trailing behind.

Chiana let out her usual whimper and frustratingly sat back down on the steps of the transport pod, resuming the same position as before. A DRD passed by on its way to follow the others and stole a glance at Chiana.

"What are you looking at?" She snapped at the DRD. It hurried its pace out of the docking bay and disappeared down the hall.

"This is completely fahrbot! I'm outta here!" Chiana decided finally, standing up with confidence. She stepped of the transport pod and headed off into the ship by herself.


"Zhaan! Where the hezmana are you?" Rygel charged as he hovered down the hall towards Zhaan's quarters. He had not made it to the transport pod in time to join the rest of the crew on their trip over to Antarus. An arn had passed with no communication from the others on Antarus. Pilot was busy listening to Moya and Antarus flirt with each other. And Rygel was bored. He also didn't want to admit that he was slightly lonely. Living with several other species for two cycles sure could have an effect on the little guy.

Zhaan did not respond. Rygel knew exactly where she was and what she was doing. Meditating...again. Rygel was sick of the constant devotion to the Delvian Seek that Zhaan displayed in the past few weekens. She had been getting worse and worse, even skipping meals. Nearing Zhaan's quarters, Rygel could hear the soft murmur of her chanting. He finally arrived at the opened doorway to gasp and cover his eyes with his hand.

"Do you mind putting some clothes on?!" Rygel grumbled. Zhaan turned to him with a glare.

"Rygel, these are my personal quarters. I may do whatever I want within them. If you do not like it, go away." Zhaan snapped. She turned away and continued her chanting, this time her voice growing more invigorating. Rygel peeked out at her from under his hand and shook his head. Turning his throne sled away, he gave her one last glance.

"For a peaceful being such as yourself, you sure can be a...what does Crichton call it? Oh yes, a bitch!" Rygel stated smugly and zoomed off in his throne sled.

Zhaan turned at his statement, only to find that Rygel had left already. But the look on her face was one of slight sorrow and concern. She knew her mood had been darker in the past few weekens and her dedication to the Seek had grown more intense. How far she was willing to go in the Seek was still in question. But what concerned her most was what it would take to get to the eleventh level.


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