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My fellow scapers,

Dallas finally got this site built and put up a page of my very own to express thoughts on Farscape. I knew that poor human would be good for something.

First, allow me give you some background information about myself. For many years I always thought my name was Giraffe. One of my first memories was hearing a human child say, "Look mommy, it's a giraffe!" Then, several months ago, I visited the Farscape message board and discovered I didn't have a real name. I didn't know what to do and was quite upset about it. Then, like a knight to my rescue, a very nice human named Zhathras named me Geoffrey. Now I have a name and feel like a real person! Thank you, Zhathras.

I live at the Dallas Zoo, which is a pretty good gig if you can get it. We have cable, but the lions are always there watching LEXX - damn carnivores! Fortunately, I have an ape friend who smuggles in tapes of Farscpape every week. We don't have the internet here, but I can get access via the primate's lounge from time to time.

Would like to add that I am a major John & Aeryn shipper. Like many shippers, I wish the show would stop playing with our emotions and just let John and Aeryn get together. They are a perfect couple and need to get busy making a family. I know the whole inter-species thing upsets some people, but that's their problem. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

I'll be posting my articles and photos here as I get the chance and would love to know what you think of them. If my spelling and grammar isn't perfect, please be kind. After all, I am a giraffe.

The show looks great from up here,

~Geoffrey the Giraffe



The Famous Pa'u Zhaan
by Geoffrey the Giraffe

A spore is a spore, of course, of course,
and no one can sneeze at a spore, of course.
That is of course, unless the source
is the famous Pa'u's head!



Boy Scorpy

"The Hawaiian shirt was cute, but if Scorpius shows up dressed like Boy George I am out of here"



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