Farscape's third season gets off to a solid start and features some of the most memorable episodes in its history. The strongest season to date.
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3.01 Season of Death
Scorpy eats a piece of John's brain; Zhaan shares unity with Aeryn
3.02 Suns and Lovers
Aeryn makes an offer; Moya caught in cables; Chiana & Jothee caught in something else
3.03 Self-inflicted Wounds part 1 Could'a, Would'a, Should'a
Crichton gets another Amazon to tame and sees the Three Stooges
3.04 Self-inflicted Wounds part 2* Wait for the Wheel
Aliens up to no good; the Growler opens; another death in the family
3.05 Different Destinations*
Crew goes back in time and screws up; In to the mud scum queen!
3.06 Eat Me
Farscape meets the Leviathan of the living dead; New character is introduced
3.07 Thanks for Sharing
Crais reveals the contents of the chip; Talyn near death; John(s) has a plan
3.08 Green Eyed Monster
Talyn swallowed by a Budong; John/Crais/Talyn in a pissing contest over Aeryn
3.09 Losing Time
Aliens from James Cameron's The Abyss visit Moya; John and Chiana have "sex"
3.10 Relativity
John & Aeryn make love; Aeryn's mother crashes the party
3.11 Incubator
Scorpy shows the Crichton clone his family photo album
3.12 Meltdown*
Talyn haunted by a ghost & heads for a sun; John & Aeryn have the hots for each other
3.13 Scratch and Sniff*
John & D'Argo rolled; Chiana & Jool drained; Pilot not believing a bit of it
3.14 Infinite Possibilities, part 1*Daedalus Demands
Dad returns; Fulow gives John a big fat kiss; Scorpy on a roller-coaster
3.15 Infinite Possibilities, part 2*Icarus Abides
Farscape isn't ready for a happy ending
3.16 Revenging Angel*
Another wild ride through Crichton's mind
3.17 The Choice
Aeryn searches for Crichton; finds dad; loses hope
3.18 Fractures*
The crews unite: Rygel finally gets lucky
3.19 I-Yensch, You-Yensch
The crew strikes a deal with Scorpius; Talyn finally goes off the deep end.
3.20 Into The Lion's Den, part 1: Lambs to Slaughter
Crichton enters Scorpy's command carrier; a new foe arrives
3.21 Into The Lion's Den, part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing*
Crichton finally gets his revenge; Crais & Talyn make ultimate sacrifice.
3.22 Dog With Two Bones*
Moya buries Talyn; crazy Leviathan attacks crew; Crichton and Aeryn get hitched
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