The second season is much darker than the first and is dominated the theme of John Crichton slowing descending into madness.
*Denotes coming soon
2.01 Mind The Baby
John & D'Argo safe, Aeryn strikes a deal with Crais
2.02 Vitas Mortis
D'Argo helps old woman die - is rewarded nicely
2.03 Taking The Stone
Chiana goes to a cemetery planet; John eats magic mushrooms
2.04 Crackers Don't Matter
D'Argo hits John; John shoots D'Argo; Zhaan is satisfied; Chiana knees John in the groin; Aeryn taunts John; D'Argo stuffs Rygel; Pilot hates everybody; Scorpius shows up wearing a Hawaiian shirt while holding margaritas...
2.05 Picture If You Will
Portrait foretells deadly futures; an old enemy returns
2.06 The Way We Weren't
Aeryn has a secret - Pilot not a happy camper
2.07 Home On The Remains
Crew is starving; Chiana goes a dead animal; Zhaan has a spore problem
2.08 Dream A Little Dream (Re-Union)
Zhaan framed for murder: Rygel and Chiana play lawyers; Moya wants to bolt
2.09 Out of Their Minds
Moya's crew switch bodies; D'Argo has the hots for John
2.10 My Three Crichtons
Three Crichtons = three times the trouble
2.11 Look at the Princess Part I: A Kiss is but a Kiss
Rhapsody in pastels. John gets hitched; Aeryn kisses Rygel; D'Argo and Chiana get freaky; Moya wants to see daddy
2.12 Look at the Princess Part II: I Do, I Think
John is spaced out; Scorpy is snubbed; Moya meets god and dies; Ben's wife is shocked.
2.13 Look at the Princess Part III: The Maltese Crichton
John meets Bond girl; Aeryn's boyfriend is a drag; Zhaan sucks up god.
2.14 Beware of Dog
THEY KILLED E.T. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.15 Wont Get Fooled Again
John and D'Argo "park", Rygel whips John into shape: D'Argo's Mustang gets totaled; Aeryn gets freaky with D'Argo, Zhaan and Chiana kiss: Pilot ROCKS!; Scorpy saves the day
2.16 The Locket
Stark shows up with news; John and Aeryn become a couple of old farts
2.17 The Ugly Truth
Talyn has a temper tantrum; crew goes to jail
2.18 A Clockwork Nebari
Chiana's people show up; surfer John has his eyes pulled out
2.19 Liars, Guns, and Money part 1: A Not So Simple Plan
Crew robs a bank; an old friend returns; Scorpy has a girlfriend
2.20 Liars, Guns, and Money part 2: With Friends Like These*
Crew rounds up old enemies for hire; Moya is on is Scorpy
2.21 Liars, Guns, and Money part 3: Plan B
John gets molested by Nitira; The crew comes to the rescue
2.22 Die Me Dichotomy
Oh my god.
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