The fourth season takes its time resolving issues left open from season three. Much of the season centers around Crichton's ability to predict the appearance of wormholes and the consequences of his new skill.
4.01 Crichton Kicks
Crichton alone on an abandoned Leviathan, but not for long.
4.02 What Was Lost, part 1
Crichton falls for the Commandant's cleavage; Creature from the Black Lagoon lurks.
4.03 What Was Lost, part 2
Crichton slaps Commandant Grayza on the ass; wrinkles has a name; there is a link!
  4.04 Lava's a Many Splendored Thing
Crew lands on planet to vomit; Rygel trapped; Wrinkles belly dances.
  4.05 Promises
Moya's crew is finally reunited; Scorpy tags along; Aeryn has the hots, but not for John
  4.06 Natural Election
They've got a secret, but not for long; Moya attacked by a plant; a captain is chosen
  4.07 John Quixote
Crichton and Chiana play a game for lives; old friends return

4.08 I Shrink, Therefore I Am
Bounty hunters capture crew; Crichton/Scorpy join forces

  4.09 A Prefect Murder
Crew visits Middle Earth; Aeryn has a blast
  4.10 Coup by Clam
Crew poisoned by clams; Crichton dresses drag - gets boyfriend
  4.11 Unrealized Reality
Crichton finally gets some answers
  4.12 Kansas
It's Halloween 1985, do you know where your aliens are?
  4.13 Terra Firma
Crichton goes home; crew goes shopping
  4.14 Twice Shy
Chiana goes shopping again; mayhem ensues
  4.15 Mental as Anything
D'Argo confronts Macton; Crichton can't find his keys
  4.16 Bringing Home the Beacon
Girl's night out turns deadly
  4.17 A Constellation of Doubt
Crichton watches too much tabloid TV
  4.18 Prayer
Aeryn tortured; Crichton & Scorpy join forces
  4.19 We're So Screwed, part 1: Fetal Attraction
Crew rescues Aeryn; Rygel gets a rash; an old "friend" emerges from hiding
  4.20 We're So Screwed, part 2: Hot to Katratz
Into the Scarran's den; Scorpius tortured; Crichton & Aeryn make use of Scarran garden
  4.21 We're So Screwed, part 3. La Bomba
Crichton deals with the Scarrans the George Bush way.
  4.22 Bad Timing
And this is how it ends...for now.
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