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Spoilers: Maybe Die Me Dichotomy

Summery: Will John and Aeryn ever have a normal relationship? Don't bet on it!

Doing the Dishes by Vaya

A ship glided through the laughably named, "Uncharted Territories". It was a beautiful ship, it looked like a fish, moved like a fish, but steered like a cow. She was a living ship named Moya.

Inside her were other living beings, like parasites, who were resting after an adventure which could probably make a smashing episode, but will be ignored here.

Two of these beings, John Crichton of Earth and Aeryn Sun of.....Sebacia <I don't know>, have a  very tense relationship, which is good for story lines and adventures, but hard on their sanity.

Now that the excitement of the past few days has subsided, can they relax?


Apparently not.

"I am NOT washing these Frelling dishes John!" Aeryn picked a platter and threw like a dicus at the human, who barely dodged it. It hit the wall behind him and shattered into hundreds of little pieces.

He glared at her with an insane look that took dozens of neural implants to perfect. "Well I'M not doin them either! I've washed them the last 10 TIMES!"

He ducked as a mug flew at his face.

"Yeah? Well TOUGH! You should've thought of that before you KILLED ME! You frelling OWE ME!"

"Oh you are never gonna let me live THAT one down are you?"

She smiled sweetly and shook her head.

He grabbed the nearest dish and flung at her "Then take THIS!"

She jumped out of the way and flung another plate at him while she sailed gracefully through the air.

He dived behind a table and began throwing bowls at her. She quickley found her way to the pans and responded in kind.

Chiana, hearing the disturbance, and not knowing enough to stear clear poked her head inside. "Hey guys what's-," a plate flew at her head and she quickly moved to avoid it.

"FRELL! Nevermind.." she left quickly.

John picked up a large platter and moved to her side to catch her by surprise.

"AHA!" he exclaimed, with a flair of bravado that lasted just over a second.

The plate exploded in his hand. Aeryn held her smoking pulse pistol aimed right at him.

He went wide-eyed, and pale as a sheet and started waving his hands around.

"WHOA! WHOA! Alright! I'll do the dishes."

She holstered her pistol and said, "Right!" and then turned to stomp out of the room.

"After you're done, come down the maintenence bay and we'll make out. But nothing more! We want to keep the fans unsatiated and screaming."

He looked at the devestation. He'd have to clean up, and he'd given in.

He smiled though, at least had something to look forward to.

The End



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