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By LeatherGirl


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Chiana had finally caught up with Rygel. She had noticed his paranoia earlier and was relieved to find that she wasn't the only one on the ship with anxiety. Rygel was hovering close to the transport pod, glancing around nervously. He didn't even notice her approach.

"Hiya, Frog boy!" Chiana stated with false smile. Rygel threw a strip of metal in her direction. Surprised, Chiana ducked and watched as the metal flew over her head and Clamged to the floor denches behind her. She straightened and looked at Rygel with a glare. "What was that for?!"

"I...I'm sorry. I thought you were a spirit." Rygel stated in a frightened whisper. Chiana glanced around, trying to see if she could witness what Rygel was talking about. She looked back to Rygel with a frown.

"Spirits? Honestly, Rygel. You're beginning to sound like Zhaan." Chiana giggled nervously. She knew he had some truth in his words. She felt the presence of something herself. Especially after she had witnessed that chamber morph into a solid wall right before her eyes a quarter of an arn ago.

"You know they're here. This ship is haunted. No wonder the crew abandoned it. Where are the others? We have to get off this ship now!" Rygel demanded, maintaining a low voice.

Chiana was about to question him further when D'Argo entered, a distant look on his face. He was lost in thought, not realizing he had entered the room. He almost walked right past them when he finally noticed them. He stopped to observe the heightened fear on their faces.

"What the frell is wrong with you two?" He asked in a gruff voice.

"Well, since I'm not talking to you, I'll convey my answers through Rygel. Tell him, Ryge. Tell him about the ship." Chiana ordered. She looked to D'Argo with a look of triumph, as if she had won some sort of argument. D'Argo raised an eyebrow and waved his hand out.

"Don't bother. I don't want to know of any of Chiana's dren. Let's get off this ship. If I have to find one more detour in this maze, I'm going to blast my way through with my Qualta blade." D'Argo snarled and headed into the transport pod. He stuck his head back out just as Chiana was giving Rygel a look. "Has anyone seen Crichton? He needs to come with us."

Chiana cocked her head curiously at D'Argo. She saw a look of regret pass over his face.

"What do you mean? I thought you were mad at him."

"Chiana, Zhaan's mad at him, Aeryn's mad at him, but not me. I have no meat with him as he would say." D'Argo stated reassuringly. Chiana could see right through his lies.

"D'Argo, everyone's mad at him. Even I am. We're all mad at each other. We hate each other. Rygel, tell him." Chiana said with a smug smile.

"Shut up bitch." Rygel stated fearfully, partly listening to them, partly listening to the phantom noises he feared he was imagining.

Chiana tightened her lips but realized Rygel had only proved her point. D'Argo laughed and stepped back into the transport pod.

"Attention everyone. Moya and I both think you should come back aboard. There are signs of ships entering into the far end of Moya's scans. It may be the war." Pilot said over the comms.

Zhaan entered into the docking bay just as Pilot finished speaking. She smiled briefly at the lie Pilot had come up with, figuring the crew was already there waiting. She approached Chiana and Rygel.

"Are the others aboard the transport pod already?" She asked Chiana. Chiana looked to her with anger and then looked away. Zhaan let out a frustrated sigh. Aeryn then entered into the bay. Her eyes were slightly reddened, and she wore an unusually harsh expression. It reminded Zhaan of Aeryn, as she was when she had been a PeaceKeeper captured on Moya.

Aeryn did not acknowledge any of her shipmates outside the transport pod. She instead walked straight into the transport pod, her actions urging the others to follow. Zhaan sensed Crichton was not there yet.

"Let's go! I don't know about you but I sure as hezmana don't want to find out what this ship is transforming into!" Chiana said and darted into the transport pod, not daring to look back at the ship behind her. Rygel quickly followed in pursuit.

Zhaan stood silent. She reached deep within and closed her eyes. A vision began to stream into her mind. She could see Crichton in the vision. His face showed an increasing loss of control as he madly dashed throughout the changing ship. He was lost. Zhaan could feel his fear and loneliness. She briefly felt pity for the man. His harsh words from not so long ago burned back into her mind. Zhaan almost decided to leave him there. No, I mustn't do that! I'm a priest...a peaceful being. I care for all living beings. I cannot do this! She struggled with her inner demons. Finally, Zhaan let her shoulders droop and she imagined a clear hallway, leading through the gully of the ship to the docking bay. Crichton turned in the vision to see this hallway. A momentary look of relief spilled across his face. Zhaan opened her eyes and smiled. She still had some control. She then stood and waited for him to appear.

Several microns passed. Zhaan was beginning to grow slightly worried. Crichton suddenly appeared, his shirt drenched with sweat, his face pale and showing signs of madness. Zhaan was almost shocked by his appearance. She instinctively reached a hand out to him as he approached, but something inside stopped her. She felt anger for him rise once again. Zhaan's eyes turned stone cold. Crichton finally noticed Zhaan, standing with a smirk on her face; her hands folded one on top of the other in front of her. He did not like the look she was portraying. It spooked him. He instead ignored her, not daring to make eye contact and brushed past her to enter onto his module stationed near the transport pod. Zhaan's eyes traveled along, watching him pass. She looked back at the ship one last time, almost with a scolding expression. She turned and headed into the transport pod. Both the transport pod and the module fired up and headed on their way out of the docking bay. Silence held heavy within the pod, and silence became less outside in the ship. Antarus was changing faster than ever.


Pilot listened to Moya intently. He felt at ease when she was communicating with Antarus. The two ships had become infatuated with each other. Pilot was beginning to feel more at peace in the past few arns than he had ever felt in a very long time. Moya was content so he was content. Now if only the crew could resolve their differences and share in the joy of the bond between Moya and Antarus.


Pilot looked to his controls. He listened to Moya. Why had she felt confusion?


Was Moya thinking of Talyn again? Pilot tried to talk to Moya, but she was too busy getting into an argument with Antarus. Pilot wanted to listen to them but was disrupted by the arrival of the transport pod and Crichton's module. The crew had returned, thankfully with Commander Crichton.


Pilot now had full attention of Moya once again. She was sending him feelings of intense sadness. Antarus had abruptly stopped talking to her. She wanted to know why. Pilot could not find an answer. Antarus had discontinued any and all communications.

Pilot figured he would at least get some answers from the crew. He tried the comms. All he heard in response were a few grumbles and muffled curses. Offended, Pilot realized he would have to deal with things on his own...as usual.


Rygel sat in Command, with the one jewel that had displayed lies to him settled in front of him on the strategy table. Chiana ventured in and began to play around with the controls. A sudden image flashed onto the view screen, startling both the onlookers. Chiana took a step closer with her jaw dropped. The image was of Nerri. He was talking to her. But she couldn't hear him. He was injured, with blood seeping down the side of his face. There was a battle going on behind him. He was in danger. Chiana's heart almost shattered to see her brother in such a helpless situation. She knew he was talking to her. How the transmission got to them in the first place was of no concern to her.

"Chiana, it's not real..." Rygel started but Chiana wouldn't allow him to finish. She held a hand out to silence him.

"Pilot? Can you enhance this transmission? I need to hear him." Chiana stated, her voice shaking. A blue tear traveled down her cheek as she stepped closer. She dared not to let her eyes float away from the screen in the case that this was the last transmission she would ever receive of Nerri again.

"Chiana, there's no transmission being sent." Pilot stated, looking at her with confusion from the clamshell. Chiana cocked her head. Nerri's eyes looked so helpless and lost. She couldn't shake the image from her mind. She had to do something. Pilot was about to mention something when Chiana stopped him.

"Pilot, the transmission is right there! Even Rygel sees it! Find the source!" Chiana ordered angrily.

Rygel looked to Pilot and received the same look of despair. They did not want to dwell on the issue for much longer.

"Chiana, there is nothing there." Rygel stated confidently, even though he was seeing the transmission as well. He knew after all the things he had seen lately, that this too had to be some sort of deception.

"Rygel! Shut your frelling mouth!" Chiana was even closer to the view screen now. She raised her right hand as if to touch the view screen when the image vanished. Chiana blinked and started back a few steps full of emotion. Tears began to spill down her cheeks more freely.

"It was real." Chiana cried, turning to Rygel. "You saw it."

"Chiana, I don't know what I saw. In fact, I'm not sure anyone knows what they're seeing. I have something to show you that is real. Pilot, you should see this too." Rygel stated. Pilot waited expectantly for Rygel's next course of action.

The jewel in Rygel's hand began to bleep. Rygel jumped with more fear than surprise, allowing the jewel to fall to the floor. Chiana scooped up the glassy jewel and let it slide around in her grasp. She admired its beauty in silence. The jewel suddenly began to singe her fingertips. Chiana cried out and dropped the jewel, stepping back a few steps to regain her balance. As the jewel settled onto the floor, a holo image began to flash above the jewel. Rygel and Chiana leaned forward in shock, observing the play of images before them.

"Just as I had witnessed before. Only this time, he moves and talks." Rygel stated in a grim voice.

"What is this Rygel?" Chiana asked sternly, her voice quivering. She straightened and began to back away from the jewel fearfully.

"Talyn is alive." Pilot concluded in shock.


D'Argo searched the ship, looking for Crichton. He felt an urgent need to talk with him. Why? D'Argo didn't even know the answer to that one. D'Argo thought of his son and smiled. Jothee would be proud of his father when he accomplished the mission. Once the mission was finished, D'Argo and Jothee could be together again. It would be the moment for which he had been longing for so many cycles. Time enough that he got his life back.

Crichton was in his quarters, just standing there. The writing was all over the walls, all over the floor, even on the bed...anywhere a marker would mark. Did I do this? Crichton wondered. Of course you idiot! Crichton ridiculed himself. He was the only human here and no one else sure as hezmana knew what math symbols or English were. Maybe the dream of zapping his brain into mush hadn't been that farfetched after all. Then the sleepless nights of mulling over a theory began to pour back into his mind.

"My theory!" Crichton shouted with excitement. He smiled and rushed up to an unfinished line and began to laugh. He laughed so hard he fell to the floor. Crichton sat up and beamed at his work. He had finally done it. He had solved the problem.

"Crichton? What are you laughing about?" D'Argo asked entering into Crichton's quarters with an odd smile plastered on his face. Crichton's face dimmed at D'Argo's arrival. He stood and flattened himself up against the wall, trying to cover up as much writing as he could with his body.

"What are you hiding?" D'Argo asked curiously, his smile growing larger. Crichton shifted nervously.

"Nothing, D'Argo, nothing at all. Why don't you go back to your quarters now and have a little fun with Chiana." Crichton suggested. D'Argo laughed. Crichton began to laugh too but grew serious in time to watch D'Argo lunge towards him. D'Argo pinned Crichton up against the wall and brought his face to within a dench of Crichton's.

"I was only kidding." Crichton said in a small voice.

"You and I are going to go on a little trip. We need to turn Moya around and go back to the commerce planet now." D'Argo demanded. Crichton looked into D'Argo's glazed eyes and frowned. He did not want to be a part of any game D'Argo might be playing.

"If this is some sick attempt to drop me off on a planet and abandon me, I'm not going to participate!" Crichton stated flatly. D'Argo grew confused but strengthened his grip.

"There's someone down there you should meet." D'Argo explained. Crichton searched his crazy companion's face. Fear began to take precedence over his own insanity at the moment.

"What's going on D'Argo? Talk to me, man." Crichton demanded. Something wasn't right.

"If you do not come willingly, I will have no choice but to force you." D'Argo charged. The fake smiles had melted away. Crichton's eyes grew wide. The Luxan was about to enter hyper rage any microt.

"D'Argo, let's talk about this!" Crichton said, trying to calm him down. In response, D'Argo threw Crichton across the room. Unfortunately for Crichton, when he hit the opposite wall, he blacked out.


Zhaan stood in her Apothecary looking uninterestedly at some herbs she had currently been working with. Aeryn entered the Apothecary and received a cold glare from Zhaan. The look did not bother her but she kept her distance just the same. She was educated about Delvians and knew one could never fully trust the species.

"Pilot has something he wants us to see in Command." Aeryn announced. She waited for Zhaan to respond but got only silence.

"Did you hear me?" Aeryn asked. She was growing impatient.

"Yes, I heard you." Came the stark reply.

"Good, be there." Aeryn urged and turned to leave.

"You no longer care for the human, do you?" Zhaan asked carefully.

Aeryn turned back around slowly and observed Zhaan's strange expression. Zhaan looked straight at Aeryn.

"I do care for him. I just can't be with him." Aeryn said, startling even herself for answering. A brief memory of Crichton professing his love to her flashed across her mind. She then peered at Zhaan with new interest. "Don't try to pick a fight with me, Zhaan. I already know how you like to argue with Crichton. You won't win this one."

Zhaan smiled mischievously.

"Why are you leaving Moya?" Zhaan asked. Aeryn stepped back.

"What? How could you possibly know about that?" Aeryn demanded to know.

"I feel what one feels. I know you're leaving...and that you are angry with Crichton. You despise him as much as I do, don't you?" Zhaan stated, leaning forward, trying to get a rise out of the ex-PeaceKeeper. Aeryn was only growing impatient with this nonsense.

"Pilot has something important to show us in Command. Whether you're there or not!" Aeryn sent Zhaan an intense glare and immediately exited the room. Zhaan frowned and followed.


A constant throbbing awoke Crichton. He rubbed his forehead. He brought his hand down to see dark blood smeared over his fingers. Alarmed, he rubbed his sore forehead once more and realized the blood was at the source of his aching head. He had seen something rush towards him in the game room. That something resembled too closely his nemesis, Scorpius. Crichton couldn't shake the memory of Scorpius' evil grin plastered on that crinkly, leathered face. What had he been screaming? Something about wormholes no doubt. Crichton shook his head slightly and figured he must have hit head to head with Scorpius. But when he looked around, there was no one lying around beside him.

Crichton was all by himself in this large room aboard Antarus. He had been there thinking hard for arns when the vision of Scorpius had returned. Several weekens had passed since he had last had any visions of Scorpius. So when Scorpius returned so suddenly, Crichton had been taken by surprise. He thought it was the real thing. He then thought of the frightening vision of suicide. Had that been real as well? That would explain the blood. He probably had missed miserably. Maybe I hit my head when I fell. Crichton concluded. Only now, lying on the floor, did he realize that it all had probably just been another mind game.

He glanced up at the dark vastness of space above him. Millions of stars twinkled through the darkness. Stars calmed Crichton. He concentrated on those stars. Crichton felt himself begin to grow drowsy. Before he knew what was happening, he drifted into unconsciousness.

Crichton awoke feeling no pain. Not even exhaustion. He felt, for once, pretty damned good. He peered up from his slumber on the white floor he was presently laying on. A white mist enveloped him, deceiving his true location. Was it a dream? Crichton pinched himself. That didn't even hurt. Now he was beginning to worry.

Crichton helped himself off the floor and traveled around in a tight circle, daring not to move too far in the blinding mist.

"John." A rasp voice stated his name. Crichton could barely make out a figure approaching him through the mist. When he finally recognized who it was, a shiver crawled down his spine.

"You're dead." Crichton stated with his head cocked to the side. A feeling of dread washed over him. Standing before him in perfect health was Scorpius.

"I'm only in your subconscious, really. You're dreaming yes. But the answers to all your questions are revealing themselves in this dream and you may not wake if you do not accept them." Scorpius stated, grinning. Crichton quivered at that smile.

"Why you? Why not my mom or dad or...somebody I actually like!" Crichton complained, not taking the situation as seriously as Scorpius had hoped. Scorpius stepped closer. Crichton held up a finger. "Don't! Don't even think about it!" His eyes burned with angry fire. Scorpius stopped in his tracks with a look of surprise.

"Fine. But I must warn you, what I'm about to tell you will shock you. You need to believe me. If you can do that, then you will see the true danger for what it is." Scorpius said.

"Danger? Why would you of all...things warn me about danger?" Crichton bit at the words.

"Because I am something you fear. For you to believe in the impossible, you must be confronted with it, not eased into it. Your mother would have no success." Scorpius explained. Crichton hated to admit the truth in his words. He nodded, motioning for Scorpius to continue.

"The entire crew...has been affected by something. I cannot disclose to you what it is. I can only tell you that you are all sinking deeper into paranoia and insanity. The things that the crew wants most to believe are coming true and they are sacrificing everything to get what they want. They'll do whatever it takes, you understand." Scorpius said as if to imply something to Crichton.

"What are you exactly saying? That I'm not alone anymore? I've got an entire support group for the society of Crichton's madness? They're all going crazy, too?" Crichton asked, letting out a bewildered laugh. He wasn't about to believe everything this Scorpius was feeding him.

"Why do you suspect D'Argo wants you to accompany him to the commerce planet? He believes his son is there and the only way to be reunited is to sacrifice you." Scorpius revealed.

"Sacrifice me to who?" Crichton pushed further. Scorpius smiled.

"Again, the answers will be hard to accept. Officer Sun, for example, believes she has been reinstated. She is readying her Prowler as you sleep. Chiana may be leaving as well, believing her own brother has contacted her for help. Zhaan and Rygel are both ready to lose their minds as well. Zhaan believes she is seeing Stark and Rygel believes he knows what's really happening. And you, Crichton, are the worst off. You believe you didn't kill yourself. Or at least that you didn't attempt to." Scorpius grinned at Crichton.

Crichton grew angry. He charged at Scorpius with his teeth clenched and his face reddened in anger. An unseen force smacked him back down to the floor. Crichton tried to move, but found his attempt useless. He glared up at Scorpius, who leaned over him looking somewhat amused.

"How do I know you're not just another clone of the chip? Maybe you somehow got it to work again? Or maybe you have captured me once again and I've gone completely insane. Is that it Scorpy?" Crichton spat into Scorpius' face and grinned. Scorpius blinked several times and daintily removed the spit from his face with patience.

Scorpius surprised Crichton once more. Standing just to the side, slightly behind Scorpius, was his mother. She was healthy and smiling brilliantly. Scorpius vanished. Crichton sat up and looked to his mother with wonder and confusion in his eyes.

"Mom?" He asked in a weak, defeated voice. She knelt down and placed a gentle, warm hand on his chest.

"It's me, John. I'm here." She stated dreamily. Crichton relished her warmth and held onto it dearly. He knew of nothing else to hang onto any more. His whole world was spinning wildly out of control.

"What's going on mom? Am I dreaming? Is any of this real?" Crichton asked, wiping away the sweat forming on his forehead.

"What that man said is true. No matter how much you hate him, you must believe him." His mother cupped her hands on his face and gave him a loving glance. Crichton missed her so much; his heart began to ache...he had lost so much already he couldn't bear to lose anything more.

"Why Mom? Why? Crichton asked, beginning to have that same old feeling of being lost all over again.

"Everything that has been revealed to you, you already knew. Nothing in your subconscious can be invented without some truth behind it."

Crichton's head began to spin. Was his body trying to wake from this nightmare? He placed a hand on his mother's shoulder, as if to confirm she was physically there. Crichton needed more answers.

"You're not making any sense. How could I know any of these things? I didn't know Aeryn was reinstated. Why couldn't you have told me she loves me, instead? I know she does." Crichton stated softly. He thought of Aeryn's crushing answer to his question earlier.

"You may not be able to understand yet how you know. But when you do, then you will have the power to do something much greater than you could ever have imagined. In the end, you will save yourself. And in doing that, you will save all those you cherish."

With that last statement, his mother faded right before his eyes, dissipating into the mist. Tears began to fill his eyes. Crichton did not know how much more of this dren he could handle.

The mist grew thicker. Crichton was beginning to think he would never wake up. He assumed he was spiraling faster and faster into the madness that would finally consume his sanity. His vision began to darken with flashes of light. Crichton felt himself fall back to the floor.

Crichton opened his eyes and observed his surroundings. He found himself back in the game room once again. Had everything else been a dream? Was he still in the world of his imagined suicide? Was that abomination still waiting to take place? Crichton was beginning to wonder when this nightmare would end. I'm still aboard Antarus dreaming my heart out, getting some breathing room from the others on Moya. That's it. But Crichton knew he couldn't lie to himself forever.

The stars were sparkling just as brightly as they had earlier above him. Crichton raced the scenarios through his mind of what might have happened to him. He came up with nothing. Instead, he took advantage of the peaceful feeling he was experiencing and gazed upon those stars.

He was nearly asleep when he realized it. Crichton focused his drowsy eyes onto a small cluster of stars straight above. Could it be? Crichton denied all possibility. Yet, he peered closer. Sure enough. Those stars resembled a constellation he had observed on Earth many nights. Crichton glanced wearily around the room for any sign of life. Nothing. He looked back up to the constellation. It was almost exactly as he would see it from Earth. Ok, who's picking away at my brain now? He wanted an answer. Still, he was captivated.

Crichton observed the constellation, as memories flooded his mind of home and the warm feeling of being amongst family, familiarity, and most of all...safety. His heart ached for all those he cared for on Earth that he now had lost. His memories brought him back to that one night he and his father had had the whole backyard to themselves to observe the night sky so long ago. Jack had pointed out every constellation to him. He had named every little star and galaxy making up each one. Every little star....

Crichton jumped up from his slumber and snapped his fingers. That constellation was Scorpius. And the heart of Scorpius was a star named Antares. He had to warn the others. John stood up and bolted out of the room. To his dismay, the moment he stepped out of the doorway, he began to fall into darkness.


"Pilot, what is going on?" Aeryn asked, standing in Command. Rygel and Chiana cowered nearby, staring intently at a jewel now placed below the view screen. Zhaan stood as far as possible from the others, observing their every move carefully. D'Argo entered the room with Crichton flung over his shoulder. He carelessly allowed Crichton's limp body to fall to the floor at his feet and he stood at attention. Crichton groaned in his sleep. Pilot appeared on the clamshell.

"What happened?" Crichton asked groggily, waking up and helping himself up off the floor. He veered away from D'Argo's sneer as he came face to face with the Luxan. Crichton backed away slowly and took shelter behind a console in the opposite side of Command, eyeing D'Argo carefully.

"Rygel has discovered something unimaginable. I believe you all will want to see this." Pilot answered and punched a few controls. The view screen flickered. An image appeared before the crew that made them each forget about their own problems momentarily. They remained silent as the image began to play.

The first image was of Talyn. He was much larger than when they had seen him in that fateful transmission. This alone proved the previous transmission of his death was false. The image flickered once more to reveal a whole new play of events. What Talyn was doing in this transmission was another shock. He was leading a band of PeaceKeeper Prowlers into battle. Crais came into view. He appeared to be speaking directly to them.

"I have gathered more Prowlers. Talyn is ready to fight. I believe he is willing to go into battle now. He's proved himself to be quite an intelligent and strong warrior. I request reinstatement for both Talyn and myself. I have dreamed of the day this ship would be born and now that I have raised him to be what he is destined to be, I believe we are ready. Moya and the others think he's dead. They will not interfere. We may proceed as planned, Scorpius." Crais stated.

The last word hung in the air, stinging Crichton's ears. He swallowed hard. Scorpius was alive.

The holo image dissipated finally, leaving a heavy silence in its wake. All of the crew had finally realized the foolishness they had been drowning in and snapped back to reality.

"Destroy those jewels of yours Rygel. Do it now." D'Argo stated in a dark voice. His threat was enough to motivate Rygel. Rygel scooped up the jewel and raced out of the room to gather the rest of the jewels to shove out an airlock.

"Talyn's alive." Aeryn stated joyfully, though her face displayed torment. She did not know what she would do now. She was beginning to realize how foolish her recent actions had been. How could she have possibly given up on Moya and her shipmates so easily? No PeaceKeeper High Command would take her back. In fact, she didn't want to be taken back. She could be so much more...no she was so much more. Crichton had proved that to her many times. Aeryn glanced at him, for the first time noticing he was not all too well.

"This is frelling insane!" Crichton screamed at the top of his lungs. The crew turned their startled attention to him. He was red in the face and he began to walk towards the view screen. "Scorpius is alive! Everything we've come to believe in the past solar day has been a lie. Everything!"

Aeryn and D'Argo stood to face Crichton. Zhaan looked down shamefully, taking in his words. Chiana tried to remain unnoticed, frightened by Crichton's sudden outburst.

"Crichton, calm down." Aeryn said sternly. Crichton gave her a look that ran chills down her spine.

"I will not calm down, Aeryn. I'm sick of this crap. I've been the fun toy for this frelling universe for far too long and I've had it. I don't even know what's real anymore. How do we even know that message was real?" Crichton said in a loud voice. He stood below the view screen to face his shipmates.

"John, please. I beg you. I realize what you are going through. None of us have been ourselves lately." Zhaan reasoned. She thought of Stark once again and the visions she had experienced.

"Zhaan. What, you decided to care suddenly? Please, spare me."

"Crichton...." Aeryn began but was interrupted by Crichton.

"What Aeryn? What could you possibly say that would matter anymore? You don't frelling care either, do you? You're as heartless as Scorpius!" Crichton exclaimed. Aeryn's lips grew tight and she glared at Crichton with unforgiving eyes.

"If you don't calm down, I will make you calm down!" D'Argo raged. Crichton stopped his shouting and took a few deep breaths. He thought hard of all the confusion he had witnessed. He wasn't even positive if he was truly alive and standing there before his shipmates.

"Listen, we all have to stick together here. We need each other." Chiana reasoned nervously.

Crichton looked around at his shipmates with a cooled expression. They all wore serious expressions. Rygel zoomed into the room with a relieved expression. He noticed the tense atmosphere right away.

"What the frell is wrong with everyone? I've gotten rid of the frelling jewels already." Rygel announced. Crichton looked to Rygel with sorrow in his eyes. He had come to a realization that none of them would like to acknowledge.

"We've fallen into a trap. None of us could see it coming and there's nothing we can do to escape it. I believe Scorpius and even Crais are involved somehow. Antarus is not who we think he is." Crichton stated. His shoulders tensed with the thought of things to come. No one said anything further. The crew took his words to heart, believing them and realizing them for the first time. True to Crichton's words, Antarus was already displaying his true form through the view screen.

Each being aboard Moya was beginning to feel ten fold the fear they normally felt living in the dangerous Uncharted Territories. Nobody yet realized the things they had been presented with in the past solar day had some truth to them. Their future was in jeopardy.


Well, for now it is. The final edition to the series, Revelations, as the title implies will satisfy all those questions you may be asking. At least I hope it will. Who knows what may happen! (I do but I'm not telling!)

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