Crichton stood in the maintenance bay, wenona drawn at arm's length. Beads of sweat raced down his forehead, his heart pounding, and his eyes constancy scanning the room.
He hated the sense of vulnerability, not knowing when it would attack next, but it was in that room, that he knew for sure.
Like a leaf in a gust of wind John quickly spun around pointing his trusty pulse pistol around the room, all he needed was a sign.
It was only for a second but suddenly John saw the calm shell on the wall slightly move, something had nudged it, and there was his chance. Without hesitating he unleashed shot after shot of red pulse blasts from his pistol. As he fired, Crichton expected to be pounced upon by his enemy: the Screeth. He showed no mercy as he knew how agile and dangerous Screeths where after the attack of one upon his family back on Earth.
Soon Crichton heard the sound that made him shiver, Wenona bleeped indicating that she was out of ammo. Now Crichton actually had sight of the wall, covered in green blood.
The door but the maintenance bay opened, without any indication someone had opened it, Crichton tapped his communicator "Guys, I got it, it aint dead, but," he paused to catch his breath "it's on tear 7...Probably."
"Crichton!" Sikozu answered "Get to Pilot's den now!"
"Sputnik! Did you hear? Tear 7!"
"This is urgent!"
Crichton started to run across the hallways constantly looking behind his back, the trip seemed to last forever but at last he reached the door. His eyes widened as it slowly opened.
Pilot didn't move, his eyes closed, covered in his own blood...


"Screeth Alpha, report."
Graza stood in her room aboard the command carrier, next to hear stood Captain Bracca motionless. On Bracca's forehead sat a small green organic looking object that allowed the commandant to communicate to her team.
"Sir, I hear you" Bracca hissed as he spoke, it was combinations of his voice and a snake-like hiss.
"Report." Graza ordered with a slight hint of agitation in her voice.
"One of the team: Screeth Beta was shot many times by Crichton, she isn't dead but recovering at the bottom of the leviathan."
"What about yourself and Gamma?"
"Gamma has managed to disable the ship's Pilot, and I have been tracking officer Sun without any success, she might not be on the ship."
Graza rolled her eyes "You must do better I want everyone dead but Crichton! But good work disabling the Pilot, now Moya will be confused and unable to operate... I will give you half an arn before I contact you again."

"What happened!?!" Crichton yelled
Sikozu lay on the floor holding her head "It was fast Pilot said he lost contact his two D.R.Ds that where outside the door, the next thing I knew it opened and I must had been knocked out." She pulled her hand back to reveal blood on her head.
John sat by Pilot, he put his arm on Pilot's back to check his pulse "He's still alive but we're screwed! There must be at least two Screeths on board!"
Sizoku sat up "I don't know how they got aboard it makes no sense. It isn't logical!" Sikozu stammered.
"Well, they might have been brought aboard when that trader ship passed by..."
"But how Crichton?"
"I don't know," Crichton paused to think, "Do you guys have transporters?"
The door to the maintenance bay opened, Crichton instinctively drew Wenona.
Scorpius slowly walked through the door; in his hand he held a pulse pistol "Do not fear John it's simply me."
John slid his Pistol into his holster "Any luck with the coms?"
Scorpius sighed "The console has been destroyed."
Sikozu stood up, still holding her head "So there's no way to contact the commerce planet?"
"Nope. Aeryn, Noranti, Chiana, D'argo and sparkey can't be reached." Crichton stated trying to calm his voice.
"Ah, my head is starting to heal." Sikozu smiled.
"Might I suggest we make our way to the weapons locker?" Scorpius asked with an almost patronising voice.
"Good plan actually scorp."


Bracca lay on the floor, shaking wildly. As she watched Graza wondered whether this might be actually hurting him, or whether he was getting suspicious that she was telling them they had expressed love, and he didn't remember a thing.
It was all for the greater good.
Bracca stopped shaking and his eyes opened "Sir?" once again the hiss was present in his voice.
"I'm here, Alpha." She replied.
"Sir, news has reached me that only Crichton , Sikozu and a hybrid between Scarren and Sebacean are on board"
"Scorpius! I want Crichton and the hybrid alive, kill the girl, then wait for the others and kill them all."
"We have kept in cloak, but the hybrid knows its us and so he told the rest, and as you requested I have destroyed their communications."
"I want this channel constantly open now alpha. I want instant reports..."
"Yes sir!"
For a while Bracca/Screeth fell silent, Graza patiently waited until eventually she spoke "Screeth?"
"Sorry for the delay commandant, Gamma was reporting to me, he is near the weapons locker, the three are inside. He's about to strike!"

"Here..." John passed Scorpius a loaded Pulse Rifle.
"Loaded this time?" Scorpius smiled.
"We need to work as a team, so for now I can trust you."
Outside the door, cloaked stood the Gamma Screeth, poised for a pounce it was waiting for the right time to strike at Sikozu who stood mere feet away from it.
Crichton picked up a pulse rifle lying on the floor, keeping on eye on the doorway, suddenly the Screeth pounced on Sikozu piecing her body with its nails. As it landed on her it de-cloaked.
"Sikozu!" Scorpius dropped the pulse rifle and drew a Peacekeeper combat knife from his belt, like a cat he pounced for his ally's attacker.

"The hybrid!" Bracca screamed with pain.
"What is it?" Graza shouted.
"Gamma Screeth is being attacked by the hybrid!"
"Assist him! This mission must not fail!


Crichton couldn't get a good hit of the Screeth without hitting Sikozu or Scorpius, Scorpius had been brawling with the Screeth and seemed to be doing o.k., it was his superior Scarren strength that's gave him a chance.
Scorpius raised his arm with the Knife grasped I his hand, and struck the Screeth, and again and again and again until it lied motionless on the floor.
"Sikozu are you all right?" Scorpius's voice was surprisingly calm.
"Yes" She paused to catch her breath, "Yes, I'm fine thanks to you..."
Sikozu stood up and walked to Scorpius, he head moved closer and closer until she started to kiss the hybrid.
"Whoh!" Crichton yelled turning away "That's NOT right, ah man I could see his tongue!"

"I have lost contact of Beta but I am closing in along with beta, she isn't completely healed but I need the assistance..."
"Do not fail Screeth!" Graza ordered.
"We approach them soon." Bracca/Screeth smiled.


"Thank god you've stopped that!" Crichton laughed.
"Well as enjoyable as it was John, we have more pressing matters to attend to. The other Screeth or more."
The three walked out the door all holding pulse rifles accompanying them was Crichton's D.R.D 1812, 1812 emitted a green beam that would detect any clocked object.
"Hey Sputnik, this beam thingy was a good idea." Crichton whispered.
"Well Crichton, all my ideas are good ones." She answered.
Crichton rolled his eyes; all of a sudden the green beam that was emitting from 1812 flickered.
"There!" Crichton yelled without indecision.
The three-opened fire with the help of 1812 upon the direction of the disturbance in the beam, they showed no mercy for they knew they would receive none.
Worried expressions appeared over their faces.
"Will this kill it!?!" John yelled over the sounds of gunfire.
He received no answer, Scorpius growled with his Scarren voice as their enemy showed themselves, the Screeth continued to be bombarded by the pulse blasts then it's blood splattered across the hallway as it fell to the floor.
"Can I get a: HELL YEAH!?!" Crichton yelled with a big smile.

"Contact lost with beta, she is dead, I am round the corner from the three, and they have a D.R.D assisting them and they are heavily armed." Bracca/Screeth reported.
"Obviously if you attack you will die, go and finish off the Pilot, then hide in the Starburst chamber where they can't detect you. Then rest there until you feel you are ready to attack again. When they are alone" Graza smiled.
"Yes sir"

The door Pilot's chamber opened, none of the D.R.Ds where operational, Pilot sat with his eyes closed stiff covered in his own blood, and the Screeth de-cloaked and crawled in silence toward Pilot. It soon stood up as it's green scaly face was right next to Pilot's.
Suddenly Pilot's eyes opened, he saw the Screeth.
"Commander!" He yelled through the communicator.
"Pilot!" John replied.
Before the Screeth could raise it's arm Pilot grabbed it by the neck with one of his colossal arms.

Bracca/Screeth screamed with pain. "The.....PILOT!"
"What is the problem!?!" Graza yelled.
Brcca/Screeth continued to Scream.


The Screeth's eyes widened, it couldn't gasp a single fragment of air. Pilot raised it higher and snapped its neck with a simple turn of his claw, he then dropped the carcass down the pit next to him


Bracca lay on the floor, unconscious Graza removed the scaly green object from his head, and slid it in her pocket.
"Medical team to my room, the captain has fainted." She said through the coms, her face showed anger once again her attempts to capture Crichton went without success.
She would catch them one day, she knew they couldn't run forever...

"What happened? Are you o.k.?" Crichton questioned as he, Scorpius and Sikozu ran into Pilot's den.
"Thank-you for the concern commander, I am fine." Pilot smiled.
"But Pilot, you're covered in your own blood!" Crichton shouted.
Sikozu smiled "It is obvious that Moya has been feeding Pilot nutrients to help him heal."
"Yes" Pilot smiled "Moya was very worried and helped me heal, it took some time but as I woke I saw one of those aliens in front of me. I enjoyed actually taking a hands on experience into taking the problem into my own claws."
Crichton was amazed "You killed it?"
"Indeed, and I have found out how they got here, on tear 15 you will find a large pod attached to our hull, it was fired at us by a passing trader ship. There where three life forms on-board the pod."
Scorpius interrupted "That would have been an under cover special operations peacekeeper vessel, it seems their mission was to send over three Screeths so capture or kill us. Mainly to capture Crichton."
"We are so going to' have a story to tell the guys when they come back!" Crichton laughed as he sat down...

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Cloak And Dagger

Author: Mark Nixon
Certificate: pg-14 for the states and 12a for Britain.
Spoilers: Well this is biased after the episode: "Mental As Anything."
Plot:: all the crew except Crichton, Sikozu and Scorpius are away on a commerce planet but Moya has unwelcome guests complements of Commandant Mele-on Graza...
Personal note: Feedback is most welcomed, on this story and my other two :).
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