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"I can be an angel, dressed in the Devil's clothes but they'll never let me in, not as long as anger grows. Are you willing to forgive what you never can forget"
-R. Sage
The Spirit We

She stood there staring at the closed door. It seemed to symbolize their relationship over the past few monens. But she couldn't blame him, she knew the feeling well. She knocked timidly at first then with more determination.

"Yeah? Who's there?" He seemed annoyed.

"It's me, Aeryn. Can I come in?" She waited for what seemed an eternity.

John stopped drying his hair and tossed the towel away. That was the one voice he didn't expect. He had a feeling that this was the turning point for them. They had to see this through sooner rather than later. With a sigh he answered. "Yeah."

Aeryn entered the room slowly, quietly as possible, trying not to disturb his mood any further. She stood silently, watching him tighten the towel he'd wrapped around his waist. She swallowed and spoke softly. "Thank you."

"What do you need Aeryn?" When she said nothing, he tried again. "What do want?"

How did she answer that? How did she put such longing into words? The sight of him... The smell of him...the taste of him...the feel of him, how did she answer? One word, a word he'd used it so long ago when she'd left the last time. "You."

She spoke so softly that John almost missed it but not quite. He began shaking his head as if to say no, but stopped, remembering Noranti's words, 'Be forgiving, be kind; her life, her world, on her time, you will know. She was right, he did know and he knew exactly what to say. Holding his hand out towards her he spoke the words she would always remember. "Come...stay...let me love you."

Aeryn gasped, never had she expected him to say those words. With tears welling up in her eyes, she moved cautiously one step at a time, praying he wouldn't change his mind. Placing her hand in his outstretched one. She allowed him to draw her into his embrace, seeking the solace she'd craved for monens. She braved a quick glance at his expression but lost her courage when she found him staring down at her and just as quickly lowered her gaze.

"Aeryn, I love you." He caressed her hair. "Aeryn?"

She looked up at her name, afraid again that he would ask her to leave she whispered. "Yes?"

"Do you love me?"

"Yes." She answered with no hesitation

"Aeryn, this is our fork in the road. The path we take from here is your choice. One path leads us away from each other, for good. The other path leads us to eternity together." With his index finger under her chin, he raised her face to his. "You choose the path that leads away from me and I leave Moya at the next Commerce Planet. You choose eternity and we'll both die before I let you go again. Do you understand?" When she nodded, he continued. "Choose the path."

Again with no hesitation, she answered. "Eternity." She pressed a finger to his lips to silence his next words. Her John always did talk too much and too often. "But can you forgive me..."

"Don't! We forgive and forget. There is no past, only a future starting at this point. The next time you leave this room, you do so as mine, as Aeryn Crichton in your heart if not in name."

Her lips trembled as she smiled and nodded. "Yes." She raised her lips this time without his help but frown a bit when he stepped back.

"Not yet." He dropped his arms, turned and walked over to the corner table. He rummaged for a moment before finding what he was searching for. He stared down at the object he held, without looking up he called her over. "Come here Aeryn."

She moved without question. She answered only when she stood directly in front of him. "What?"

"On Earth when a man wants to pledge his love for a woman, he goes down on one knee." John's actions mirrored his word.

Aeryn frowned again; did he realize he was still wearing a towel? "John...?"

"Shh...don't interrupt. A man has to gather his courage when he takes a step like this. Now where was I? Oh yeah." He cleared his throat. "He gets down on one knee. He takes the hand of the woman he loves and he asks her the most important question of his life." He paused once more. He reached for her left hand and caressed each long, delicate finger lovingly. "Aeryn?"

"Yes John?" she asked, emotion making her voice huskier than usual.
"Aeryn Sun, will you do me the honor of becoming mine? My friend, my girl, my lover, my buddy, my solace, my heart, my soul, my wife? Will you be my everything." He slipped the object onto her finger and with a kiss waited for her answer.

Aeryn stared down at her hand. John had placed a jeweled ring on her finger. She saw that the stone matched the stormy blue-gray of her eyes perfectly. "John where did you...?"

"Uh un...nope, that's not the part of the question or the answer." He stood and gathered her about the waist, pulling her close. " I'm waiting baby." His lips brushed gently across hers. Running his fingers through her hair, he massaged her scalp gently, watching the raven tress curl around his fingers. "So?"

Aeryn smiled. "Yes...Yes...Yes!" Before she could say more, John was swinging her through the air. He stopped and allowed her body to slide slowly down his until her feet touch the ground.

"Now we can get back to that." He growled. He leaned forward to trace the fullness of her lips with his tongue, and then wound a path of moist kisses up the column of her throat to nibble her ear. She shivered and tingled with his assault. When she tried to move away, John captured a handful of soft curls, holding her steady. When his tongue found its way once again in the shell of her ear, Aeryn moaned, as he traced the pattern of her ear and delved into its crevice, she felt an uncoiling deep within her belly. Squeezing his eyes shut, she tried to control the sensations, only serving to heighten them.

She gasped loudly when he seared a path back down her neck, placing tantalizing kisses at the base of her throat, where her pulse beat rapidly. John released his hold on her hair to let his hand roam down her back, cupping her buttocks, bringing her lower body tightly against his bulging erection. Staring into her eyes, he slowly unzipped her vest, pushing it off of her shoulders.

Aeryn allowed the vest to fall undisturbed to the floor, baring her breast to John's most appreciative gaze, he laid a soft kiss on each breast, before unsnapping her pants, his fingers teasing the soft flesh he uncovered. He slowly slid both pants and underwear down. Tracing the path with his tongue. Kneeling once more he griped the back of her calves as he pressed moist kisses along her soft thighs, finally burying his face and tongue in the raven curls that guarded the treasure he sought most. He inhaled the scent of her, feasting hungrily at the delicate flesh. 'God he loved this woman.'

Aeryn moaned as her legs weakened under the sensations coursing through her lower body. John allowed her to fall back upon the bed; he finished the rest of her clothes, and then stood gazing down at her as though he were a starving man and she his last meal.

Aeryn giggled and reached up to snatch the towel away. She whistled softly, staring salaciously at his rampant erection. "Is that for me?"

"It's all yours baby. You want it"

"Uh Huh!" Aeryn licked her lips appreciatively. It would take her a lifetime to explain to him just how she felt and what he meant to her. She reached out to glide her fingers up his muscular thighs, through the dark curls at his groin and over the silky smoothness of his erection. Groaning John kneeled onto the bed and buried his face in the soft valley of her breast. He leisurely-circled one rose colored nipple with the tip of his tongue. He closed his mouth over an aching peak. Aeryn whimpered clutching at his shoulders, as hot painful pleasure snaked its way from her breast to her stomach, finally settling in the moist pool between her legs. She arched her back, groaning deeply, her breath coming in ragged pants.

She felt his hand slide over her ribs to her stomach, working its way down her thighs. He slid a single finger down the center apex, finding and stroking that most sensitive of spots. Caressing, tracing and teasing the moist folds and delicately harden bud. John's fingers found the tight opening below the pink bud and pushed its way in, moving slowly, back and forth until her plump wet aroused flesh allowed him to add a second, then a third finger, widening the tight opening.

Aeryn moaned loudly, it had been so long since she'd been with a man. She moved her hips against his thrusting fingers. John brought her to the edge of ecstasy, and then stopped. Aeryn hissed as the white-hot pleasure receded, the ache strong and pleasurably painful. She looked at him, her eyes reflecting the unfulfilled ache that coursed through her. She watched as he took each finger into his mouth, tasting the moist essence of her. Aeryn couldn't bear the torture any longer. "Please...John...I..."

"You what baby? Need a little more?" With out waiting for an answer, he moved between her twitching thighs, sliding his hand beneath her hips, he raised her to his hungry mouth. Torturing the swollen tissue he'd just aroused. He stroked the sensitive bud, tracing the same path his fingers had taken. Aeryn's gasps and moans were all the arousal he needed to continue further, blowing, nipping, sucking; bringing her once again to a fevered peak. A frustrated moan escaped her lips. "John...please, I ca...can't take much more."

John crawled up over Aeryn's body, kissing her, he whispered. "We're almost there. Stay with me baby."

"Where would I possibly go?" She whispered, adjusting her body. She widened her legs to accommodate his seeking body. He raised her hips once more, penetrating the swollen, moist haven. He moved slowly forward until he was seated as deep as her body would allow. John shuddered. " feel good." He began moving in deep fluid strokes, pushing deeply, with draw almost completely, only to thrust home again. Aeryn arched her body to meet each thrust, wrapping her legs around his waist; he drew him even deeper. John's thrusts became quicker, harder with an urgency born of pure ecstasy. He felt Aeryn's nails leaving their burning mark on his shoulders and back as her body rippled in convulsions. She cried out her tension giving way to the tumultuous climax. John found his own blissful release, flooding her with his seed and crying out in ultimate triumph. [I]Aeryn was his and nothing would change that ever again![/I] "I love you Aeryn Sun." He separated himself from her and gathered her lovingly into his arms.

"That's [I]Aeryn Crichton[/I]. Isn't that what you said?" she kissed him passionately, tasting all things: sex, love and passion. She broke away to look into his eyes. "I love you too John Crichton."

"Nice kiss A.C." he stroked her hair reverently, gently untangling the beautiful curls. "Rest sweetheart. We have to get an early start tomorrow."

Aeryn frowned, she didn't remember planning anything. "Why?"

"Because you and I are taking a vacation. We're getting away from Moya and the little rascals fro while. We need time alone together, a vacation."

Aeryn liked the sound of that. She wanted a chance to truly show John just how much she loved and cherished him. But what was a vaykisun? "John?"

"Yeah, baby?" he was still preoccupied with her hair. How he loved he hair.

"What is a vaykisun?"

John chuckled. "I love it when you speak English. Repeat after me. Vaaaa."






", Vacation." He watched her lips as she made the sounded the word out.

", Vacation." She smiled when she'd said it correctly. "What is that?"

"It's a time for relaxation, rest and lovemaking. You get away from work, family and friends." He nibbled her ear, while his fingers teased her nipples again.

"John!" She gasped. "

"Sorry I can't help myself. How long what? Til I have you flat on your back again?"

"No you fiend, is that all you think about? Although it is a good thought." She giggled. "How long will we be gone?" She lowered her hand to caress him.

"Oh A.C, you play dirty." John closed his eyes, letting the ecstasy her touch caused, to wash over him. "How about two weekens? How does that sound?"

"Wonderful, to bad it can't be longer. But I don't think the others will survive, that long with a rational thought process on Moya to guide them. Besides which, Pilot and Moya may never forgive us for abandoning them for that long."

John smiled; he was now the happiest man alive. Maybe settling down with a beautiful ex-Peacekeeper wasn't so bad. In fact is was the one thing he wanted above all else. He might never make it home to Earth, but what was that old saying? [I]'Home is where your heart is.'[/I] and his heart was lying in his arms. "I love you Aeryn, always remember that."

She stared into his eyes as she spoke the words he would carry with him always. "I love you John Crichton and I will never leave you."

John felt tears gathering in the corners of his eyes. She'd spoken the words in perfect English.

And they lived happily ever after.....

The End

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Aeryn makes the first move at reconciliation and John follows suit. A fairytale of Farscapian proportions.

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