John pulls back from Aeryn. "Is this meant to tell me something?" He asks. "Because if it is, I like what you're saying."
Aeryn says, "I love you, John. I have for so long."
They are standing very close together. "I love you too, Aeryn. Beyond hope." John tells her as they kiss again. The door unlocks, but they take no notice of it.
"Oh, frell!" comes a voice. "I'm sorry, guys." They pull away from each other and see it's D'Argo. D'Argo is looking at them in shock. Aeryn starts to go red as John smiles at him.
"What is it Big Guy?" He asks.
"Uhh, never mind. I'll talk to you later." D'Argo says hastily and backs out. John looks down at Aeryn and asks, "Shall we continue?"
She nods her head and they kiss.

"That was embarrassing. They were kissing on the terrace." D'Argo tells Chianna and Rygel. "But it's about time, though. They have needed to do that for ages."
"Yes. But they should go else where. I certainly don't want to walk in on them while they are doing..... Private Affairs." Rygel says snottily.
"Shut up, Froggy. They can do their ‘Private Affairs’ where ever they want. We can't stop them. Only that Goddess of Zhaan's knows what they are doing now." Chianna adds.
"What's this about my Goddess?" asks Zhaan as she walks in.
"She said that only your Goddess knows what they are doing at this very microt." D'Argo repeats.
"I had to ask John something a microt ago. I went up to the terrace and saw the on top of each other kissing. May the Goddess know what the outcome will be." Zhaan muses.
"Hmm, I hope it isn't..... Too drastic. I don't want a little Aeryn or John running around Moya." Rygel proclaims.
"Shut up, Rygel. If they want a little Aeryn or John. We can't stop them, " Chianna tells him. "Although Aeryn may need some tips if she would want to be a mother though." Chianna mutters to herself.

*This is a conversation between Moya and Pilot. I haven't seen many of these around, so I thought I would put one in my story.*
"Pilot. What's Aeryn and John doing?" Moya asks.
"I don't really know, Moya. I think they may be ‘Recreating’ as the Peace Keepers call it." Pilot guesses.
"Maybe....... It's about time that happened. Isn't it?" Moya asks.
"Them. John and Aeryn. I could feel the tension between them growing." Moya explains impatiently.
"Yes. Have you heard the conversations John has had with himself?"
Pilot asked.
"Yes. I have. Asking himself whether or not he should tell Aeryn how he felt. Aeryn has had similar conversations to her self as well." Moya says.
"I think it's great, like you said. We have a transmission from Talyn."
Pilot tells Moya.
"Hey, mum." Talyn greats Moya.
"Hello Talyn. Where are you?" Moya asks.
"I'm near a system called Mishanimo. I trying to find you and I've had no success." Talyn explains. "Crais isn't very happy about it. But I don't care. He can't stop me from seeing my mother." Talyn declares.
"We're near the Nilanamo system. Will that help?" Pilot asks.
"Yes. That will help a lot. I'll see you when I get there." Talyn says as the transmission ends. Moya is very excited.
"Talyn's coming home! Aeryn will be very happy." Moya exclaims.
"Yes, she will be." Pilot agrees.

*Aeryn and John are on the ground and they are doing stuff.*
They couldn't tell if it was their own groans they heard or if it was their own.
"Aeryn! Dear God, I love you, baby!" John groans into her mouth.
"I love you too, John. Don't talk." She commands. She looks down at him for a microt and then descends back to him.
I haven't got a frelling clue what the frell I'm doing. Oh well. What is it Crichton always says? Go with the flow? I'm not sure. But I'll go along with it anyway. Hopefully I wont frell it up. Aeryn thinks. She pulls at his shirt with her teeth as John gazes at her with loving eyes. She gazes back. She lays across him and kisses him gently. He wraps his arm around her with one hand and pushes her hair away from her face with the other. She puts her hands on his face and clasps it gently.
"I don't know what took me so long to do this." Aeryn whispers to John.
"You were unsure of yourself. I have the patience to wait forever if I had to." John whispers his reply.
"Really?" She asks.
"Yes. I love you more than life it's self." John tells her.
"I love you so much, John." Aeryn tells him.
They sit up and John pulls Aeryn into him lap. She leans against his chest and he plays with her hair.
"Aeryn! Aeryn! I have some news that will make you happy!" Pilot exclaims.
"What ia it Pilot?" Aeryn asks, intrigued by the tone of his voice.
"Talyn is on his way here! He's coming back!" Pilot tells her.
"Talyn?" She asks. Talyn's coming back? I thought he did every thing Crais told him. Crais wouldn't be very happy about this.
"Yes, Talyn. He should be here within two solar days." He says.
John's face is in a expression of surprise and shock jumbled together.
"Thank you, Pilot." Aeryn says quietly.
They just sit there. John is playing with Aeryn's hair absent mindedly.
"What has Crais got up his sleeve this time?" Aeryn mutters.
"What?" John asks.
"Nothing." Aeryn tells him. She is feeling sleepy. She puts her head on John's shoulder and drifts off to sleep. John notices Aeryn's body grows limp. He has his back against the wall and he looks at her sleeping form. He smiles a sweet smile to himself, pulls his arms tightly around Aeryn and falls asleep.

D'Argo was getting worried about John and Aeryn. He has called them a few times, but receives no response.
"Zhaan. I'm going to see where they are." He tells Zhaan.
She protests, telling him to leave them alone, but he doesn't listen. He walks out of command and heads for the terrace. He reaches the door and opens it. He doesn't see them at first, but as he looks around, he catches a glimpse of a boot. He walks towards it and sees Aeryn in John's lap with his arms around her. She has her head on his shoulder and John has his head on top of hers.
"Pilot. Use that recorder and make a record of them like this. They look so cute together like this. Then they will know what they look like like this." D'Argo says very softly.
"Of course, Ka D'Argo." Pilot's voice came. There is a microt of light and all is dark once again. D'Argo nods his head in agreement and walks out. He doesn't notice that Aeryn and John stir at the light. And that something is coming towards them in a hurry.

Aeryn stirs. She feels warm and comfortable. She opens her eyes, fully convinced that the past few arns was just a dream. She feels arms around her and thinks, If I can still feel arms around me, then it can't be a dream. Who is that? She looks behind her and sees John's face. She smiles and caresses his cheek. John stirs and Aeryn closes her eyes as they memories come flooding back to her.
"Hey, baby. How are you?" John asks sleepily.
"Fine. Sleepy, but fine." Aeryn replies softly.
"Did you turn a light on before?" John asks.
"Nope. I thought you did." Aeryn says.
"We have to get to command. Let's go." John says as he lets Aeryn go and stands up behind her. He helps her up and they walk out and they head for command. Aeryn and John are holding hands and are walking close together. They walk into command to see Zhaan, D'Argo, Chianna and Rygel. Chianna looks at them and grins slyly.
Rygel looks down at them in his Throne-Sled. Zhaan is looking happy and D'Argo has a smile to match. Aeryn and John are looking at them suspiciously. A female voice echoes through the ship.
"Aeryn. John. I hope you enjoyed your time together, but we all need to be here to greet Talyn. We--- What the frell is that?" Moya demands.
Aeryn starts to panic. "It's a marauder! From Scorpius' Command Carrier by the looks of it!"
"A marauder?" Every body but John asks.
"That explains what the thing was in the distance. I noticed it before Aeryn came in." John says, thinking out loud. "I wasn't too worried about it in the beginning, but now I can see the danger it brings. Hold on a microt, is that Talyn behind it?" John asks as he points behind it.
"Yes, that's Talyn! He's shooting at it!" Chianna says excitedly. At that Microt, the marauder blows into a billion tiny pieces. Moya's crew are thrilled. Chianna whoops in joy, Rygel, Zhaan and D'Argo join her in the yelling. Aeryn and John celebrate in their own way. They hug each other, then pause and kiss each other. Chianna and the rest stop to watch. Aeryn and John break apart and grin sheepishly. Chianna and Zhaan are in a state of shock and Rygel is staring at them. D'Argo starts to holler again and is quickly joined by Zhaan and Chianna. Aeryn puts her head down and laughs to herself. John hugs her tightly and they are swamped with hugs from the rest of the crew.
"I'm sorry to interrupt your celebration, but Talyn is requesting that Aeryn and John go to him." Pilot interrupts apologetically.
They all back away and let Aeryn and John leave. They head towards Docking Bay and fly a transport pod to Talyn. As they are flying, they are kissing and hugging.

(The writing in bold and slanted is talking between Crais and Talyn Is Crais' mind)
"Hello, Crais. Why have you come back?" Aeryn demands.
"I had no control over what Talyn does. He chose to come back." Crais tells her calmly.
She glares at him, "What do you want from us? I don't even know why Talyn chose you anyway." Aeryn tells him coldly.
"Aeryn, calm down." John tells her simply.
She takes a deep breath as if to calm herself and turns to John.
"John. It's true. I don't know why he chose him. He is a bad influence on him." She says and glares at Crais. Crais is feeling Talyn's uneasiness and concern for Aeryn.
"What is she talking about, Crais?" came a question from Talyn.
"She thinks I'm a bad influence on you, but it's what you think that matters." Crais replies.
"I'm going back. I can't take this dren any more. I'll make Talyn upset." Aeryn says through gritted teeth as if to keep her temper under control. " I'm about to scream at something or someone. Good bye, Crais." Aeryn says to Crais and walks out. John looks at Crais and then after Aeryn. He gives a questioning look at Crais and he explains.
"Aeryn has this thing that I'm misleading Talyn and teaching him the ways of the Peace Keepers." Crais explains.
"That's right Crais. You hurt him and I'll kill you." Aeryn yells back through the passage. Crais just shakes his head and smiles to himself. John is still confused. He goes after Aeryn who is on the brink of throwing a spastic attack. He goes to her and she whips around. Seeing that it's only John, she calms down a bit.
"I'm going back. I can't stand to see Talyn with that piece of dren." Aeryn says nastily.
"Aeryn. It was Talyn's choice who he wanted. He chose Crais." John tells her.
She glares at him. Doesn't he understand what Crais is doing to him? Making him a useless Peace Keeper transport. I have to do something. But that can wait. Not while John is here. I have to get him back on Moya. How would I do it......... I know! He would never be able to refuse! She thinks as she changes her expression.
"C'mon, John. Are you coming or not?" Aeryn asks and smiles invitingly.
"Ok, baby. I'm coming." John says, still confused.
"What is it Talyn?" Aeryn asks.
"What's wrong?" Aeryn asks again.
A boy's voice echoes through Talyn, like it did on Moya.
"Aeryn! Don't be mad at Crais. He isn't doing anything wrong." the voice says.
"Is that you, Talyn?" Aeryn asks.
"Yes. Don't be mad, please Aeryn. I swear that if he does some thing bad, I'll make him pay, but don't be mad at him or me." Talyn pleads.
Aeryn feels her anger ease. She turns to John for advice and comfort. He asks Talyn, "Why did you chose Crais in the beginning, Talyn. Why not Aeryn, who was there for you when you were a new born?"
"Crais was there for me as well as Aeryn. She needed you more than she needed me. What could I do? I couldn't show her half the things you could. It was hard, but I used logic and chose Crais." Talyn explains. Aeryn is calm enough now to see the point in his statement.
"But I could've brought John with me and we could've both learnt what is important in life." Aeryn says softly and sadly.
"You would need more than just John to teach you. Every body else on board my mother helps you. Rygel and Chianna teach you patience and tolerance, D'Argo teaches you how to handle different situations, Zhaan teaches you how to use equipment that Peace Keepers don't use and John teaches you how to show emotions and lots of other wonder things I couldn't teach you. You would never find a family like this any where else in the universe." Talyn tells her with a hint of sadness in his voice.
"I guess you're right, Talyn. But I still don't agree with Crais here." Aeryn tells him.
"You never will be, Aeryn. He used to be your commanding Officer. I can understand that. but it wasn't your choice." Talyn says.
Aeryn nods her head and sighs. "I guess you're right. I have to learn to control this. I'll be back later, Talyn." Aeryn tells him. "Don't leave, alright." Aeryn tells him.
"I wont. I promise." Talyn promises.
She smiles slightly, indicates to John she is now ready to go and walks on board the Transport Pod. John, who looks more confused than ever, follows her on board and closes the hatch.

*The writing in slanty writing and is not bold is a memory*
"Aeryn! What are you doing back here so soon?" Zhaan asks.
"I didn't want too stay long." Aeryn says and refuses to say any more.
John walks in, still looking confused, and sits down to play chess. Aeryn is curious about this foreign game. She had slipped into his quarters when he wasn't around and tried to work out how to play it. She got very frustrated when she couldn't work out how to play it and threw a piece onto the floor. She heard his footsteps and dived under his bed just before he came in. He threw his note pad onto the bed and picked up a chess piece from the floor. He had commed Aeryn to come to his quarters but she couldn't answer because John was there. He finally left to find her and she crept out and dashed up to the terrace, where John found her a few arns later. She was standing there, trying not to laugh. John had asked her, "Where have you been, Aeryn?"
"Places you wouldn't believe." She told him and smiled a huge, happy smile. He once again looked confused and walked out.

But that was a long time ago. She wonders over to John and watches him until her notices her. Zhaan has also been watching and walks away to give them some time.
"Is something wrong, Aeryn?" John asks, slightly concerned.
"No, nothing is wrong. I just want to know how you play this confusing and frustrating game!" Aeryn bursts out.
John stares at her. "You want to learn how to play chess? Now?"
Impatiently, "Yes. Can you teach me or not?"
"Yeah. I suppose I could. C'mere." He says and pats the space next to him. She sits down next to him as he starts to explain what each piece do.

"So the bishop can go here?" She asks, pointing at the square.
"Yes." John answers. As she moves it to the square, John is shocked to see that Aeryn has beaten him.
"Aeryn. You win. You have me in Check-Mate." John says.
"What? I've won?" Aeryn asks blankly.
"Yes, you won." John says, disbelieving.
Aeryn is staring at him with her mouth open. John's eyes are sparkling with happiness and pride. I've finally taught Aeryn to play Chess. And she beat me in her first game. Look at her, smiling away. No wonder I fell in love with her. John thinks to himself as her looks at her.
I beat him? How is that possible? Look at him. His eyes are sparkling. He looks proud. Oh, God. He's laughing at me. Aeryn thinks, panicked.
"What are you laughing at?" Aeryn asks. "I won, remember."
"No, it's nothing. I'm not laughing at you if that's what you think." John reassures her.
Aeryn looks confused. She cocks her head to one side like a bird. John almost bursts out laughing again. He bites his lip to stop himself.
"What is wrong with you, Crichton?" Aeryn asks, puzzled.
"Nothing. Just an Earth saying DK used to say. He used to say it in an accent when he beat me. I always wound up on the floor, crying with laughter." John told her.
"What sort of accent?" Aeryn asked.
"A Scottish accent." He replies.
"A what?" Aeryn asks, confused.
"A Scottish accent, me wee lill' Peace Keeper, is an accent me Scottish people back on Earth in Scotland use." John explains in a thick Scottish accent. Aeryn bursts out laughing. She is laughing so hard she is crying and wheezing, trying to catch her breath again. John looks at her in satisfaction and laughs with her. Soon they are both on the floor and rolling around. When the stop, Aeryn finds herself with her head on John's stomach and her hand holding his. John is quite happy with the arrangement and Aeryn doesn't seem to notice when John sits up and looks at her from above.
"Have you finished?" John asks.
"Huh? Yeah. I've needed to do that for a long time." Aeryn says in happiness.
"I know you have." John agrees.
Aeryn looks up at him with loving look. She reaches for his head and kisses him gently. Chianna and Rygel are around the corner with their head poking in the door. Chianna is looking at them proudly and Rygel looks at them in a shocked expression.
"Chianna. Wouldn't they do that sort of stuff in their quarters? Or on the terrace? Why here?" Rygel demanded.
"Dunno. I have to take over John's watch. Uh, John?" Chianna says with hesitation in her voice. John and Aeryn come apart slightly and John asks, "What is it Chi?"
"I'm here to take over. Remember?"
"Oh yeah. We'll go." John says casually. He gets up with Aeryn and they walk out. Chianna stares after them and she and Rygel hear them laughing.
"They are crazy, madly in love, but crazy." Chianna mutters to herself.

"Did you see her face? Shock and amazement all rolled into one."
Aeryn says.
"I would think she has done more intense stuff in her life. Knowing her and D'Argo." John muses. Aeryn smothers a laugh and makes a weird noise in doing so. John looks at her with a puzzled face. Aeryn bursts out laughing and hugs him. He hugs her back and they continue towards the terrace. To John, the terrace is his favorite place on Moya then Pilot's Den and his quarters. For Aeryn, her favorite place is Pilot's Den then the terrace and her quarters.
"I have to see Pilot for a microt." Aeryn says. John is about to say some thing when Aeryn hastily continues. "I'll meet you on the terrace." She puts her hand to John's mouth and looks at him affectionately. She removes her hand after a few microts and kisses him teasingly. She walks off, looking over her shoulder at him. She sees him looking lost without her. She stops and turns back to him. His eyes light up and she scolds him gently. "You have to wait. Don't mope around just because I'm not with you. Think about the time you didn't have me." But that'll make him mope more. But then he'll have me again. So he can't complain. He survived without me on Earth. He didn't even know I EXISTED before he came out here. "You didn't know I even existed before you came here. Think about it that way. Until I come up to the terrace, I no longer exist." Aeryn tells him. He nods reluctantly and turns to go to the terrace. His walk looks agonizingly slow and he looks dejected. Aeryn calls after him, "Act happy. Zhaan or somebody might think that someone might have died. " Properly me. Aeryn thinks. She turns and heads towards Pilot.

"Hey, Pilot. What's up?" Aeryn asks as she walks in with a happy swing. Pilot looks up and smiles at her.
"Nothing much. How are you?"
"You wouldn't believe how happy I am at the microt." She says as she slips onto the side of the control panel.
"Really? What has happened to make you so happy? I could hear you laughing with John before." Pilot says.
Aeryn's face cracks into a huge smile. She giggles slightly and Pilot thinks It must've been huge to make her giggle like a child.
"Let's just say that..... John and me got together!" Aeryn says excitedly.
Pilot is in shock. He knew Moya might have suspected it, but Pilot just put it off.
"Th... That's wonderful news, Aeryn. When did it happen?" Pilot asks.
"Earlier this afternoon. It was wonderful, Pilot. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me. No longer refusing my love for him. It feels wonderful." Aeryn sighed as she settled against the wall behind her.
After a moments silence, Pilot hears a disturbance coming from the terrace.
"There is something making an awful noise an the terrace." Pilot says.
Aeryn looked at him. "It's proberly John moping around and looking for something to do." Aeryn tells him, unconcerned.
Pilot still looks wary. "Are you sure? It sounded like something being thrown against the wall."
"Do you want me to go and have a look?" Aeryn asks.
"If you want to. I could get Zhaan or some body else if you want."
"Nah, I'll go. It'll shut him up any way." She says as she slides off the panel. She walks back out with that same happy swing as she came in with. Pilot watches her as she walks out.
"Good luck, Aeryn. I hope you are happy." Pilot whispers after her.

"JOHN! What are you doing?" Aeryn demands.
He looks up and answers. "Nothing. Just a bit of crazy Earth art."
He throws paint at the paper like substance and the can lands with a clang.
"I shouldn't let it fall like that" He mutters to himself.
Aeryn recoils at the sound. She stops him by telling him she will leave if he keeps that racket up.
"John. If you don't stop. I'll walk straight back out that door and wont see you again until I get hungry." Aeryn threatens.
"But you're always hungry." John points out.
"That's not the point." Aeryn says as calmly as possible.
"I suppose I could stop." John says as he puts the container down, looks at Aeryn and smiles. She smiles back and goes into his arms. They slide to the floor and sit there. John is playing with her hair as she stares into space. Aeryn is drowsily thinking to herself, trying to work out what she had to do before.
What was it I was supposed to do? I can't remember. Oh, well. I'm here with John. What more could a person want? Happiness and to feel secure. That's all I want. She sighs in happiness and John looks at her.
"Are you OK?" John asks.
"Yep. Perfectly fine." Aeryn answers him.
John looks at her again and asks, "What was it like training as a Peace Keeper?"
Aeryn thinks for a bit. "Well, we had to get up very early. About the time I always get up at. We were taught to how shoot, some military methods, not to have emotional ties to any thing or any body, how to handle yourself out on the field, how to speak properly, obey orders and elite forces learnt how to fly. A very active life and career."
"Wow. I only had to get up about 8 arns into the morning and go to school." John says. Aeryn twists around and stares at him. John smiles at her and kisses her. Aeryn responds and wraps her arms around John.
*Things get passionate and one thing leads to another. And let me tell you, they enjoyed every bit of it*

Aeryn and John are sleeping, once again, on the terrace. Zhaan is wondering where they are.
"D'Argo?" She asks.
"I'm worried about Aeryn and John." She says.
"Don't be. They are grown adults. They can decide for themselves."
"I suppose so. I'm going to Pilot." She says.
"Talk to you later." D'Argo says.
She nods and heads out. She bumps into Chianna on the way.
"Where are you going, Chianna?" Zhaan asks.
"I'm was looking for you. I'm worried about them. This is so sudden. I can't help it. I have a feeling things are....... I don't know." Chianna says.
Zhaan nods. "I agree. But we can't stop them. We have to be supportive and hope we don't drive them away from Moya for ever."
Chianna nods and heads up to the terrace. Zhaan follows her. Chianna looks through the window in the door and stares. Zhaan looks at what she is staring at and says, "Well, that settles it. They are madly in love and within 3 arns of admitting their love to each other, they recreate. Mad." Zhaan says. She heads down to Aeryn's quarters and grabs a spare quilt. She goes back up to see Chianna heading back towards her quarters. Zhaan opens the terrace doors and heads over to them. They are curled up around each other and are sleeping. Zhaan puts the quilt over them and whispers,
"Well done, Aeryn. You took my advice and he will look after you in life and death, sickness and in health. He loves you deeply. Take care of each other." And with that, she walks out and doesn't hear Aeryn's whispered response, "I will, Zhaan. Don't worry about a thing." She puts her head back on John's shoulder and drifts back to sleep.

End of part 2.


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Title: Aeryn and John: Made for each other Part 2.

Summery: Aeryn and John confront each other and the others are predicting what they are doing. Talyn and Moya have a conversation. This is the second part to this story. This is my version of what should happen. Australians haven't seen the 3rd season yet, so we are still waiting. Damn it!

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