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This is a complex, somewhat difficult to follow, more difficult to explain episode, but here it goes. Apparently, following the events of Dog With Two Bones, the season three cliffhanger, Crichton and the rest of Moya's crew made arrangements to rendezvous on a planet called Armessk. The dying Leviathan, Elack, and his motley crew of Moya refugees, finally makes it to the planet. Located there and involved with an Interion archaeological expedition, is D'Argo, Jool, and the old woman Granny. Moya and Pilot are fine, but are not around and will return soon. Conspicuous in her absence, is Aeryn, who was last seen leaving Crichton at the end of last season. Little is explained of what happened to Moya when it was drawn into the wormhole at the end of last season, the events involving D'Argo and Machton, or any other loose ends left over from last season. Before details of the past can be explained, events on Armessk require immediate attention.

According the the Interion archeological leader, Vella, Armessk is a planet of extraordinary importance, not only in its past, but to the future of the Uncharted Territories as well. Armessk was once a paradise, home to a race of priest who possessed the ability to keep peace between Peacekeeper and Scarrens. Many generations ago, someone opposed to peace hid three "Darnez" probes near the priest's temple, poisoning the planet. The fate of the priests, who have not been seen since the arrival of the probes, has remained a mystery. Peacekeepers and Scarrans have been at each other's throats it ever since. Vella managed to locate two of the probes and believes finding the third will somehow return Armessk to pristine condition. Crichton is not impressed with the story, all he wants to know is Aeryn's location. The old woman, however, has other plans for Crichton.

Believing Vella is up to no good, and needing Crichton's help in stopping her, Granny blows more herbs up Crichton's nose. The concoction allows the human to see Armessk as it once was, along with visions of the priests sacrificing a creature of some kind. Crichton's vision includes the exact location of the third Darnez probe. Crichton was supposed to see everything he did, except for where the crucial third Darnez probe landed. Crichton's new knowledge means half of the galaxy will try to glean the information from the human and the other half will try to kill him. The more things change...

Almost forgot, the Peacekeepers know where Crichton is located and are on the way. Seems Grayza didn't forget about Crichton and what he did to the Peacekeeper carrier last season. Flung from power like a piece of last week's Keedva Bar-B-Q, Scorpius is now Grayza's prisoner. Grayza wants to know what makes Crichton so special and why Scorpius risked everything to cultivate a relationship with the human. Strapped in his own Aurora Chair, Scorpius reveals to Grayza everything about wormholes and Crichton's importance to developing them. Grayza doesn't seem particularly interested in the science or military application of wormholes, but does think Crichton would make a wonderful prize, or even gift to the Scarrans.

The nature of Grayza's rise to power, along with her breasts, is revealed during her interaction with Scorpy's former lackey, Braca. A secretion from her breast seems to work like an aphrodisiac on Sebacean males. More than a sexual stimulant, the liquid renders males powerless to Grayza's suggestion. Under Grayza's control, the Peacekeepers land on Armessk just in time to capture Chiana and Crichton. Crichton may have been able to resist Scorpius all these years, but Grayza's boob-juice is another matter. Succumbing to Grayza's sexual influence, and tormented by Granny's herb-induced visions, Crichton may finally have met his match.

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Originally aired in the US June 7, 2002

Written by Justin Monjo

Directed by Rowan Woods

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