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U.S. OAD: April 12, 2002

Written by: Richard Manning

Directed by: Ian Watson

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With details for Crichton's involvement in Scorpy's wormhole project worked out by Rygel in IY, YY, it's time for the Crichton-Scorpius-wormhole arc to finally reach a conclusion.

Crichton, Aeryn, Jool, Chiana, and Crais board Scorpius' command carrier as honored guests, at least in the mind of the scarran half-breed. The Peacekeeper crew grudgingly respects Scorpy's wishes, at least for now. With the help of Harvey, Crichton is able to lie to Scorpy's face without fear of his treachery being detected. Crichton plans to either destroy all of Scorpy's wormhole data, or at least set the wormhole project on the wrong path. Unfortunately, Crichton isn't entirely sure which way is the correct path and which is not. It seems Crichton's plan is to be flexible and allow events to play to his advantage.

While Crichton is busy with wormholes, his comrades have agendas of their own. D'Argo wants his collarbone rings removed and data of Macton's whereabouts made available to him. Macton is the Peacekeeper who killed his sister for marrying D'Argo. Macton framed D'Argo for the murder and now the Luxan has revenge on his mind. Rygel, ever hopeful of retaking his throne, demands intelligence reports on the political situation on Hyneria. Crais wants Talyn brought on board the carrier, his weapons removed and personality reset. When made whole again, Talyn is to leave a free Leviathan. Scorpius, happy to have Crichton's assistance with wormholes, generously grants everyone their wishes.

Meanwhile, the only thing Aeryn wants is to sabotage the wormhole project and off the ship. It was revealed early in the series that Aeryn's old Peacekeeper comrades were demoted and eventually killed shortly after her desertion. Aeryn's return to the carrier is not a happy homecoming. Despised by the crew as a traitor, even her one friend still on board, Officer Yal Henta, rejects Aeryn.

Working with Scorpy's trusted wormhole assistant, Co-Kura Strappa, Crichton slowly taps into the wormhole data locked in his mind. Turns out Crichton's progress is a little too slow for Scorpy's taste. Believing the human is honestly trying to help, but is hindered by a subconscious that is unwilling to cooperate, Scorpy decides to give Crichton some additional incentive. Scorpius reveals to Crichton the secrets of his violent childhood, thus explaining why Peacekeepers must acquire wormhole data if they are to hold off a Scarran onslaught. This is the same data Scorpius revealed to the fake Crichton in Incubator.

Now doubting whether it is truly wise to harm the Peacekeeper wormhole project, Crichton must turn to Aeryn, his guiding star, for advice and focus. Aeryn explains she will back Crichton no matter what, but they came to destroy the wormhole project and destroy it they must. To strengthen her point, Aeryn reminds Crichton that Talyn-John gave his life preventing the Scarrans from stealing the wormhole data. Ouch!

Scorpy and Crichton's wormhole timetable is adversely impacted by the arrival of another Peacekeeper, Commandant Mele-On Grayza, or Commandant Cleavage for short. Not impressed with the wormhole project or Scorpious' dealings with Crichton, Grayza orders the capture of Moya's crew and the end of the wormhole project. Incensed by Grayza's bold actions, Scorpious countermands her orders, thus releasing Moya. Grayza leaves, vowing to return with a full council sanction ending the wormhole project for good. Before she goes, Grayza conspires with other Peacekeepers to assassinate Scorpius. Knowing Scorpius is vulnerable because his life is linked to Crichton's through to the Yensch bracelets, the Peacekeepers ambush Crichton and Aeryn.

His timetable thrown into disarray, and the subject of an assassination plot, Scorpius must show success with wormholes before Grayza returns. Suspecting Crichton is stalling, Scorpious decides a shocking revelation about Earth is the only way to force Crichton into providing the wormhole data quickly. No longer treating Crichton with kid-gloves, Scorpius resorts to physical intimidation and not-so-veiled threats directed at Earth to get what he wants from the human.


I am happy to start by saying that Farscape cleared up one of the major problems I had with I Yensch, You Yensch. I complained that Scorpious had apparently lost his ability to tell when someone was being untruthful, which seemed awfully convenient for Crichton. However, Harvey explains in this episode that he is masking Crichton's energy signiture, which makes it possible for Crichton to lie to Scorpy's face with impunity.

Another problem with IY,YY is that it seems to be a rather small, insignificant episode, hardly fitting for a final-four. Well, if last week's episode is small, Into The Lion's Den, part 1 is a big, expensive production. Add the fact that the story is interesting, well written, and the acting solid, and what we have here is a fun episode worthy of watching over and over.


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