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US OAD: July 13, 2001

Written by: Richard Manning

Directed by: Ian Watson

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Things aren't going well for Scorpy's wormhole experiments. His team of Peacekeeper scientists have successfully created wormholes which allow ships to pass though. However, anyone piloting the vessel is liquefied and Scorpius isn't sure why. The wormhole team has discovered that the information pulled from Crichton's mind is incomplete. Additional encrypted data, which may hold the key to wormhole success, is proving impossible to decipher and the project is at an impasse. It's time to take some risks and Scorpy has a plan.

Hidden within the neural chip is a copy of Crichton's personality. Scorpius has the chip inserted into his brain allowing the Scarran half-breed to communicate directly with the Crichton clone. No longer threatened with the possibility of death by Scorpius, the Crichton clone isn't very receptive to the idea of helping Scorpius. Scorpius realizes that he must persuade Crichton to help and decides the best course of action is to show the human what they are up against. Though not threatened with harm, the Crichton clone is unable to flee and must watch as Scorpius reveals details of his youth.

Scorpius owes his existence to the twisted breeding plans of Scarrans. An unfortunate Sebacean female named Rylani is raped by a Scarran in an experiment assessing Sebacean suitability as breeding stock. After a horrific gestation period, Rylani finally gives birth to a male Scarran-Sebacean hybrid. Although Rylani dies during the birthing, the hybrid survives and is destined to spend it's life in a Scarran laboratory.

During his earliest cycles, the young Scorpius was tormented by the Scarrans in a series of endurance-building experiments. Although he proved strong-willed and intelligent, Scorpius' weakness was the very nature of his Scarran-Sebacean physiology. Scarrans are creatures that thrive in heat, yet Sebaceans shun the very same heat. Scorpius' body is in constant battle with itself, a never-ending balancing between cold and hot. As an adolescent, Scorpius escaped the Scarrans and wandered the uncharted territories in search of his true identity.

Scorpius, always curious about Peacekeepers, turned himself in to the first command carrier he encountered. Intrigued by the hybrid's knowledge of Scarrans, and convinced of his loyalty to their species, Peacekeepers waived usual rules against hybrids and embraced Scorpius as one of their own. Using his ability to detect deceit, his sharp intellect, and brutal cunning, Scorpius rose through the ranks of Peacekeepers. Eventually, he convinced High-Command to establish a secret Gammak base with the intent of securing the secret of wormholes.

While Scorpius is revealing his family photo album to the Crichton clone, his wormhole team is rocked by betrayal. A Peacekeeper scientist, Linfer, is so confident she has solved the wormhole problems that she volunteers to test the modified prowler herself. Scorpy agrees and she disappears, much to the surprise of her fellow scientists. Linfer exits the wormhole unharmed and heads directly for Moya with an offer for John Crichton.

Linfer is a member of a species that uses Leviathans for peaceful exploration of space. Pilot is familiar with Linfer's kind and trusts her completely. Linfer offers Crichton the information for successful wormhole travel in exchange for Moya. Crichton refuses the offer, but Pilot and Moya are intrigued by the possibility of exploring space in peace, instead of hiding from Peacekeepers and others all of the time. While the crew debates the merits of Linfer's offer, Scorpius reveals to the Crichton clone the true plan Scarrans have for Sebaceans, Moya's crew, and Earth.

Analysis: Detailed analysis coming soon. This dark episode provides a revealing look at Scorpius' past. Though it is interesting to better understand Scorpius' backgroungd, this episode--as a whole-- isn't very engaging. It seems the Uncharted Territories is headed for a Peacekeeper-Scarran war and it figures Moya and her crew will be involved.



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