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US OAD: June 15, 2001

Written by: Clayvon C. Harris

Directed by: Ian Barry

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Moya's crew, already vulnerable on the unarmed Leviathan, find themselves in a particularly tenuous situation regarding Talyn. The Peacekeeper Leviathan/gunship was found nearly dead and it's captain, Crais, unconscious during Eat Me. Moya has now attached herself to Talyn and both have taken refuge within the nelvasticly charged atmosphere of Kanvia. Moya is trying to give her offspring nutrients, but doing so will not be enough to revive her child. For Talyn to make a full recovery, the crew must find Chromextin, a stimulant that will heal him. They must do so quickly, because Talyn's still unknown attackers could be just beyond the planet's atmosphere ready to strike again.

D'Argo, Rygel, and Chiana are on the planet negotiating the purchase of Chromextin when trouble starts. Chiana is accosted by a local jerk and D'Argo comes to her aid by knocking her attacker around the room. There's just one problem - the jerk's name is Rinic Tolven, Karvia's security minister and the petulant heir to the throne. Needless to say, Tolven decides not to sell any Chromextin to Moya's crew. In fact, he'd rather blow Moya and Talyn out of the sky. Rygel attempts to make peace with Tolven's father, Rinic Pralanoth, but manages only a get off our planet in one arn or you're toast bargain.

Fortunately for the crew, Crais finally awakens - much to the surprise of his nurse, Jool. Not recognizing Jool, and apparently thinking he was captured, Crais becomes highly agitated. That is, until he sees Crichton and realizes he is on board Moya. Crais is shocked when Aeryn -who is very much alive - walks though the door. Crais reveals the story of a deadly encounter with a Peacekeeper retrieval squad. The Peacekeepers want Talyn back and will stop at nothing to get him. This includes the enlistment of Peacekeeper special forces, whose leader has a startling connection to Aeryn.

Alone with Aeryn, Crais finally reveals the contents of the data chip he was carrying around in DMD. It contains information from Aeryn's personal file, including data on her mother. The chip shows a recording from the night Xhalax Sun came to her daughter's beside revealing the truth behind her love for the child. Of course, this is the same story Aeryn told Crichton in FT - the child in the recording is Aeryn. Xhalax Sun is now a deadly Peacekeeper special operative in charge of capturing Talyn. She knows of Aeryn's bond with Talyn and will attempt to use that fact to her advantage. Little is seen of Xhalax today, but Aeryn's proclivity for violence is, apparently, inherited from her mother's side of the family.

While the crew is trying to deal with the situation of Talyn's health, they must contend with one other distraction - two Johns. Having trouble telling the two John's apart, Aeryn instructs one to wear a green shirt from now on. The black shirted John goes down to the planet to negotiate the Chromextin sale with Pralanoth. The green shirted John spends his time with Stark repairing Talyn. Black John is successful in his negotiations because he is able to convince Pralanoth that he has no wish to get involved with local politics. John is immobilized by Tolven's henchmen and a creature, called a stannat, attached itself to John's head. The creature can detect if a person is lying and is trained to kill. Pralanoth is convinced John is telling the truth and authorizes the sale.

However, Pralanoth's daughter and competitor for the throne, Sarova, has other plans for John. She arranges a secret rendezvous with the human and tells him Tolven will not allow the transfer of Chromextin. Sarova seems to be suffering from a little jungle fever and has her eyes on John. Before anything can happen, there is an explosion and both Sarova and John are severely injured. Taken aboard Moya, John's life is in the skillful--if somewhat nervous--hands of Jool. Jool is successful at treating John's injuries, but he will likely die from blood loss unless a compatible donor is found. Green John volunteers his blood and, despite the fact the two John's can't stand each other, saves black John's life.

With the black John still recovering from his injuries, it's up to the green John to return to the planet and ensure the Chromextin is delivered. However, time is running out on John and Moya's crew. Political treachery on Kanvia, along with sabotage of the Chromixtin, threatens the delivery of the much needed medicine just as Peacekeepers arrive at the planet.

Analysis coming soon. This is a very good episode.





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