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US OAD: March 23, 2001

Written by: Justin Monjo

Directed by: Andrew Prowse

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The crew is on board a large space station when it is devastated by solar storm. While the crew escapes with barely a scratch, Moya is tangled in debris and can't move. This is bad, because another storm, more powerful than the first, is heading right for the station. It's up to the crew to rescue children stranded in another part of the station and free Moya from the tangled ruins before the second storm destroys everyone.

Meanwhile, back on Moya, Jothee and Chiana are busy stirring up storms of their own. Caught in the act by Rygel, Chiana desperately tries to keep the affair hidden from D'Argo. However, in the end it's Chiana and Jothee's own treachery that allows D'Argo to learn of their misdeeds. D'Argo doesn't take the news well and his depression sends him on a suicidal mission to free Moya from certain destruction.


Moya's crew just can't catch a break. They finally have money, have located a place to spend it, and everything goes to hell.

John and Aeryn. Not sure what's going on with Aeryn, but she is definitely not acting herself. The scene where she offers sex to John seems very out of character for her. Yes, she is attracted to him. But since when would Aeryn, bred as a Peacekeeper, offer a sexual interlude while in a race against time to complete a mission? Did she do that just to mess with John's mind? I doubt Aeryn would do that, unless something else is going on here. We'll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Chiana, Jothee, D'Argo, and everything. Well, the soap-opera came to a rather predictable conclusion. The youngsters had some fun and daddy D'Argo found out. The interesting part is that Chiana did all this just to avoid telling D'Argo she wasn't interested in settling down with him. She uses D'Argo's devotion to his son against him only because she isn't strong enough to stand up to his hopes for their future. Well, as usual, Chiana turns to her strengths to get what she wants.

Must admit, Pilot showed an unusual burst of emotion when releasing Borlik to space. It was both funny and creepy at the same time.

Zhaan is not looking good. She removes her head cover, at the request of Stark, and her skin peels away. This is not a pretty sight and probably leaves Zhaan lovers with a sense gloom for what is in store for her future.

Overall, a pretty good episode, but a little heavy on the soap-opera plot for my taste.




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