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US OAD: March 16, 2001

Written by: Richard Manning

Directed by: Ian Watson

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Scorpius is is anxious to build a new Gammak base in which to develop his ill-gotten wormhole technology. Unfortunately for him, his command carrier is delayed by battle and will not arrive for another 5 arns. Fearful of being discovered by Crais and the ever more powerful Talyn, Scorpy must wait it out on the frozen planet. It turns out Grunchlk was a spy for Scorpius, informing the Scarran half-breed of John's arrival during DMD. Placed under direct control by Scorpy, Grunchlk returns to John and his friends with the intent of killing them.

John, still strapped to the operating table and babbling endlessly, discovers that a residual copy of Scorpy is still in his head. The Scorpy clone is not happy at being left behind in the human's brain and almost pleads with John to commit suicide, ending both their torment. Fortunately, John is discovered by Rygel and Moya's crew comes to the rescue. Reviving the doctor, John is made whole again, but his zest for life is tempered by the knowledge of Aeryn's death. John never had his memories of Aeryn removed during the surgery in DMD.

Back on Moya, Chiana and Jothee are bored and have little to do besides having sex. Rygel walks in on the two as they tidy up and gives no clue that he has seen anything suspicious. Of course, anyone familiar with Rygel will know better than to think he is unaware of what was going on and will stay quiet about it. Stay tuned.

Zhaan is convinced Aeryn can be revived, but to do so will require combining her powers with those of Stark. Knocking Stark unconscious, Zhaan uses his power to share unity with the frozen Aeryn. Zhaan tells Aeryn that John loves her and needs her. Aeryn, now aware of Zhaan's thoughts, knows the procedure will kill Zhaan. Refusing to be responsible for Zhaan's demise, Aeryn breaks the bond and all seems lost.

To make matters worse, the clinic is now crawling with Peacekeeper commandos assigned to protect Scorpy. It turns out Grunchlk never trusted Scorpy from the start and arranged for a Scarran to be nearby, just in case Scorpy proved untrustworthy. Now the Scarran is intent on capturing or killing John. Just when John and D'Argo are about to be killed by the Scarran, a certain former peackeeper, dear to John's heart, comes to their rescue.


Unlike last season's Mind The Baby, Season of Death doesn't suffer from any continuity problems with the DMD cliffhanger. Picking up where DMD left off, SOD moves swiftly to tie up loose ends.

Here is where Farscape stands as of now:

John has his brain repaired and it doesn't take long for the Crichtonisms to flow. John discovers the Scorpius clone still in his head has no power over John's body and can no longer physically harm him. Motivated by Stark, John challenges and ultimately dumps (literally) the Scorpy clone.

Moya and Pilot. Little is mentioned of Moya's condition during this SOD. However, she does starburst away at the end of the episode, so she must be healing. Pilot is devastated by Aeryn's death and seems a little snippy about it.

D'Argo, Jothee, and Chiana. This little love triangle as "soap opera" written all over it. D'Argo, determined to save John, is oblivious to the sexual treachery of those so close to him. He will find out about it soon enough and it will be...interesting.

Stark seemed more stable in this episode and is now a permanent member of the crew.

Zhaan. Suffering the effects of her unity with Aeryn, Zhaan tells John she is dying. Her motivation for saving Aeryn is twofold. Of course she wants to see Aeryn alive again. Zhaan also knows of Aeryn and John's love for each other and his painful feeling of loss with her death. Whether Zhaan is really leaving is unclear.

Aeryn. She is alive and once again professes her love to John. Just when the two get very shippy, she backs off again. She knows there are tough times ahead and feels guilty for Zhaan sacrificing her life to save Aeryn's. Aeryn's Peacekeeper instincts will not allow her to be placed in the position of having someone else (primarily John) die saving her again. At this rate, those two will finally get together in about three seasons.

Scorpius has possession of the wormhole knowledge and is preparing a new Gammak base in which to develop it. Of course, the crew ends the episode thinking he is dead.

Overall, an enjoyable episode well written and performed. Should add that Aeryn's revival seemed too easy. I've read rumors on the net that Aeryn would be returning to the show, but wouldn't necessarily be herself. She seems normal to me, so the rumors could be wrong (imagine that). However, it is known that Farscape's writers love to use misdirection in their plots. Scorpius would have had unrestrained access to Aeryn between the events of DMD and SOD. Is it possible that he...I don't even want to think about it!




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