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Written by: David Kemper

Directed by: Rowan Woods

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First, I don't know how "dead" Aeryn is, but she will be back. To be honest, if Claudia Black was really leaving the show Aeryn's death scene would have had greater impact on me. Instead, because it was clear Ms Black is returning, her character's death seemed more like a stunt than a clever plot twist. That little rant aside, her death scene was very well done and the episode as a whole one of the most gripping and emotionally exhausing hours of television I've ever watched.

The other major event is the status of Scorpy's chip in John's brain. As predicted by many fan fics written since last summer, John is taken over by the chip and betrays the crew. His transformation into an emotional clone of Scorpius is creapy and sad. Clearly John's strange behavior in season two, the subject of endless speculation by scapers (including this one), was designed to lead to this episode. It was sad watching John, desperate and with nothing to lose, on the operating table having his memories eliminated one by one. Couldn't help but feel a sense that John was alone in the universe, lying on that table.

Not to be forgotten is the rest of Moya's crew. It seems D'Argo wants to marry Chiana. Of course, his son, Jothee, has eyes for her as well. Not sure I look forward to this little soap opera developement, but we'll see where it goes.

Zhaan is determined to protect Moya and Pilot, which is a good thing for Moya. Burned and in danger of dying, the good ship has never looked so bad as she does now. Fortunately, Stark is also staying behind. Does he have romantic feelings for Zhaan? Both are highly spiritual beings whose peaceloving facades hide tortured and potentially cuel souls. Of course, Rygel is leaving when times are bad. The only difference this time is the sense of loss on his face. Moya's crew is as close to family he has known in a very long time and their pain is clearly more than he can bear to watch.

Farscape, once a lighthearted program about a guy lost in space, has evolved into a dark and complex space opera. Perhaps it is fitting that season two should end in such a disturbing way. Aeryn dead, John left on an operating table, disabled and engulfed with rage, the crew scattering in different directions, are all so different compared to the way last season ended. Who could have imagined, besides the twisted imaginations behind the show, that the feel-good Family Ties episode would lead to this? Certainly, the season two final four has every scaper on the edge of their seat and perhaps feeling a little dread for what is in store for season three.





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