Convinced Stark is still alive, Zhaan persuades the crew to wait at a rendezvous point for his return. As time passes and the danger of discovery by their growing list of enemies increases, the crew becomes impatient with Zhaan's devotion to her glowing friend. D'Argo seems particularly impatient, convinced time is running out to save his son, Jothee. Just when the crew loses faith in Zhaan, Stark makes a surprising entrance. Not only is Stark alive, but he returns with a plan to save Jothee.

Jothee is part of a group of slaves to be auctioned off. Purchasing the lot of slaves will require a lot of cash, a commodity Moya's crew has always been rather short of. That is where Stark's plan comes in. He wants to rob a bank. Not just any bank, but a shadow depository. That is a place where criminals deposit their ill-gotten goods for safe storage. It is up to the crew to masquerade as criminals (not hard to do) with the intent of stealing enough cash to save Jothee.

The plan goes awry when one particular criminal, named Scorpius, decides to make a withdrawal from the same depository. Stunned by Scorpius' arrival and the suspicions that Stark's mind is not operating on all thrusters, the crew must follow through with the plan, a plan that continues to fall apart as the danger grows.


Detailed analysis coming soon.

Liars, Guns, and Money is a fast paced and fun episode. Action, plot twists, and more shippyness than we've seen in quite a while make this episode a treat for any Farscape fan.



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Originally aired in the US January 5, 2001

Written by Grant McAloon

Directed by Andrew Prowse

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