Trying to find a place to hide, Moya comes across a large field of stellar mist. Not sure if it is safe to enter the mist, Aeryn scouts ahead in the transport pod. The crew loses contact with Aeryn for a time and she finally returns after a solar day. When Aeryn gets back to Moya, everyone is shocked to see that she is an old woman. Aeryn insists she had lived for over 50 cycles on another planet. She claims to have married, raised children, and still has a granddaughter to look after. The crew is not convinced Aeryn knows what she is talking about and assumes the mist aged her in some way.

Along for the ride is Stark. He is the glowing man who befriended Crichton in THM from last season. Crichton follows Aeryn back to the planet and sees Aeryn's granddaughter for himself. Aeryn convinces John that he must go back to Moya and return to her after another 8 arns. Of course, another 50 or so cycles will pass on the planet during that time. John tries to get away, but the passage through the mist leading to Moya closes and he is trapped with Aeryn.

It is up to the crew of Moya to save John and Aeryn. Joining in unity, Zhaan and Stark attempt to find a solution that will save their friends. However, it is not the people on the planet that are in danger, but Moya and everyone aboard her instead. Moya is trapped in the mist, which is frozen in time. Meanwhile, John and Aeryn live their lives and grow old on the planet. The only hope is for an unlikely reunion 55 cycles in the future.


That Stark fellow finally decided to return the transport pod he "borrowed" at the end of last season. Well, better late than never. Whatever his timing, Stark returns with very big news. But enough of that...

Before Stark can reveal his big secret the crew find themselves in a time-travel episode, sort of. To be honest, I have great difficulty getting excited about this episode. It isn't boring, the acting is solid, and we are presented with an interesting dilemma of Aeryn and John growing old. Yet, something is missing here.

Admittedly, I am not the biggest John and Aeryn shipper in scaperland. However, I find it somewhat amazing that they could spend 55 cycles on a planet together and still not communicate their true feelings for each other. True, they are clearly very close for a couple with quite a large age difference, but I get the impression they are together as a matter of necessity rather than true love. One would think, after 55 cycles, John and Aeryn would have long ago opened up to each other. But, John must wait until Aeryn's death before he finally learns the shocking identity of her one true love. They couldn't have done this while she was alive? Makes me wonder how long the writers plan to drag out this courtship thing between these two people.

Oh, back to Stark's big news. He knows where D'Argo's kid is. Of course, I'm giving the revelation more time in this article than Farscape gave it in the episode. I'm sure Jothee will play a featured roll in a future episode, maybe.

Sentimental and sometimes weepy, The Locket is the big "shippy" episode we've been reading about for some time. It does contain some touching moments, but overall I felt somewhat empty after watching this episode. Makes me wonder if that is how John and Aeryn are starting to feel about each other. Normally, I would say, "time will tell..." But, the way this episode portrays their relationship, I'm not so sure.




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Originally aired in the US August 25, 2000

Written by Justin Monjo

Directed By Ian Watson

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